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Who doesn’t like having gourmet coffee at a coffee shop? But, the only thing that makes these coffees so attractive is the foam or froth over it. Making such coffees at home is not possible and hence thousands of people prefer purchasing coffees from coffee shops even if it means spending a lot of money and time standing in a long queue. Milk Magic, on the other hand, can provide amazing foam in a matter of minutes. So if you are planning to purchase those expensive machines which take a lot of shelf area in the kitchen or those battery operated froth makers than think again if it is really worth.


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How does Milk Magic Foam Maker Work

Milk Magic is a revolutionary foam maker that subtracts any type of negativities that come along the traditional froth makers. It is neither battery operated nor messy since it itself is a closed container and does not occupy a ridiculous amount of space for storage since it is compact in size. Making froth is very easy with its unique design that doesn’t need electricity or batteries to operate but merely requires a couple of shakes to make the best foamy coffee ever. The design is patent pending Aero Foam which makes the best of shaking to blend milk and air through its structure to create small bubbles of milk eventually turning it into rich creamy foam in no time at all. Unlike frothing machines that are operated directly into the cups can cause messy spills, Milk Magic is a sealed froth maker that makes spilling redundant.

Milk Magic works magically to create froth by adding milk to it, twisting the lid and shaking it a couple of times. It can be even warmed up a bit in the microwave to add up the foam on cappuccinos and espressos. Flavors can be added over the foam for cold and hot coffees to make endless variety of coffees right at home. Milk Magic is totally durable, microwave safe and is easy to clean since it is dishwasher safe too. Now anyone can enjoy barista style coffees right at home or office.




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2 thoughts on “Milk Magic Foam Maker Review

  1. I’m not sure if Milk Magic works or not. I ordered it on April 25th, they charged my card and got their money, but it is May 14th and I STILL have not received it and they charged me $7.95 shipping. VERY UPSET.

  2. Did anyone buy Milk Magic, any testimonials?

    Does it really work as shown on the TV?

    Is it really effective?

    Do you recommend this product? OR do you know a better alternative?

    Did you buy it from the official Milk Magic website online?

    Are you satisfied with the ordering process?

    Do you think Milk Magic is a scam?

    Did you receive the complete Milk Magic you ordered?

    Did you receive your order on time?

    Is Milk Magic backordered?

    How to return the Milk Magic?

    Have you see the Milk Magic any stores?

    Do you know which stores carry this product?

    Is this Milk Magic made in the USA?

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