Juice Bullet from Magic Bullet

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If you are looking to maintain a healthy lifestyle you want to inculcate eating habits too. And there’s no alternative to fresh juices that you might love and have all the benefits for your body as well. But the problem is making them day in and day out can become such a chore. Regular juices can be awkward to use and time consuming as well. And some of them don’t even help bring out the natural benefits of healthy fruits and vegetables. But Juice Bullet does, which is why this path breaking product makes a lot of sense for the health conscious.


Juice Bullet
The powerful 500 watt motor is at the heart of this strong product, which will help you make twice the amount of juice within half as much time. You know when you are trying to juggle too many chores and responsibilities, you are happy to have any help possible that can save you time in the kitchen. And that’s why this product in many ways is indispensible to home makers and diet conscious. Now you can make a healthy juice for yourself before going to work or without having to wait for too long when you come back home in the evenings.

Making sizeable amounts of juice or soups for the entire family is easy as well. But one of the major highlights of this product is the fact that you can juice whole fruits or vegetables at one go. The oversized feeding tube makes that possible ensuring that you get all the natural nutrients from your fruits and vegetables. Drinking your way to good health gets a whole new meaning when you have this product at home. It’s smartly designed not only for your convenience but it’s quite elegant as well, making it a handsome addition to your kitchen.



What do I get?
Your 8 piece set includes juicer cover, juicer filter, juicer pulp container, juicer feed tube pusher, juicer bowl w/ detachable spout, juicer cleaning brush and juicer guide.

You get all this when you buy Juice Bullet at www.juicebullet.com.



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