Lit Mitt

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You like to make those delicious grilled dishes when you have guests at home or for a special occasion for that matter. But the problem is that sometimes there might be no light around the oven when you are cooking. You might start your barbeque when it’s bright outside but that might not be the case when you are done. Lit Mitt claims to have the solution for this problem because they are oven mitts with lights. Thus visibility while cooking won’t be a problem when you have Lit Mitt around.

Lit Mitt for the kitchen
They are 13 inches long and have 3 ultra bright LED lights so you won’t have issues with visibility. They are very simple to use as well and there’s an on-off switch for your convenience. Lit Mitt also let you preserve batteries smartly because of the five minute auto shut off. The flame resistant fabric is meant for your safety and the batteries can be replaced easily to make things easier for you. Available in red they can have Christmas Print trim too.

Lit Mitt for the barbeque
These Black grill mitts are extra long, which makes sense for barbeques. There are three ultra bright LED lights, which last up to 5000 hours giving you good value for your money. Lit Mitt for barbeques is meant to be quite easy to use as well and the flame resistant fabric is considered to be a highlight.

Baking with precision even in dim light conditions is possible due to Lit Mitt, which makes for ideal present too.

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