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Delicious food is a weakness for everyone and especially delicacies that are deep fried. These food preparations not only involves a huge mess to clean and clear stuff up but also has a health risk due to the amount of fats and oil involved in the process. But nothing can comparatively give as much pleasure and so you might indulge in or try finding ways to reduce the consumption of oil. Krisp-O-Krunch is said to have the solution for food lovers to enjoy food without dipping fingers into oily, fat rich food ever again.


Design wise Krisp-O-Krunch is quite simple and turns out to be a simple mesh like tray in the first look. But the simple tray claims to work wonders for cooking healthy food right on it. Krisp-O-Krunch is supposed to be placed on an oven rack with the food to be cooked placed over it. The exclusive mesh design of Krisp-O-Krunch is said to allow air pass right through it containing the hot oven air into the food and distributes it evenly to cook the food into a crunchy brown delight. Depending on the amount of food one wants to cook, Krisp-O-Krunch comes in two mesh designs of 15 x 15cm and 40 x 30cm.


Using Krisp-O-Krunch has many benefits and the most highlighted claim is that the food no longer needs a lot of oil to prepare it as in the case of deeply fried food. Less oil means there is less fat and cholesterol consumption making the food a healthier option. Krisp-O-Krunch also claims to ensure that the flavor of the food is retained in it for a scrumptious meal every time. Krisp-O-Krunch completely eliminates the need for deep frying pans to cook dishes such as chicken wings, fish fingers, sliced vegetables, etc.

  • Get Krisp-O-Krunch for £23.95
  • You also get Two large mesh sheets & Two small

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