My EZ Fondue Review

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Who doesn’t like to make those delicious treats at home every now and again? But you know things like fondue, which practically everyone in the family love can be a tedious job. That’s because the regular fondue bowls are bulky and difficult to work with. You might want to make fondue and dips when you are hosting a party at home for that matter. But if all your guests don’t prefer a particular type of dip then you are stuck. However there’s a solution to these problems now with the help of My EZ Fondue.

How does My EZ Fondue Work

These personal fondue mugs will help you make small sized portions that will be perfect for servings at home. And you have a solution for the party when you have people with different tastes over. You can make different types of dips for them and win brownie points for being an attentive host too. Using these mugs will save you a lot of hassle and trouble of working with those cumbersome huge bowls. All you have to do is place the cheese in the mug and light a tea light at the bottom; your delicious dips will be ready for you.

You will never be stuck for options when you have these fondue mugs at home. You can also use them for making those delicious melted chocolate dips that go so perfectly well with your favourite fruits. Now you will look forward to making fondue at home rather than having to spend huge amounts in restaurants. You will also be easily pleased to have individual servings that make things more convenient for you. You will find that every pillbox in these mugs can be removed without any problems so that you can take it with you wherever you go as well.

One big problem with those regular fondue bowls is that they can be a nightmare to clean up when you are done. But not only are these bowls microwave safe they are dishwasher safe too. You can clean up without any hassle and look forward to your next inviting servings.



What do I get?

  • 4 My EZ Fondue Mugs
  • 8 My EZ Fondue Dipping Forks

All this for just $29.95 plus $15.90 shipping and handling. Official website



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