Micro Perk Review

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Do you like to start your day on a bright note, feeling fresh and perky? Then you know the wonders a cup of coffee can do for you. But you know home brewed coffee can often leave a lot to be desired and you have to spend money on coffee from cafes every day. However that expensive cup of coffee you buy also won’t be able to match up to the goodness you get with Micro Perk. Now the power of brewing rich and delicious coffee is in your hands with Micro Perk, which is the perfect microwave percolator for you.

How does Micro Perk Work

Micro Perk helps you get all the richness and goodness of coffee in your cup so that you feel fresh and rejuvenated every morning. And brewing coffee at homes has never been easier for you as well. That’s because Micro Perk has been designed with your convenience in mind and is very convenient for regular use. All you have to do as it add water to the bottom of this percolator. You can then use the permanent filter and add coffee to it. You can then place it in the microwave for about a couple of minutes and your job is done.

Within a matter of minutes Micro Perk lets you savour the most delicious coffee you can have. And importantly it can be brewed right in your microwave, which is a huge advantage. Now you can make those exotic coffee brews from the comforts of your homes and endear to the coffee loving guests you might have over. In fact there are many options with the Micro Perk, which can let you make practically any coffee you want. And you also have the option of customizing the experience so that you get the coffee brew of your choice.

Micro Perk helps you save yourself a lot of time and effort in the mornings, when you are particularly running against the clock. And another advantage of using the Micro Perk is that it saves you huge amounts you end up spending on those coffee pots too. What more could you ask for?



What do I get?

  • 1 Micro Perk Single-Cup Coffee Maker

All this for $19.99 plus $7.99 S&H. Official website microperk.com



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