Lakeland EXQ Blender Review

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What is Lakeland EXQ Blender

It is a next generation kitchen appliance from Lakeland that claims to make blending and other tasks easier for you.

Lakeland EXQ Blender asserts that it is just perfect for everyone who wants to save time for themselves in the kitchen while blending food items efficiently every time. If you are health conscious and like making your smoothies and soups on a regular basis then you can do that with great ease too. Lakeland EXQ Blender maintains that it brings you the quality you have come to expect from the range of products from the company and has been designed to not only look smart but work effectively for your needs too.

Lakeland EXQ Blender and its different important functions

Lakeland EXQ Blender stresses on the fact that it has three different functions for the tasks you might have at hand. There is of course the pulse option, which is handy for regular tasks. You can also use the ice crusher option when you want it for smoothies or to make cocktails, and other beverages for that matter. In fact, Lakeland EXQ Blender also has a special smoothies function, according to its claims. Thus it can find its appeal amongst those who have made these healthy drinks a part of their regular diet.
Lakeland EXQ Blender promises you good results also because of its intelligent control system. It means that the speed can optionally adjust to the consistency of the food, which leads to thorough mixing.


Lakeland EXQ Blender and its helpful features

Lakeland EXQ Blender is packed with features that make using it a delight for you. Besides its three functions it also allows you to operate it manually. It can offer you respite when you want to chop food items or make soups. Lakeland EXQ Blender comes with a 1.5 litre jar, which is adequate for your blending needs or when you want to make your delicious smoothies. The lid of the jar has a safety feature, which means that the blender doesn’t come on till it is clicked in place.

Lakeland EXQ Blender is sleek and stylish

Lakeland EXQ Blender emphasizes on the fact that besides being high on functionality and convenience, it’s also smart to look at. It is available in crisp white, which can be a handsome addition to your kitchens. It’s also compact so that you don’t have storage worries and it won’t take up a lot of space on your kitchen worktop either. It can also be taken with you easily, wherever you go. Lakeland EXQ Blender highlights that it comes with a Lakeland guarantee, which should put your mind at rest about its durability.

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