Magic Crisp

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What is Magic Crisp?

It is a plastic crisper tray for microwave oven with a unique raised-ridge design. It heats food in the oven evenly and also ensures that each dish comes out crisp and soft.

Turns your oven into a food crisper

Magic Crisp promises to make relishing microwave food again a reality easily and quickly without any hassles. It is a microwave crisper tray that claims to make all fried foods like bacon, pizzas and fries perfectly crispy, soft and even when heated on the oven’s glass turntable. Magic Crisp has a unique design which lifts up the food to make it heat faster while allowing the desired amount of air circulation to take place.

The secret…

Magic Crisp features a unique raised ridges design due to which food stays off the surface of the plate and rests on the edges of the raised contours. That, according to its makers, results in even cooking all over with a crispy texture on the outside and a tender piping hot consistency inside. Instead of just heating food in the oven as usual, you may incorporate Magic Crisp in your daily essentials as it guarantees to turn foods into a food crisping machine.


Tastier and healthier

You have to add no extra oil or any other fattening medium to food while using Magic Crisp. All you have to do is keep food on the ridges of the dish and start the oven. Your food will come out not only tasty but also healthy so you can gorge on your favorite delicacies without extra oil. The makers of Magic Crisp further state that besides heating regular meals, the dish is also great for frozen foods as well as leftover foods.

Works when flipped too

You may flip Magic Crisp over and use it a tray to keep bowls, hot beverages, soups and more. It also doubles up as a drip tray as well as a serving tray for guests.


Easy to clean

Magic Crisp can be cleaned easily by placing it under running water. Its design catches the mess and also indicates when you may use some soap to clean greasy residue.


What Do I Get?

  • You will receive Two Magic Crisp for $10 +$13.98 S&H.
  • Official website:
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