Montel Williams Pressure Cooker Reviews and Complaints

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Montel Williams Pressure Cooker is the biggest breakthrough in kitchen appliances in decades! With the amazing Montel Williams Pressure Cooker, you can now cook healthy, affordable homemade meals in minutes and not hours! The secret behind its speed is its fast Flavor Infusion Technology that not only cooks food 70 per cent faster but also infuses the flavor of all the ingredients as well as retaining valuable vitamins and nutrients that are lost in other methods of cooking.


Montel Williams Pressure Cooker

This helps to increase your energy levels and improve essential vitality. You can lose weight the healthy way. It is simple to use; place the ingredients in its non-stick cooking insert, seal the lid, set the digital timer on the easy push control panel and you are done! You get delicious home cooked food, fast and without firing up the stove.

Defrosting chicken is no problem; add chicken, pasta and sauce and you can go from frozen to fantastic in just 20 minutes! It has an automatic keep warm function to keep your food warm for as long as you want without over cooking it. It’s versatile and is an 8-in-1 kitchen appliance that includes pressure cooker, steamer, sauce pan, rice cooker, Dutch oven, braises and stock pot.

Old style pressure cookers often tend to blow their lids, but Montel Williams Pressure Cooker has been designed keeping your safety in mind with features like clog prevention device, safety lid. It is dishwasher safe too. Cook fast without the grease and retain the entire flavor with Montel Williams Pressure Cooker!

Getting Started with Living Well Pressure Cooker

Do you feel that the pressure cooker that you’ve been using all along may be outdated and you could instead explore new models? Of course you must know fully well that there are new developments in the range of cooking appliances too. So why not consider getting Living Well Pressure Cooker, a great new model of pressure cooker that not only cooks supremely well but also looks the part.

Using Living Well Pressure Cooker is incredibly easy. It uses advanced technology and offers a whole lot of convenience besides useful features and quality. It comes basically in three parts, the inner pot, a unit that forms the main external part of the cooker and the pressure lid, which has a rapid release valve which helps you keep the steam inside or release it when you want it to. In addition to these, there is a range of cooking accessories too that helps you carry out various functions during cooking.

On the unit is the pressure cooker’s control panel and the LED display for settings on which you can select options for cooking. Various options and components are provided that help you create seal which retains the steam inside the cooker, the pressure valve is there to help you maintain pressure inside by popping it in the lid handle which also spins and helps maintain pressure inside. From this point, you can release steam and pressure when your cooking is done.

Cleaning Montel Williams Pressure Cooker

It’d be no exaggeration to say that Living Well Pressure Cooker is a revolutionary new concept in pressure cooking owing to a range of factors such as the make, performance, speed and as importantly, maintaining its cleanliness. As you know, the Living Well Pressure Cooker basically consists of three main parts, the pot, a unit that forms the main external part of the cooker in which you place the pot and the pressure lid. These are easy to clean and maintain, just like the range of cooking accessories that come with the pressure cooker. Just like operating and cooking healthy, delicious food in Living Well Pressure Cooker is easy; cleaning it is very easy too. Before you begin cooking in Living Well Pressure Cooker, you have to wash it with warm, soapy water. Avoid any kind of harsh chemicals, detergent, powder cleaning pads or on any of the parts of the pressure cooker. Make sure your unit is unplugged and at room temperature before you clean. It’ll ensure your safety while cleaning your Living Well cooker. Mild soap or dish washing soap that’s a little warm is perfect to clean your cooker. Take up each part of the cooker one by one. Maybe you could begin with the inner part. Clean the inner part with a sponge or soft cloth gently. As for the gasket, it needs cleaning periodically. For that, remove the gasket from the underside of the self cooking lid and clean it carefully with the same mild detergent that you use for the inner part.

As for cleaning the unit, put some glass cleaner in a spray bottle, spray it on the outer surface of the unit and wipe it with a soft cloth. It’ll not only make your Living Well Pressure Cooker clean, but also add a nice sparkle to it.

Remember your cooker needs gentle cleaning and handling. For best results keep strong chemicals or detergent away from your cooker and use gentle soap.

If you wish to cook without using pressure, a glass lid is provided for use so you can prepare a whole lot of dishes that don’t need pressure cooking. Along with the accessories provided, you also get additional components such as a measuring cup, a large spoon, a steamer basket, a special pan for cheese cake, bread pudding etc. and a wire rack for canning and steaming. What’s more, the inner pot has a measuring chart printed inside to help you measure ingredients conveniently. For so many exciting features and aspects, there seems no reason why you don’t check out Living Well Pressure Cooker right away!

Cooking with Montel Williams Pressure Cooker

Living Well Pressure Cooker, the amazing new appliance that gives a new meaning to cooking with pressure cooker is something you’ll just love cooking in, whether it’s pressure cooking or in normal mode. The Control Panel with LED display makes cooking not only easy but also some kind of an experience! Once you get familiar with operating it, which is very simple, you just won’t think about cooking without thinking of Living Well Pressure Cooker.

