JML Microwave Hot Pot

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What is JML Microwave Hot Pot?

It is a non-stick cooking pot featuring a special steam release chimney that helps you easily prepare delicious meals and snacks when placed in your microwave.

Amazing microwave exclusive

JML Microwave Hot Pot is an innovative cook ware that claims it’s here to change the whole experience of cooking for you. It guarantees that there’s nothing quite like it when it comes to preparing a whole lot of delicious meals in a microwave as it is about cooking them all exclusively in it and not stove tops, induction or other alternatives. It’s a sophisticated cooking pot that has been constructed to be used exclusively in the microwave oven. Its makers state that it lends cooking a truly authentic experience that also extends to food cooked in it as it is equipped with special features such as steam release chimney that is not a usual feature of a microwave oven cookware. Its makers proclaim that it indeed makes cooking in your microwave extraordinarily not only easy but also quick.


Delicious foods the smart microwaving way

JML Microwave Hot Pot promises incredibly delicious food prepared easily and conveniently in a microwave instead of the conventional cooking stoves you’ve always used. You can look forward to make the most of your microwave oven with this unique microwave hot pot. It guarantees to cook your food with the same flavor and texture that you desire as it comes with superlative non-stick stoneware design. It helps you cook your meals, sides, snacks and more just the way you want with unexpected results in a jiffy.

Steam release chimney- the secret

JML Microwave Hot Pot has been provided with a special feature called steam release chimney, which circulates heat seamlessly through your ingredients. It cook food evenly all over and retains the amount of moisture that is enough to keep the taste and desired texture of food intact. It also boasts of heat retaining ceramic base that speeds up the process of cooking. The microwave pot also ensures that food remains perfectly succulent but never soggy, which is quite rare with other cooking pans.

Quick and easy to use

Cooking in JML Microwave Hot Pot, you are assured, does not involve any complicated procedures and hassles as all you have o do is simply place your ingredients in it and keep it in the microwave. You can expect to be treated to any of the whole lot of tasty dishes that can be prepared easily in it without any worries. One of the highlights of the microwave pot is that it is a great time-saver as it cooks everything very fast. You can now expect healthy, wholesome food in a jiffy, thanks to this oven ware.

What do I get?

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One thought on “JML Microwave Hot Pot

  1. Bought the pot, but recipes are for egg or veg dishes- can’t find advice anywhere on cooking times to safely cook meats, or actual hotpot in the Hotpot for the microwave. Disappointed with the booklet of recipes which begins with poaching an egg???
    Unless I can find some decent recipes, this is another gadget item for the back of the cupboard never to see daylight again.

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