JML Twist N Chop Review

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A part of you wants to cook up a storm in the kitchen and make delicious recipes for your loved ones. But then you have to think about the chore of prepping, which can be such a hassle. Are you tired of those bulky food processors that take up too much space in the kitchen and cost you a fortune? Do you want relief from chilli stained fingers and tears that onion chopping leads to? Then you need JML Twist N Chop, a smart and easy way to get all your chopping jobs in the kitchen done within minutes.


JML Twist N Chop
JML Twist N Chop is a brilliant chopping system that fits within the palm of your hand and won’t add clutter to your kitchen top. JML Twist N Chop works effectively because of its double sharpened blades that are capable of rotating in both directions. That’s why no task is big enough for Twist N Chop. You can use it to chop onions, chillies, herbs and carrots as well. You simply put any veggie or herb in JML Twist N Chop and place the lid on to it. Now you can twist it to let JML Twist N Chop do its job and cut the ingredients expertly and with precision.

What’s more, all your chopped items will be automatically stored in the pot and can be used whenever you want to. JML Twist N Chop is extremely versatile and you end up chopping and mixing ingredients at the same time. Now you can make delicious salsa dips or guacamole, you can make nut toppings for a dessert or make yummy mango chutney if you want to. There is no limit to different possibilities you can explore with your JML Twist N Chop. It’s also easy to maintain because it is dishwasher safe or you can simply rinse it with warm water.

JML Twist N Chop is safe, quick and very efficient, making prepping in the kitchen an absolute breeze for you.



What do I get?
You can buy Twist N Chop for an incredible price of £6.99 at



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