Kleva Chef Review

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What is Kleva Chef

It is claimed to be a kitchen accessory that suffices the need of every kitchen with its unique design. A perfect tool for left and right handed individuals, it has the ability to easily slice, peel, julienne, garnish and much more easily.

All-in-one Cutting Tool

Kleva Chef is asserted to be the best kitchen accessory invented due to its unique design that will replace all other tools. Knives and other accessories that are created to cut, slice, julienne, garnish, etc are not equipped with the right design which is why a lot of people who love cooking shy away from such preparation process. There is a lot of hardship and physical stress accompanied with these processes as there is no particular way to do it easily. Plus every such process has one tool which increases the amount of accessories unnecessarily in the kitchen. Kleva Chef promises to ease up this process with a design that looks like a technology of tomorrow and provides the freedom to satiate every cutting and slicing demand.


Innovative Blade Assembly

Kleva Chef is stated to sport a design that is simply out of this world and can easily cut tiny strips off vegetables. There are a total number of 13 blades that are aligned in such a way that they act like 13 small knives placed together and they start creating perfect strips by cutting off veggies like carrots, potatoes, zucchini, cucumber and more at the same time. The peeling mechanism of Kleva Chef is also stated to be powerful as it can peel the hardest of vegetables in mere seconds and can even make great looking thick slices without any effort. Kleva Chef is also allegedly carrying stainless steel garnishing hooks that work so easily and efficiently that they start looking like professional garnishes. Plus its design is suitable for both left and right handed individuals.

Easy to use

Kleva Chef is guaranteed to be the most easiest tool that is created to prepare vegetables in the kitchen and outsmarts and replaces knives and graders completely. This guarantee stays true because of its amazing design and the fact that it is to be used in a particular way to provide faster output. Regular knives require the vegetables to be held properly and needs a lot of time and precision to start slicing, julienne, strips, etc. With Kleva Chef it is promised that there is no need to be worried and preparing vegetables is as simple as starting to move it from the top part of the vegetable in downward direction. It is claimed that Kleva Chef can be used to add veggies straight into stir fry, curry, soups, etc.

What do I get?

you will receive two sets of Kleva Chef™ Pro Julienne Tool for only $10.00 plus $12.9 P&H. Official website buyklevachef.com

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