Lid Buddy Review

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About Lid Buddy:

Lid Buddy claims to be one of a kind add-on contraption for the kitchen that helps in holding the lid of a pot or pan whenever you need to raise it, like while adding ingredients, scooping, stirring, tasting or keeping an eye on food. The caddy for your pot states to prevent a messy trail of drippings on the countertop when you raise the lid and place it on the side or hold it. Lid Buddy states to be the solution to keep such mess away.

How does it work:

Lid Buddy assures to have a superior design that works in two different ways. Lid Buddy alleges to be designed in a shape that hooks along the edge of any pot or other utensils easily so that you can rest your lid in its slot. Lid Buddy also stands by itself on the countertop to support the lid and the basin on the bottom collects all the drippings to prevent it from settling and drying on to the countertop from the lid or spoon.

Caddy for your pot lid

Every time you pull the lid off your pot or pan while cooking, you end up with a hot mess that leaves stains on the stove top and even countertop especially when it dries. But the kitchen contraption Lid Buddy states to keep the mess away by letting you keep the lid on it so that it will catch all the drippings. Lid Buddy asserts that it can hold lids of all sizes easily and firmly in place. Lid Buddy proclaims that it is very strong and can hold a lot of weight without tripping the pot or breaking apart. Lid Buddy also declares to have a heat-proof design which allows it to be used near the flame. This is why Lid Buddy convinces to be great for all type of lid materials that include stainless steel, ceramic, copper and even aluminium. The wider grip and innovative design of Lid Buddy allege to let you accommodate grill press lids, glass slow-cooker lids, serving-dish lids and even electric frying pan lids.

Features and Benefits:

Lid Buddy guarantees to perform necessary kitchen chores as you do not need to look for a place to keep the lid while cooking. Its compact size makes it easy to stow and can fit anywhere in the kitchen, even inside an empty pot to remember using it the next time. Lid maintains to be very good for taking out pots and pans for pot-lunches. This way one may never need to keep their lid away and negate the chances of missing the lid. Lid Buddy promises to become an integral part of the kitchen and is available in two different sizes. A large and small sized Lid Buddy will help fit the entire range of pots and pans in any regular kitchen. Also for those who are interested in getting Lid Buddy to match their kitchen’s theme it comes in two different colors – red and black.

What Do I Get?

  • You get 2 Large Lid Buddy Pot Holder and 2 Small Lid Buddy Pot Holder for $10 plus $9.90 P&H.
  • Official website:
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