JML Regis Stone Pan Review

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You may love cooking with all your heart, but if the cookware isn’t good enough, it tends to dampen your mood and consequently, the taste of the food too. To add a new spark to your cooking and food, switch over to JML Regis Stone Pans , a range of absolutely fantastic and top quality cooking pan that’s set to transform the way you cook.


JML Regis Stone Pan
The stunning JML Regis Stone Pans are nothing like the cookware you’ve been using all along; they are embellished with a host of features that make cooking superior in every sense. The Regis Stone Pans set comes with a special speckled finish that not only makes the surface and coating dazzle with beauty, but also makes it possible to cook food real quick.

The secret is the special coating on the Regis Stone Pans, which allows them to conduct heat much faster, thereby helping you speed up cooking. They are extra strong and durable, like a stone. The quality of the material used in construction of these pans make them very sturdy. It helps you cook perfectly as it offers superior even heat induction while cooking. The surface of the pans is also scratch resistant on account of its special hybrid stone coating and lends it a perfectly even heat induction facility.

What’s more, the Regis Stone Pans also have die case base which makes them extremely strong and able to absorb heat better and also cook on any heat source brilliantly. The special coating on the pans helps you cook without oils or fats, which makes your food healthy. Since there’s no stickiness on the pans, you can also clean them effortlessly without having to scrub and rub hard. The pans come in the set come in different sizes so you can choose the appropriate size as per the quantity of food while cooking.

In addition to that, Regis Stone Pans have a special tough 4mm thick construction which makes them tough and able to endure extreme heat while cooking. The pans also have step-fixed handle, which don’t twist loose to cause any mishap as you cook. And of course, the pans are also very beautiful and elegant to look at. You can prepare a whole lot of delicacies in these amazing pans that bring you years of quicker, easier, healthier cooking experience, so make sure you purchase a set for yourself right away as you can also avail of an attractive discount on it!



What do I get?
Buy JML Regis Stone Pans for just £19.99 at Available in 20, 24, and 28 cms sizes.


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3 thoughts on “JML Regis Stone Pan Review

  1. By far the best pans I have ever owned and I have tried a lot of pans, does what it says, and you can use them to defrost frozen meats in a far shorter time by just putting them on a cold pan and leaving them on the side, amazing, I wish they would do saucepans as well. They seem to forget we do other types of cooking too.

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