Liquid Lid

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What is Liquid Lid

It is an anti-spill lid which is developed to keep boiling liquids from spilling while cooking to keep countertops and cooker clean. It can also be used in the microwave.

Anti-Spill Lid

Liquid Lid promises to be the end to the issues of liquids boiling over from pots. You may have faced a situation where you have to run across the kitchen to switch off the stove just to avoid spillover from boiling liquids. The only solution has been to stand guard in the kitchen all the time till the liquid boils over so that there is no spill. Liquid Lid apparently helps you to be more flexible and move around without worrying about the liquid boiling out of the pot and making a mess on the stove, cooker, pot or countertop. Apart from being a regular lid to cover up liquids for fastening the boiling process Liquid Lid is said to provide additional anti-spill benefits as well due to its thoughtful design.

Easy to handle design

Liquid Lid claims that it is made from PP and silicone which are said to be quite durable and helps add longevity to its usage. It is great in terms of size since it is universally planned to fit any pot that ranges from 16cm to 26cm diameter. Liquid Lid’s silicone frame has holes that are placed in a way that it lets liquids to pass through and the silicone part helps retain it. There are apparently silicone based handles on the sides of Liquid Lid so that it can be handled easily regardless of the temperature of the pot it is placed upon. The usability of Liquid Lid is supposedly not limited only as a lid during boiling on stoves but can also act as a lid during cooking food in the microwave. This helps in ensuring there is no spill or splatter from the food which can result into a mess inside the microwave. Another additional utility of the holes based design of Liquid Lid is that it can be used for steaming veggies over it while liquids boil and generate steam that passes through it. Plus cleaning it is also said to be quite easy as it is completely dishwasher safe.

What do I get?

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