Mighty Lids

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Have you always struggled to store leftovers and ended up throwing off expensive food items just because there was a storage issue? And all those plastic wraps also do not really hold the food quite well and at the same time you cannot afford to purchase those many pans and pots just for storage. Mighty Lids comes with a promising idea of avoiding such a problem altogether with its unique design.

Silicone Suction Top is the secret

As the name suggest, Mighty Lids claims that it is more than a mere lid since it can cover up any sized pots, pans and bowls in the house. The most promising feature of Mighty Lids is that it is made from high grade silicone that has durable life. The functioning of Mighty Lids is very simple since the only thing one needs to do is place it over the pot or pan and simply press in the middle. This action as said ensures that Mighty Lids sucks out the air and creates a tight vacuum that holds the lid intact in its place. It also keeps cold and hot food at the desired temperature for longer hours. Mighty Lids fits any utensil quite easily with its small, medium and large sizes.

Fits just anything!!

Mighty Lids is said to be universal since it has the ability to securely cover most utensils like pots, pans, serving dishes, plates, bowls, glasses, mugs and a lot more. Plus it has the ability to keep food safe from dust, bugs, etc and keeps it fresh for longer hours than any other storage utensils. Mighty Lids is also quite helpful when it comes to while sealing the food in the microwave because it is both microwave and oven safe. Also Mighty Lids claims to be dishwasher safe making it an easy to clean solution.

What do I get?

Official website MightyLids.com

What do I get?
6 Mighty Lids Silicone Food Sealers for just $10.00 + $13.98 S/h. Official website MightyLids.com

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