Minden Anytime Grill Review

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Do you love to grill but hate the heat, the bugs, and the mess that comes along with grilling? Cooking indoors can be such a mess too with all the messy splatter and greasy pans that are difficult to clean.


Minden Anytime Grill
Now there is an easier way to grill with the all new Minden Anytime Grill. The Minden Anytime Grill is an innovative indoor grill that delivers the perfect barbecue results right in your kitchen.

With the Minden Anytime Grill you can make sizzling steaks, delicious tender chicken, burgers and hotdogs, spicy pork chops, spicy shrimp kebabs, and so much more without a dirty mess.

The Minden Anytime Grill is a real grill designed for use with either gas or electric stove tops. It features a heavy duty enamel steel body just like an outdoor grill. The inside features an innovative heat shield system that deflects and collects the mess ensuring your cook top is always clean.

Unlike regular indoor grills that can make the meat dry and hard the Minden Anytime Grill is the only grill that seals in moisture giving you juicy, smoky, and tender results every time.

Since it takes just 5-10 minutes for the compact cooking area of the grill to preheat you can enjoy all your favorite food fast and easy whenever you want.

You can turn frozen food into crispy and golden in less than 10 minutes and smoking hot pizzas in as little as 6 minutes. There is also an optional expansion ring that allows you to grill even more. You can use it to cook high off the heat for slow and low BBQ ribs.

The Minden Anytime Grill is the winner of the Gourmet Gold Awards for innovative cookware. It is the best indoor grilling product available today. It is compact and easy to store and is dishwasher safe for a quick cleanup every time.

Minden Anytime Grill Cooking Tips

It’s not uncommon to see smoke while you are using your Minden Anytime Grill. Usually it depends on the kind of food that’s being cooked. If the smoke is too much, then you can turn down the heat. If the smoke is a result of the foods you are cooking then you are advised to position the lid towards the exhaust of the range or an open window.

It’s also quite common that liquids come in contact with the heating element when you are cooking and lead to smoke. In fact; it’s needed to give your food the true barbeque effect. However it’s important to keep an eye on what’s been cooked and it’s also a good idea to turn the heat down. You can cover it in case there is a huge flair up.

What do you do in case of excess smoke?

  • For starters, you can do well by cooking with uniquely designed vented lids, which help you control the direction of smoke.
  • You can also make the most of the back burner present in the stovetop. You will find it under the exhaust hood.
  • You also have the option of turning the vent holes in the direction of the exhaust hood.
  • It’s also a good idea to preheat your Minden Anytime Grill with the grate or grill plate on. Put the lid on as well and keep it on high setting, hot burner for about 10 minutes. Once that’s done, you can easily turn the heat down to low or medium for your cooking.



What do I get?
Minden Anytime Grill with Accessories
FIRE WIRE Flexible Grilling Skewers
Deluxe Digital Thermometer

Order now and you will get the Minden Anytime Grill with accessories for three easy payments of $19.99 plus S&H. Order in the next eighteen minutes, and you will also get: a set of FIRE WIRE Flexible Grilling Skewers for quick-and-easy kebabs and a deluxe digital thermometer, just pay separate $7.99 P&H each. It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. Official website www.AnytimeGrill.com



Minden Anytime Grill Video


8 thoughts on “Minden Anytime Grill Review

  1. I have yet to receive my grill and by the way the ordering and processing procedure is – I am not impressed at all. First, to order, you talk into a machine. How un-personal is that. Second, I wait 48 hours and call customer service to find out that they put ‘a hold’ on my order. I did not authorize that and third I was quoted a certain price (that includes faster delivery charges) and today I find out that there are TWO separate charges to my credit card.

    I am ready to cancel this order all together. Besides, I have a feeling it will be too tall and will not give us the room to flip anything on the grill without touching our exhaust fan.

  2. Love the Minden Anytime Grill. Got it last November, been using it frequently since. Great tasting meat and fish, well worth it if you live in an apartment with “no grills allowed” like we do. It does need a little extra scrubbing when cooking fattier meats, but I still clean with dishwasher often. Oddly enough the thing I use it most for is pizza and reheating food. It gets hot much faster than an oven and revives food so much better than a microwave. Flare-ups do sometimes occur, but so it is with any “real” grill – not a problem for me. I don’t find it any smokier than a fry pan, as long as I keep the heat low.

  3. I was planning to buy an indoor grill and was blown away by the Minden Anytime Grill advertisement on tv. So I decided to search the internet first to find out what people who have used the grill have to say about it and also get a comparison with the other grills available in the market. I searched the internet with the keywords “Minded Anytime Grill Reviews” to which the search engine returned with many links of sites that weren’t really useful at all. In fact there was a site which tried to fool me by claiming to be a real user review website. It was really frustrating when the site gave me options to buy the grill right away and in worst case did not let me exit happily. The moment I tried to exit it had some pop up configured which annoyed me to the bone. Luckily I found your website in the end and was satisfied by the review provided here. Thanks for writing your opinion about the product.

    • Search engines are actually automated systems which only target sites with certain keyword rich content. The site you have mentioned above actually follows the same search engine optimization pattern to take the top link position in the relevant search. Beware of such sponsored sites which are nothing but a scam. Sadly such malpractices are on the rise since some time. Hope the review here has helped you well.

  4. I purchased the Minden Anytime Grill in early January 2012. When the shipment arrived, the box was damaged and one of the grill pieces was damaged. I immediately called for an RMA number to return the product.

  5. Just got a Minden Indoor Grill. NOT impressed with it at all. Smoky, and flareups are common. Nothing like on TV. Turning down the heat only makes cooking time a LOT longer. Makes great tasting meat, but not worth the mess, time and effort. Put on a coat and use your outdoor grill. I’m going to start doing so again. Does NOT come completely clean in the dishwasher, either. To me, it’s not worth the money. Like I said, just put on a coat if it’s wintertime and cook outside. No mess, no fuss and still great tasting meat. Save your money. DON’T get the Minden Indoor Grill.

    • I bought the Minden Anytime Grill. WHAT A DISGUSTING EXPERIENCE. I have tried to cook with it twice. I pre-heated 10 minutes according to the instructions. Then I cooked chicken on medium heat, it would not get done, plus the smoke detector went off, but I still had to turn the heat up higher. I then decided two weeks later to try again, this time with a portable fan running sitting on the counter top, that did not help, smoke filled the kitchen and the smoke detector went off, hamburger meat did not get done after 20 minutes I gave up and put it in the oven. DO NOT BUY THE INDOOR MIND Anytime Grill if you live in an apartment IT IS NOT WORTH IT!

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