Magic Microwave Chip Maker Review

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Do you love potato chips during snack time but hate the grease in them? Are you health conscious and want to give your children only healthy snacks? You can now, with the amazing Magic Chip Maker! Magic Chip Maker is a great way to prepare crunchy, delicious low-fat snacks in minutes with no frying! With the Magic Chip Maker, it’s easy to make your own potato or other fruit and veggie chips.


How does Magic Chip Maker work?
Make yummy sweet potato chips, carrot chips, tortilla chips, banana chips, and any other fruit or vegetable you can slice into a tasty, healthy snack. Just run your selected snack item across the included slicer to get those razor thin chips. Then take the slices out of the bowl, stand them upright in the round plastic holder, and pop in the microwave. In just a few short minutes you’ll have healthy, oil-free, delicious chips.

Magic Chip Maker helps in, satisfying both your snack desire, and the need to be healthy. It comes with all the accessories you need – an easy to use EZ Slicer, wavy chip cutter, bowl to hold the slices, and the chip maker tray that is the secret to keeping these vegetables nice and crisp.

Simply slice the vegetables, remove any excess moisture, place in the tray, and then microwave. Within minutes you’ll have delicious fresh low calorie potato chips that utilize absolutely no oil! It’s easy to use, clean and easy to store too. Magic Chip Maker Is a great way to keep healthy!




What do I get? (Official Website Offer)

  • Slotted disk
  • Slicing Tool
  • Chip Cutter
  • Bowl Holder
  • Chip Maker Tray



Reviews and Complaints
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Magic Chip Maker Video


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