Kitchen Keeper Review

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About Kitchen Keeper

Kitchen Keeper alleges to be an organizer for your kitchen drawer that lets you keep your utensils and kitchen accessories neat and well-organized. With its adjustable and replaceable dividers, Kitchen Keeper assures to hold utensils and gadgets of all shapes and sizes and fits into any drawer. It claims to hold the utensils safely even when the drawer opens or closes. Kitchen Keeper assures that it can fit into any drawer in any kitchen easily.

How does it work

You can organize up to two stacks of utensils in each compartment of Kitchen Keeper, as its manufacturers proclaim. Claiming to organize utensils in three easy steps, Kitchen Keeper maintains that you first need to pinch the side walls of the divider to slide it in and out of the unit. Then keep the utensils inside the compartment of Kitchen Keeper and adjust the dividers as per your need. The adjustable dividers of Kitchen Keeper assert to organize more utensils in restricted space because they can be fit in opposite directions in the same compartment. Kitchen Keeper maintains that you can even adjust the position of the dividers so that utensils of different shapes and sizes can fit into it easily, or you can make use of open compartments by removing the dividers completely.

Neatly organize your utensils and kitchen accessories

Your kitchen drawers are always a cluttered mess and most often you end up with a spoon in your hand when you need a knife. Precious time is wasted while cooking trying to find the right kitchen accessory or utensil. No matter how hard you try, utensils always mix up. But Kitchen Keeper is a kitchen drawer organizer that assures to let you keep your utensils and kitchen gadgets neatly organized in the drawer. If you have more utensils than the space in the drawer can afford, then Kitchen Keeper promises to optimize the limited space and keep every utensil handy. Whether it is spoons, forks, knives, tongs, bottle opener or big spatulas and serving spoons, Kitchen Keeper states that it will accommodate everything neatly. So when you need an accessory or utensil, you will have it handy instead of rummaging through the drawer.


Replaceable and adjustable dividers

The dividers of Kitchen Keeper are maintained to be adjustable and removable. You just need to pinch the side walls of the organizer to slide it in or out. You can then fit the utensils in opposite directions to accommodate more utensils and accessories. By adjusting the location of the divider or completely remove the divider you can allegedly fit in different shapes and sizes of utensils in Kitchen Keeper. Convincing to have a large capacity, Kitchen Keeper can let you keep two stacks of utensils in each compartment. Even when you want to open and close the drawer, the utensils are declared to remain stacked neatly inside no matter what without getting stuck. The feet of Kitchen Keeper are maintained to be non-slip so that it will remain in place no matter how many times the drawer is opened and shut and all your utensils will be well within reach any time you need. Kitchen Keeper guarantees that its side trays are expandable from 9¾ inches to 16¼ inches to allow you to fit utensils of any size.

What do I get?

You’ll receive two Kitchen Keeper Utensil Organizer for just $14.95 + $12.9 P&H. Official website


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