My Lil Brownie Silicone Mold Review

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How does My Lil Brownie Silicone Mold Work?

Who doesn’t like to make perfect little treats at home? You could be having a relaxed afternoon with your loved ones at home and might want to make yummy brownies to bring a smile to their faces? Or it could be that you are hosting a kiddie party or a family gathering and want to make brownies to woo your guests over and leave them sated too. But you know making perfect sized brownies can be a task and cutting them into pieces can be a tedious exercise. Thankfully there’s a way around it in the form of My Lil Brownie, which will help you make perfect sized brownies every single time.

It’s a silicone baking mould, which will ensure that you make those perfect bite sized brownies easily and without any cutting involved. All you need to do to get those brownies you like is invert the mould when you are done baking. Simply apply a bit of pressure and peel off the mould. Delicious, perfect sized brownies will be ready to be served. One of the advantages of using this product is the fact that it is made out of food grade Silicone and that’s what makes it easier to release brownies without any hassle.


There are tons of applications of this versatile product, which can be used to make a wide variety of things. You can use it to make Petite Fours or Gelatin Squares or you also have the option of making chocolate fours and a whole lot more with the help of this product. Now you won’t have to work very hard to impress the guests at your next party because one box of brownie mix will be able to make around 40 yummy chewy brownie points. That’s just perfect for a decent sized gathering in the house, where the guests will be giving you brownie points quite literally.
This product is extremely convenient for use and it’s also easy to clean because it is dishwasher safe, which makes it just perfect for your kitchen needs.

What Do I Get?

  • You can get Two My Lil Brownie Silicone Mould for $10 plus $13.9 S&H.
  • Official website:
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    1. Does it make it easier to make perfect sized brownies?

      Is it easy for brownies to be released from the mould?

      Is it convenient for use?

      Is it easy to clean?

      Is it reasonably priced?

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