Cafe Up Reusable Coffee Pod Review

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Most of us lead very fast paced lives today and it often means starting your day quite early. There’s nothing more refreshing in the morning than a cup of coffee on the go. It starts your day on a strong note and helps you feel more awake and on your toes. But do you end up spending huge amounts on disposable coffee pods for your first cup of coffee in the morning? Why go through the hassle of single serve coffee cups when you can get a reasonable solution for it in the form of Cafe Up?


How does Cafe Up Reusable Coffee Pod work
Cafe Up is a reusable single coffee cup pod that will save you a lot of money. Now you can get the convenience of single serve coffee cups with Cafe Up at a fraction of the price. Using Cafe Up is extremely convenient as all you need to do is add a scoop of your favourite coffee, insert and you are ready to go. You can make your favourite espresso coffee or a cup of tea if you wish to, within minutes and without any hassle. You can use Cafe Up over and over again to have your coffee on the go.

Cafe Up can make fresh single servings exactly the way you want them to be. Once you are done with using the cup, you can simply clean it and reuse it. Cafe Up can be machine washed for your convenience as well. Cafe Up offer you as much as ten times the savings on your regular disposable coffee pods. Clearly, using Cafe Up is a smart way of beginning your day on the right note.



What do I get?
You can buy Cafe Up for $10 plus shipping and handling cost of $6.99 at You can also get another set of Cafe Up and Klever Scoops by paying separate shipping and handling fee of $6.99.

Customer service – 1-800-777-4034 (M-F 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time)


Cafe Up Reusable Coffee Pod Video
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9 thoughts on “Cafe Up Reusable Coffee Pod Review

  1. Cafe Up Reusable Coffee Pod seemed like a handy product and I was instantly charmed by it. But I was warned about buying just about any product I find online without doing my research about it. So I decided this time I was going to read reviews about this product and see what other users had to say. But soon enough I began to realize that it wasn’t going to be possible because all those review sites online were just after my money. They were hard selling the product, which is not what a review site is supposed to do. Luckily I found out about your site and now I know that there’s a genuine review site that does exist.

    • It can be a nightmarish experience to go through one site after another in the hope of a genuine review but being misled into a trap to buy the product instead. It’s happening ever so often today and sadly there are no stringent rules set by search engines that can prevent that from happening. That’s what manufacturers of these products bank on and hard sell their products in a bid to get them sold to gullible users online.

  2. This Cafe Cup company is terrible. They hide any way to contact them. When I attempted to see order status. They have no record of my purchase. But they sure no how to bill your card. free shipping is a scam. Its time to complain to the networks that air these terrible companies.

  3. I bought these under the name Cafe Cup from I’ve made 2 cups of coffee with one for the first time today. The first cup wasn’t a full cup and I wondered if I had not put in a full cup of water? I also had grounds floating in my coffee. The 2nd cup I made sure I put in a FULL cup of water and kept an eye on the machine. The coffee did not come out in a stream, rather kind of ran all over while coming out (the reason for my first short cup) and again with grounds. If anyone has found a fix for this – let me know – I upgraded the order and now own 4 of these.

    • My friend bought one of these and said that if you don’t line up the cup correctly in the machine it can overflow. The half cup problem u may be experiencing might be due to the fact that your machine is calcifying. If you run a a couple of cycles of vinegar and water solution through your machine, (just as u would in your washing machine) this may fix it. Salt supposedly watered down too works. GL!

  4. Review Cafe Up

    Are Cafe Up a smart replacement for disposable single serve coffee pods?

    Do they save you money spent on disposable coffee pods?

    Do they help you brew coffee the way you want to?

    Do Cafe Up work effectively for making tea and espresso too?

    Do you think Cafe Up are long lasting?

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