There’s a whole lot of cooking that you can carry out very easily and conveniently in Living Well Pressure Cooker. There are two ways of using it for cooking: pressure cooking and without pressure. Needless to say, both are very simple and come with their own special components that.

To use pressure cooker for cooking a dish of your everyday diet, put the ingredients one by one in the inner pot and keeps the lid on the pressure cooker taking care to place it properly as per the white marks given and lock the lid accordingly. After that, you have to close the rapid release part and then select the Cook mode at the top left. The default time and default pressure, as per the dish will be activated. Click on the Cook Time button and when you reach the pressure, your timing will start counting down. Your food is ready inside!

Take care that you don’t keep your hand over the rapid release valve while opening it. You can release the steam from the lid; even if you don’t, the unit won’t open until all the steam is out. When the steam is released, you can remove the lid. Your delicious dish is ready to be gorged on!

If you want to have food without pressure, opt for the Brown Button option that adds heat to any food you wish to prepare without pressure. Just place the glass lid on the unit for that. A number of accessories for cooking are also provided which you can make ample use of for cooking with Living Well Pressure Cooker for raking up great dishes.

Montel Williams Pressure Cooker Control Panel

Living Well Pressure Cooker has a Control Panel with LED display which really sets it apart from regular cookers and makes cooking really advanced and simple. Living Well Pressure Cooker’s Control Panel is a novel feature that makes it possible to experience using a pressure cooker the hi-tech way and avail of incredibly amazing options and convenience.

The Control Panel is placed at the front side of the pressure cooker’s unit vertically. Its LED display and offers the facility to just click on any of the options provided for your cooker to get into action. The LED when green signals that it’s ready to begin. When you click the Cook button at top left, the cooking process begins and in a few seconds the LED turns red and remains so till cooking goes on.

To begin cooking using Living Well Pressure Cooker, you need to set the cook time and the pressure adjust button to set the desired pressure. The cook settings have the default time of 15 minutes and the default pressure is 40 kPa, which is the unit to measure pressure. You can change the cook time if you want by pressing the cook time button as per your requirement.

A number of buttons for various options are provided such as the Delay Time button which allows you to begin cooking automatically anytime you want. This is really helpful as you can decide when the cooking should begin when you’re away. You also have options like Stew that prepares delicious stew with just a click on its button and the Slow Cook Button helps you slow cook by pressing the slow Cook button.

The Steam/ Canning button helps you steam food after you place it in the steamer basket, add some water to the unit and click the Steam/ Canning button. Fruits and vegetables can also be canned with this option clicking the same button.

Another feature, the Brown Button adds heat to any food you wish to prepare without pressure. You can also cancel cooking after starting the pressure cooker by using the Keep Warm/ Cancel Button.

Montel Williams Pressure Cooker FAQs

When I press the cook button why can’t I adjust the pressure?
After you press the cook button on the Control Panel, you have eight seconds to adjust the pressure. Once the screen turns red after eight seconds, you cannot adjust the pressure after that. You’ll have to cancel the function and restart to continue cooking at desired pressure.

My LED screen changes colors. What does that mean?
The changing of LED colors indicates different options. When it’s green, it means the pressure cooker is in the standby mode, or ready mode Red means the unit is cooking while the color yellow indicates warning mode.

Why does the pressure cooker not count down?
The unit will not count down until the pressure isn’t built up inside. It could take as long as 17 minutes to build pressure. Once the pressure is built, the countdown will begin.

How do you adjust pressure?
To adjust pressure, you need to first adjust the pressure button. You can adjust up to 80 kPa, the highest setting that’s ideal for a delicacy like ribs. 20 kPa, the lowest setting is good for delicate fish.

How do I set cook time for less than the default?
First, press the adjust pressure button at the desired pressure. After that, press the cook time and cycle it through the desired cook time. If you wish to go below 15 minutes, press the button until you get 90 minutes, after which it’ll start counting in one minute increments.

Where are the three valves?
The three valves are situated under the rubber gasket lid liner.

How do I get a good seal when I’m pressure cooking?
Make sure that your gasket is always clean and free of debris and the rapid release is also closed.

I’m getting steam coming out of the sides. What is this from?
In that case, the seal may not be in place. Just close the unit down, let it cool and then check the seal again.

I’m getting steam coming out of the top of the unit. What is that from?
While a little steam coming out is normal while building pressure, if a lot of steam comes out of the pressure, ensure that the rapid release valve is closed. If it still continues, shut the unit down, allow it to cool and make sure the weighted pressure valve and the float valve are attached properly. Refer to your guide for detailed instructions.

When do I use different pressure settings?
It depends on the recipe you’re going to cook. The recipe books will provide these details.

When should I use the glass lid?
Use the glass lid while you’re slow cooking, browning or steaming.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
Montel Williams Pressure Cooker for just 3 payments of $49.99. Official Offer.



Reviews and Complaints
Please see the “Reviews” section below.


