Kenji Knife 2-4-1 Review

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Kenji Knife is a revolutionary ceramic kitchen knife that is so sharp it can cut through anything. With the Kenji Knife you can slice and prepare any food quickly and easily.


Kenji Knife 2-4-1
Unlike ordinary steel knives that dull and rust in no time, the Kenji Knife is designed to remain sharp forever.

The magic of the Kenji Knife is in the blade which is made of zirconium oxide ceramic. Zirconium oxide ceramic is as hard as a diamond and is 40% harder than steel and is proven to be one of the strongest and most durable materials.

The edge of the knife is sharpened with a laser and precision engineered ensuring that it will always stay sharp.



What do I get?
You will receive 2 Kenji Knife packs for the price of 1.
Here’s what’s included with your 6” Kenji utility knives:
• 3” Paring Knife with advanced ceramic blades that are perfect for slicing and paring all the small stuff you need for any meal. It’s also ideal for preparing herbs for salads.
• Protective Blade Sleeves to keep your Kenji cutlery stored safely.
• Kenji Ceramic Peeler with ceramic blades to keep razor sharp edges.
Order the Kenji Knife 2-4-1 for only £59.99.



Kenji Knife 2-4-1 Video


11 thoughts on “Kenji Knife 2-4-1 Review

  1. I have a kenji knife and it can’t cut like the knife on your video. The blade is black not white in color. So what can I do to sharpen the blade. Can you contact me about it asap, thank you.

  2. Hello, I am in Australia, not Alabama. 🙂 I purchased a Kenji Knife from retailer The Good Guys in Tamworth, NSW. I love the knife, but it has started to shed bits into my food when I use it. I don’t think it’s safe to use any more. The Good Guys has said they will not refund or replace it, and suggested going to the manufacturer. I am happy to return the knife so you can examine it. Thank you!

  3. We bought a three piece set of kenji knives from Harvey Norman in Perth about 2 years ago. I was really happy with it as it was sharp and I could cut with it almost anything. However yesterday the handle broke while cutting some cheese. It`s just not designed well. There is only a small piece of zirconium going into a plastic handle which sits in a metal piece. The metal part rusted and the plastic gave way, the handle broke. The blade is still good but without the handle it`s useless.

  4. I saw a video review of of it. The knife chipped when it was struck with another knife and the tip broke when it fell to the ground.

  5. I could see that it is indeed very sharp, although I have the set for only a couple of days, I have tested them and they work as announced. My only concern is the following: What will happen if they fall to the floor in the kitchen? Will they break?. Because of the price, I don’t want to risk the test.

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