Magic SteamWave

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What is Magic SteamWave

It is cookwear that uses the power of steam and claims to turn your microwave into a rehydration machine so that the food you cook is succulent as it should be.
Magic SteamWave maintains that it can offer a way around the common issue with microwave cooking. Although it’s quick, you know that your food turns our dry, chewy and the problem is a lot worse when it comes to meats. Magic SteamWave assures you that it won’t happen ever again because it turns your microwave into a rehydrating machine so that food never dries out.

Magic SteamWave makes the most of the steam while cooking

How often have you cooked chicken in the microwave and it has turned out so dry that you had to throw it away? Magic SteamWave ensures that you won’t face this problem anymore by using the steam to cook and giving you succulent results. Magic SteamWave asserts that it can heat food evenly to make sure it doesn’t dry out. Importantly it can also lock in the moisture, which keeps your food items, especially meats delicious and succulent. It is known for its patent pending technology that is responsible for letting you have food tasting like it’s straight out of the oven, according to its claims.

Magic SteamWave is very easy to use

Using Magic SteamWave doesn’t involve any tricky procedures and you can get a hang of it within a matter of minutes. You can get started by pouring water into the steam capsule, which can then be twisted to close and lock. The Magic SteamWave is ready to be placed in the microwave to heat. Now you will have fresh, quality meals just like you get out of the oven within hardly any time. Since the food is cooked evenly there are no hot spots or cool areas to contend with either.

Magic SteamWave lets you make delicious, gourmet meals

Magic SteamWave stresses on the fact that it can turn your microwave into an expensive convectional oven. Thus you can make those delicious gourmet meals at home whenever you want. Magic SteamWave can let you make practically anything; from veggies to seafood. If you want to cook meats in your microwave to save time, they will turn out to be tender and succulent. From pastas to lasagne, salad greens and more, your options are endless with it.

Magic SteamWave means complete convenience for you

Have you ever found day-old bread gone completely dry and had to throw it away? You won’t be doing that anymore because Magic SteamWave claims to revive your foods so that you get the most out of them. You can also get around the hassle of using sticky plastic wraps or wet paper towels and still keep your food moist, hydrated and delicious. Magic SteamWave has handles that stay cool to touch as well. Thus you can handle it conveniently every time and make sure you have evenly cooked food in minutes.

What do I get?

you’ll receive your Magic Steamwave and Steamwave™ Caddy for $10 plus $11.98 S&H.Official website


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