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Pouring from large bottles and milk jugs can be seriously messy because of their size. Handling such bottles is especially difficult for both kids and elders in the house. You would love to help but cannot be there all the time to help around. Such are times when you would wish for an easy way or buy smaller bottles which are not cost effective at all. How would it feel if there was a way to directly pour a glass of milk or a juice right from the bottle without even holding it? Well worry no more, there is Magic Tap now.


Magic Tap

Magic Tap, an innovative way to pour a drink is actually an automatic drink dispenser. The money saving bulky juice bottles and milk jugs are difficult to use around the house with chances of spilling the beverage very high. Magic Tap can eliminate this problem entirely with its patented custom design. It comes with a super straw that is long enough to go deeper in any of the big bottles available in the market. The dispenser has a silicon wing to screw and adjust on the opening of the bottle. The dispenser is attached on the top with a small pressure switch which can be easily tapped with a glass or a bowl to pour in fresh juice without even touching the bottle.

Magic Tap is universally flexible which means it can fit easily enough on any medium or large size drink containers, milk jugs or bottles which are sold in the market. The dispenser switch is basically attached to the super straw which has a powerful motor attached to its end. This motor when pressed on through the dispenser switch sucks the beverage right into the dispenser with ease.

There can be endless things sorted with a simple Magic Tap. Kids can directly tap into the milk jug for a bowl of healthy cereals or the elders can have ease with having a cool drink. Since it does not drip or spill buying bulky bottles and jugs at discounted rate saves a lot of money. So whether it is pouring morning juice, cold water, milk for the coffee, a nice cola with friends and even hot beverages, Magic Tap will always pour perfectly. For a limited offer purchase of one Magic Tap gets the buyer another Magic Tap absolutely free.



What do I get?
You get 2 Magic Taps for only $14.99 plus $7.49 processing and handling and $1.00 electronic processing fee (EPF). 30-Day Money back Guarantee (less s\p&h). Official website



Magic Tap Video
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5 thoughts on “Magic Tap Review

  1. Sounds like another passing gadget to make someone rich quick !! and consumer ends up with something in a junk drawer!!,:-( boo U

  2. How do you clean it and how often should it be cleaned? Does it work, using batteries or pressure? What is the average life expectancy of the Magic Tap?

  3. Review Magic Tap
    Is Magic Tap really helpful to pour milk out of large jugs?

    Does Magic Tap really fit on medium sized juice containers?

    Does Magic Tap dispense the beverage easily without dripping?

    Is Magic Tap long enough to go into a large bottle?

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