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Everyone loves their cup of coffee whether it is to wake you up, prepare you for the second half at work, or to unwind when you get back home from work. But if you do not want to go to a coffee shop and spend at least $5 or don’t even have 5 minutes to make your cup of coffee then get LifStyl Coffeehouse Solution and have your own Barista at home to turn your bland supermarket coffee into gourmet cappuccino or a yummy latte.


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How does LifStyl Coffeehouse Solution Work

You don’t need expensive and enormous coffee makers and you can transform your regular coffee pot into a magical gourmet coffee maker. The LifStyl Coffeehouse Solution can heat, froth, mix ingredients and give you delectable coffee in just one minute. Even if you drink just one cup of coffee in a day, you can save up to $ 13 or even more in a month that you would spend at a coffee shop.

Make Cafe Mocha, coffee cocktails and a lot more with LifStyl Coffeehouse Solution and for your kids and other young ones or for a non coffee drinker you can make yummy hot chocolates or milk creations. You can do all this in less than a minute. You can make endless possibilities with a foolproof coffee guide provided with the LifStyl Coffeehouse Solution that gives you easy, step-by-step coffee recipes made even more delicious by the various gourmet flavors right from vanilla, dark chocolate, caramel, hazelnut, to name just a few.

While most cappuccino makers cost more than $ 100 you can get this amazing coffee solution for a fraction of the price. If you call now you and make a full payment other than the electric frother and recipe guide you can get the outstanding complete coffeehouse kit free containing a portable powerful frothing hand whisk with 15000 RPM that lets you whip up any coffeehouse classic anywhere you are even on your travels or at your office. The kit also includes a stainless steel travel coffee mug and a pack of 5 flavors – vanilla, hazelnut, chocolate, caramel and brown sugar spice.




What do I get?

  • Lifstyl at home Electric fother
  • Gourmet Recipe Guide
  • Portable on-the-go Hand Wisk
  • Stainless Steel Travel Mug
  • Lifstyl Flavor 5 Pack

All this for $ 19.95 + P.& H. Official website


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LifStyl Coffeehouse Solution Video

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