Multi Funnel Review

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How many times have you faced a situation where you spill something out because you couldn’t find the right funnel like Multi Funnel? And how many times has it become impossible for you to pour water into a re-usable bottle right from the dispenser of the refrigerator? It has been no secret that pouring is a tough chore when it has to be done fool-proof and that is why funnels were created in the first place. But regular funnels have this very standard design that is not good enough for hard to reach areas where pouring has to be done from an angle. Check out the new Multi Funnel which does exactly required serving many purposes.

How does Multi Funnel Work

Regular funnels are quite different than Multi Funnel in terms of their design which runs vertically from top to the bottom. Such designs are not useful when there has to be a distance involved in pouring the liquid for example there is quite much space in a refrigerator dispenser and a bottle that needs to be filled. Originally Multi Funnel was designed to bridge this gap where its unique design makes sure that the extended pouring area collects all possible liquid and run it into the funnel to fill the bottle very easily. But the wonders of using Multi Funnel doesn’t get restricted there since its patented design and amazing unmatchable flow rate can help in different places to pour liquids easily be it at home, shop, small business, engines of vehicles, industries, etc.

Multi Funnel’s highlight feature is that it is FDA approved and totally made in USA from BPA free material which adds to the surety of its quality. Plus the elongated pattern helps in pouring liquids through Multi Funnel using one hand or sometimes without using a hand making it so user friendly that even kids will not spill a drop while pouring. This also makes it easier to judge how much liquid is to be poured through the Multi Funnel instead of playing the guessing game. With its availability in four different colors it certainly stands as the best funnel.



What do I get?
Get the Multi Funnel for just $4.95 in your choice of color. Available in Cool Blue, Citrus Orange, Lunar Gray, and Cherry Red. Official website |



Multi Funnel Video
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