Juiceman Compact Juicer JM250

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What is the Juiceman Compact Juicer?

The Juiceman Compact Juicer promise to be the perfect kind of juicer that turns your favourite fruits, berries, leafy greens and much more and turn it into the most healthy and spectacular tasting juice with just a click of a button.


How does the Juiceman Compact Juicer work?

Wide mouth feed chute – Berries, veggies, leafy greens—you can juice them all! The durable motor quickly turns produce into delicious, nutrient-rich juice. The Juiceman Compact Juicer claims to turn any hard fruit or veggie into a smooth and lip smacking juice full of nutrients. This feature ensures that you have no difficulty fitting in any of the fruits and vegetables into the juicer. This not only helps you save time but also makes it that much easier for you. That said, the chute could also be narrowed for juicing smaller items like berries and other small vegetables.


Integrated pulp container – The Juiceman Compact Juicer also boasts of another unique feature, that is the integrated pulp container. This feature allows you to separate the pulp and save it for you to use it in a variety of ways. Gone are the days of struggling to get the pulp out separately when you wanted to make your kids favourite marmalade or stuffed tart. It doesn’t stop there. The pulp container is removable for easy disposal and cleaning, making your life that much easier.


Speed control – The intuitive dial has settings for low and high speeds, depending on what you’re juicing. High for hard produce and Low for soft. So be it a carrot juice or the easier to pulp, tomato juice, the Juiceman Compact Juicer covers it all.

The Juiceman Compact Juicer not only seems to be the perfect fit for your kitchen in terms of ease and convenience, but also in terms of its edgy looks. Having a compact design along with being dishwasher safe, the Juiceman Compact Juicer promises its users the best juicing experience. The Juiceman Compact Juicer also has easy grip bottom and snap handles to make the handling a lot easier for all its users. With innovative features like the anti-drip spout which makes cleaning a breeze and the 400 watts of power that helps you juice the toughest of veggies, the Juiceman Compact Juicer does seem to be a force to reckon with in the juicing department. With a number of tall claims, the Juiceman Compact Juicer does seem to be too good to be true. And, with no reviews yet, this might as well be the case.

Go ahead and order your Juiceman Compact Juicer now. The next step will be to write in your reviews so that we can judge the actual performance of this so called miracle juicer.

What do I get?

Juiceman JM250 COMPACT JUICER for $39.99 | Official website: Juiceman.com

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