JML Cryotex Knife Set Review

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Your kitchen knives are practically indispensible for you because you know they make your tasks in the kitchen a lot easier. But finding a set of quality knives that is also reasonably priced can be a task. You end up having to dispose of knives sets because they don’t last very long, which is a huge disappointment, especially if you have paid huge amounts on them. But Cryotex Knife Set will not only handle all your kitchen tasks efficiently, since it’s strong and durable, it will be a long lasting solution for your kitchen needs too.


JML Cryotex Knife Set
These knives are known for their cutting edge blade technology and unique cryogenic process is at the heart of these knives. Since the blades are forged using this special process, they are exposed to extreme high and low temperatures. That’s the reason these blades have that much needed cutting edge, which makes them sharper and tougher. And that’s why no task is too tough for this sensational set of knives, which can give you professional quality results every single time.

These knives also have a sleek and slender design, which makes them stunning looking and they are convenient for use too. Their ceramic non stick coating means they cut smoothly and evenly and what’s more, cleaning them is a breeze too. The blades are gently weighted and they have ergonomically designed handles, which is the reason behind their balance that leads to precision cutting. When not in use these knives can be protected by the scabbard so that they show no signs of wear and last you for years to come.

Sleek, tough and effective, this knives set is perfect for your kitchen.



What do I get?
Your Cryotex Knife package includes:

  • 1 x 8” chef’s knife
  • 1 x 6” fillet knife
  • 1 x 3.5” paring knife

You can buy Cryotex Knife Set for £39.99 at



JML Cryotex Knife Set Video


5 thoughts on “JML Cryotex Knife Set Review

  1. shite don’t buy them – 2 years old & the largest needs sharpening . Makers website crap on how to do so . would not buy again

  2. Don’t you believe it . My set of 3 are less than 2 years old and the largest most definitely needs sharpening . Advice online from the maker – Zilch
    Big on profit short on customer service . Don’t buy !!!

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