Macaron Maginifique Review

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There are several things that the French are known for of course, but their macarons are an absolute delight and everyone seems to love them. You might want to add a touch of excitement to a regular day or make a big impression with your guests at your next house party; you can serve up the macarons treat and bring a smile to their faces. And if you want to make a special day truly special then they can be the right ingredient to the recipe of success. And when it comes to macarons it doesn’t get any better than Macaron Maginifique.

How does Macaron Maginifique Work

Macaron Maginifique brings in all the French splendour in your house and might just be what you were looking for. The company that came into being in 2012 is known for its customized, gluten free macarons that are always a hit with users. Macaron Maginifique was set up by celebrity stylist Lauren Rae Levy in collaboration with her father. It all began when she met a local Parisian chef and through their mutual love for these delights they came up with the idea of making them easily accessible for people in the US and Canada.

Macarons are a guilty pleasure for many and their almond flour, almond base are a highlight. And now Macaron Maginifique brings them to you in all your favourite flavours that are going to tick the right boxes for you. Coffee, cheesecake, chocolate, pistachio, raspberry, lemon and vanilla are the flavour available for you. But with Macaron Maginifique also you can also get a box of assorted flavours, which can make for the perfect present for your loved ones. There’s the variety pack with three of your chosen flavours to look forward to as well.

Macaron Maginifique brings you macarons that are hand made by master pastry chefs and that adds a beautiful personal touch to them. Macaron Maginifique macarons are made in the USA, which is a big marker of their quality, which is something you look for as well. Sweeten and brighten up all events in your life with these wonderful treats.



What do I get?

  • Macaron Magnifique boxes of 13

All this for $30.00 plus $9.99 processing and handling. Official website



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