Kijo Knife Review

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Today many of us lead extremely stressful lives and have to juggle deadlines on a daily basis. And it’s true for both professional and personal walks of our lives. It means we have to try and save time in our daily chores as much as we can, especially when it comes to spending time in the kitchen. You might want to cook everyday for your loved ones because you want them to eat healthy but the problem is regular kitchen knives make your prep tedious and time consuming. Hence you will find the path breaking Kijo Knife extremely helpful in your kitchen


Kijo Knife

Where regular stainless steel knives fail, this micro serrated knife works wonders. That’s probably why it’s being labelled the sharpest knife in the kitchen. This extremely advanced knife will cut through just about anything within no time. It is strong enough to cut through leather but precise enough to make thin slices out of tomatoes as well. That’s because of the serrated blade that this knife boasts off. It also works a lot better than your regular stainless steel knife because it retains its edge, literally and otherwise. Bringing this revolutionary knife home means you will cut down your prep time by half.

The secret of Kijo Knife lies in its construction; it’s made out of Zirconium Oxide Ceramic, which is known to be the most durable material on the planet. And that’s what you want from a knife when you realize it’s just perfect for your kitchen needs. This knife is built to last; in fact it can go on doing your prepping tasks for life. It will not rust like other knives, giving you amazing value for your money and it won’t absorb any odours or discolour either.

Such amazing knives can end up costing you a fortune but Kijo Knife is reasonably priced, making it a must have for your kitchen



What do I get?
You can buy 5” Kijo Knife for $19.99 plus S&H of $7.99 at and get an anti-bacterial Bamboo cutting board plus Palm Peeler with your offer. You can also get Kijo 7” bread knife and Kijo 3” Paring knife with your order by paying separate S&H



Kijo Knife Video


10 thoughts on “Kijo Knife Review

  1. I bought the kijo blade and the handles came off of both knives and mine is only 8 months old. I cant get past the commercials to find a phone number to ge them replaced any help.E-Mail me at thanks

  2. It has been 6 weeks and I still have not received my set of Kijo knives. They charged my account $77.00. Does anyone have a working phone number?

  3. I ordered the Kijo Knife set on August 12, 2012 and still haven’t received the order. Now the phone number I called doesn’t even work! What can I do?

    • I believe this Kijo Knife is a scam. I placed an order and tried to change it. Could not . Tried to call and could not. I believe it’s only used to get credit card info.

  4. Thrilled with my set. It is light weight, very sharp and fits nice in my hand. So far lives up to what is said. Kijo CERAMIC knife gets a thumbs up from me.

    Sandra L.

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