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31 thoughts on “Montel Williams Pressure Cooker Reviews and Complaints

  1. Why won’t it come on?.! Used once, plugged it in and started right up. This time it will not start no matter what I try

  2. I bought Montel Williams pressure cooker model EPC650D. Put it up for a gift and forgot.Never opened and is missing the release valve. I called Tristar who no longer makes the product. They gave me me a number to call and they have no parts past last year and told me to buy a new one. Will give me a deal $33.00 times 3 payments
    . Are you serious?Is this how customers are treated and Mr. Williams is fine with
    this. One lousey valve and the machine is not safe to operate.

  3. I have a Living Well Pressure cooker model EPC660D and I lost the stainless steel pressure post. I also need a new black Pressure release valve. I cannot find the items online and the customer service number on my manual, 1-800-718-5135 only talks about a juicer. Why am I unable to purchase the replacement pressure release valves ?

  4. I found the number to call for parts replacement. Ive been on hold an hour but its better then throwing cooker out cuz i lost the pressure release valve. 973-5163. Tristar Products. Good luck

  5. 3 years ago I got one of your livin g well pressure cookers. It no longer works. I was wondering your procedure on how to return it. It came with a life time warranty. my phone number is 307 724 0034. I would appreciate in hearing from you.

  6. I’ve had Montel Williams Living Well pressure cooker for quite sometime and love it, have never had a bad meal cooked in it. My husband loves bowtie pasta with chicken which I fixed in the pressure cooker, added pasta sauce and turned out perfect. I have cooked frozen chicken breasts with red sauce and no problem. Also cooked beef roasts and pork roasts, not dry at all. I have cooked a whole chicken in it also, flavor was great. I check the recipes and then do some variations of mine own which is fun to do. Our daughter-in-law was so impressed with my electric pressure cooker she told our son she wanted an electric pressure cooker also. I’m not at all afraid to use it as I was with the one I used on my gas stove. Would recommend this pressure cooker to anyone.

  7. What did I do wrong? I cooked the frozen chicken with tomato sauce and pasta. It burned on the bottom and it took 20 minutes to build up pressure.

  8. I am tired of looking at mine. I took the lid off to clean it, and something fell out … I think it was the float? I am willing to send my to someone for the price of shipping only so I don’t have to look at it! it’s been used about 6 times.

  9. I would like to have the 800#for the company so that I can order a valve for the top.. I can’t use the cooker because the pressure valve is gone. Please help.

    • The gasket for the valve is junk and will continue to fall off, good luck. The people you finally get, not only don’t speak English well but clearly don’t understand it either. It’s garbage and they know it, hence why you are not able to get any help when something goes wrong and believe me it will. I gladly am trashing mine and will shop at a legit company for my next one!

    • Donna Craffery if you are still looking for part, I don’t use this pressure cooker too used to the manual ones. But I can sell mine for $20 which will hopefully include shipping. I misplaced the glass cover and spoon but everything else is there. Let me know.

    • Donna Craffery if you are still looking for part, I don’t use this pressure cooker too used to the manual ones. But I can sell mine for $20 which will hopefully include shipping. I misplaced the glass cover and spoon but everything else is there. Let me know.

      • I don’t know if you still have your pressure cooker, but like a lot of people, I am looking for the float valve as well and noticed you’d be willing to sell yours for $20. If it is still available, would you mind letting me know so I can maybe set something up with you. Thanks

  10. Hello.

    I am looking for a replacement of the floating valve of my Montel Williams Pressure Cooker.

    It is very disappointing not to have a formal web-site for parts and maintenance. I have been looking allover the web because the costumer number don’t care about requests. They promised will call again for the information and I still waiting for it. In the mean time, I am unable to use the pressure cooker. Can somebody tell me where I can get the replacement for the floating valve, Please?

  11. Love the Living well cooker. I do have a problem with it. Whenever I set the time and pressure I get an F4 which will not let me go any further. I would like your assistance with this a I would like to keep using it. Thank you!!

    • Mine too has the F4 readout and can’t use it until that’s gone and I love my pressure cooker and use it every day. My pressure cooker is essential to my kitchen cooking. How do I get rid of the F4 or F5 to go back to green lights.

  12. Love the pressure cooker but…….can’t get replacement parts for it. So what’s so good about that. Call customer service and am speaking with some who is out of this country. Then they tell you to go to Walmart, Costco and other stupid place that don’t sell parts anymore than sell Montels pressure cooker.

    My neighbor just asked me about the best pressure cooker to buy and I can’t even tell her about buying living well because day after buying, can’t get parts. Any suggestions. Would not recommend buying till the resolve this problem. Really ashamed because it s a good product.


  13. I need the pressure relief valve. Where can I find one? These units are no longer made. I called the number posted and they said (we cannot help you sir) no longer made in India

    I have the Living Well Pressure Cooker # epc660d model.

  14. I loved this Living Well Montel Pressure Cooker, but the electronic panel started giving me the F4 code and when I called the number listed in my instruction book, I was told it has been changed to another number and the number was given to me, but upon calling that number the man could not help me and proceeded to tell me all they do was sale parts such as gasket etc. Who do I contact for repair or replacement part?

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