My Lil’ Pie Maker Review

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Be it kids or adults, everyone likes having a scrumptious pie for dessert across America. Pies form the most favorite savory on every occasion or party. The idea of baking pies at home is definitely engaging but a challenging one considering the amount of money and time needed with the pie makers available in the market. But now there is MY Lil’ Pie Maker, a very smart and easy way to create smaller portion pies at home in minutes.


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Making little delicious pies has never been this easy. The My Lil’ Pie Maker is made out of non stick silicon and has the arrangement to make 4 pies at one time. Just lay the crust dough in the slot, fill it with your favorite filling, cover it up with the trendy designed crust top and you have four mouth watering pies ready to serve. The My Lil’ Pie Maker is so small it will even fit inside a toaster oven. Once the pies are ready, put them on the pop up tray accompanied with the My Lil’ Pie Maker. The pop up tray has perfectly placed risers which will sit underneath the pie slots of the My Lil’ Pie Maker and pop the pies up to avoid hassles of removing the pie from their molds.

Now simply use the Spatula, a bonus product which comes with My Lil’ Pie Maker to serve those freshly baked pies. It also comes with a bonus Pie Cutter which will help to cut the dough in the exact mold size of the My Lil’ Pie Maker. Last but not the least, there is a recipe guide which has instructions to make tasty and irresistible pies stuffed with blueberry, apple, strawberry and also delicacies like creamy chicken or a veggie quiche.

So don’t just stop having the fun of eating your favorite pies due to the highly priced shops or the costly electric pie makers. Have a happy holiday with My Lil’ Pie Maker.



What do I get?

  • 2 Pie Makers
  • 1 Spatula
  • 1 Riser
  • 2 Pie Cutters
  • 1 Instruction/Recipe Guide

All this for just $14.95 + $13.90 shipping and handling. Official website



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23 thoughts on “My Lil’ Pie Maker Review

  1. From What I’ve read in the comments – How Much You Are Charged & the Problems some have –
    #1 Always make a copy of what you ordered & cost listed.
    #2 Contact your Credit Card if Charged More than This.

    I guess from the different reviews – These make nice small pies. A few people have had problems – just wondering if were the same thing or if an error was made in baking.

    I’ve not purchased yet, still thinking & hoping they’ll be at Walmart where I can easily return if I have a problem with them….

    I know that right now there are some on & you won’t be Over Charged.

  2. I ordered My Lil pie Maker online, and started receiving numerous calls daily from an 866 number ending 2003. After several days, I was so annoyed that I answered out of curiosity. I was fed a bunch of crap, among it being $100 in gas vouchers. I was tricked into letting them charge my card, assuring that I could simply cancel within 30 days via a number in an email I’d receive, which I haven’t! If I am charged $29, I will not be happy at all, and feel like there’s nothing I can do at this about!

  3. This is the largest rip off ever. When I tried to order this “My Little Pie Maker” and found out how much it was going to end up costing me I could not find a way to back out of the purchase and when I closed the site thinking that would end the order it did not and ended up costing me over $100.00 for all of the “Free” things that is shows.

    Yes I knew that the item to remove the pies were separate and cost an additional amount…. so are you telling me that little item cost over $80.00 dollars? Well mine did. So what ever you do … do not even open the site to look at it as you will end up paying an awful lot of money for that little set of plastic.

  4. I am happy with the My Li’l Pie Maker. The crusts are fine, the pies cook fast. I used Pillsbury roll out dough, too, for the crust.

    The thing I did wrong, was, I overfilled the pie reservoirs, and every pie had some run-over. Oh well, better results next time.

    I also forgot to put the pie disks in the bottom, but, nothing really happened bad.

    Romans 10:9-13
    John 3:16-21

  5. I love to check the range of innovative products that help in adding spice to kitchen recipes. My Lil Pie Maker is one such product that excited me enough with what can be done with it. Since I am always cautious about purchasing items in general I thought of looking over the internet to see what people using it currently had to say about it. I searched for “My Lil Pie Maker Reviews” and to my joy a couple of links were provided. I quickly surfed through the websites but was left disappointed soon enough. These sites praised the product so much and gave it a glaring 5 star review. With the review there were links and pop ups that facilitated a Buy Now option. If it had been a real review there wouldn’t be links to purchase the product and too directly from a sales website. After much disappointment I landed on this website and am thankful for posting a real and honest review.

    • These websites are a bad mark on the name of honest reviews. These sites are actually sponsored by the manufacturers or resellers to fool people into believing that the product is amazing even if it is not. This is possible with search engine optimization which takes advantage of the inability of a search engine to judge whether a site is real or fake. This site makes sure that real reviews are always available.

  6. Thought this My Lil’ Pie Maker looked like something cute and fun to use. Well, it was supposed to cost $10.99 + shipping & handling & tax, 8 weeks after ordering, they hit my credit card for $39.00 and 10 days later I got the shipment–4 little pie makers. So, I called–customer service does not answer, you have to leave a message. No surprise, no return call. 3 calls later, no return call. I did try the pie maker, just for the heck of it, and these little “bakers” do not work, the crust never crisped and was soggy, with or without filling. So, I mailed the little pie makers back, 2 weeks ago, with return receipt confirmation–I paid for the shipping myself–I have to confirmation that they got it back, still NOTHING. So, I am out $39.00 but hope I can prevent anyone else from getting scammed by these folks.

    • I don;t know what happened with you Andra, but I called the customer service nmbr listed, and as you said, was required to leave my name and nmbr for call back.

      I recieved a prompt call back within an hour.

      I saw them, when my friend bought a set, great little pies. She likes to bake pot pies, Turkey and Chicken mostly. I’ve orderd a set.

      I read your post to the customer service rep, she laughed at your claims.

      I just ordered today, i guess we’ll see how much they charge ME, and how long it takes. THEN we’ll see how they perform.

      Im not implying that your experience is not true, all Im saying is I;ve seen the pie cookers in action, and I received a call back in under an hour.

      I will ammend my comments after getting the Lil Pie makers.

      • Give me that number if you still have it. I would LOVE to get a chance to talk to them, it would be a flamer believe me.


    • We looked up the My Lil Pie Maker product, considered buying it then changed our mind before hitting the final button. My bank notified me via smart phone that I was being charged $89.00 for 3 orders. The company said , they do not cancel orders, nor do they offer refunds without a 60% restocking fee.

      The price says $10.99 plus $6.95 s&h, how does that mean $42.00 for shipping? Makes nonsense to me. Can buy same item at any CVS for $8.00

    • I wish that I would have found your reply to this ripoff, it would have saved me over $100.00 I thought that I would look at the site to see what all they offer and when I tried to get out of the site it stayed on the computer and I could not get off. I tried to change the amounts and items that I ordered and could not so I paid for my stupidity.

  7. Review My Lil’ Pie Maker

    Does My Lil’ Pie Maker bake the pies in a perfectly?

    Does My Lil’ Pie Maker Pop Up tray work the way it claims to?

    Is My Lil’ Pie Maker durable product?

    Does My Lil’ Pie Maker really fit inside a toaster oven?

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