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What is Lidtastic

It is a silicone lid that claims to prevent some of the kitchen nightmares you often tend to have. Lidtastic promises to be of great help in the kitchen for many so that they can avoid issues that are caused by mismatched covers or messy food splatter for that matter. Clingy plastic wrap can become the bane of your existence and cooking in the oven without right lids mean you will have dried out food in the end. Lidtastic emphasizes on the fact that it offers you a way around all these issues with ease.

Lidtastic has been specially created for your kitchen needs

To begin with, Lidtastic maintains that it fits perfectly every single time and it covers containers of nearly all sizes. Since it is made out of silicone it can withstand high heats, which one is bound to find with oven cooking, however it always stays cool to touch. This high density silicone also ensures that it creates a strong seal to store food. Lidtastic also stresses that it is safe to be used in microwaves, refrigerators, oven, stovetop and dishwashers. It is also BPA free for your safety needs.


Lidtastic avoids foot splatter

You might be making your favourite dish in the kitchen or your chosen delicious soup; when things splatter you are left with a huge mess that you have to clean up later. Lidtastic maintains that it can avoid this nightmarish scenario because it can neatly cover all types of pots and pans in your kitchen. As a result you can use it to avoid mess while cooking on stovetop or microwave.

Lidtastic is safe in the ovens

You might be keen on making meatloaf, lasagne or any of your other favourite dishes, but you are worried about what the end result might be because things dry out. But Lidtastic is not only oven safe up to 450 degrees; it can also be used as oven mitt and stops food from drying out too, according to its claims.

Lidtastic for vacuum sealing

Nobody wants to waste leftovers, which is why you work with plastic film to keep it neatly sealed. However it’s a struggle on its own, which can now be avoided by Lidtastic. It ensures that a strong vacuum seal is created around the food so that it is kept fresh and lasts longer as it should be.

What do I get?

Please see official website


7 thoughts on “Lidtastic

  1. Website mentioned in this article is up for domain which tells me all I need to know. Won’t be buying this!

  2. I got the large and two small set for $5 on a clearance sale. I love them! They work perfectly to cover my lunch and mugs of hot chocolate in the microwave!

  3. I actually like mine. I thought they were overpriced at $10 at the dollar store, but I see they are higher online. I would not pay more than $10, because you only get one good size one, and two tiny. The tiny ones are good for putting over your glass of beverage before putting back in the fridge, or for keeping bugs out when outside. Mine seal very well. (Pull up and there is suction.) I haven’t tried cooking; just wanted a reusable alternative to plastic wrap. Really fast to use with the knob handle, easy to wash, really cute daisy shape to perch on top of your coffee cup, or hanging on wall.

  4. Completely useless!!! Small is way to little to use on anything but possibly a small coffee cup. They do not seal at all!!

  5. My sister got a set in the large and x-large? size with the lily pad style, and they worked well.

    I saw the flower style (same brand, same concept) on, and bought a set with 1 L and 2 Sm for $15.

    Complete waste of money!!!
    The thicker silicone on the flower petals makes these lids too rigid to seal on anything. I tried many different containers to make sure it wasn’t an irregularity in the rim preventing seal. I was not even able to lift an empty margarine container with the seal!

    On top of that, the 4 inch lids are too small to cover anything except perhaps a yogurt cup or coffee mug, and again, absolutely zero ability to seal.

    The lily pad style is a nice product, but the flowers are useless in every possible way.

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