JML Chef Station

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The most important part of cooking is the pre-process that takes place including the dicing and slicing of vegetables. If you often cook food you may have noticed that more than the cooking it’s the chopping, dicing and slicing which is more time consuming. And if you have to prepare a salad that has to look perfect with evenly sized veggies than it might take a much longer time. There have been lot of appliances both powered and manual that have claimed to be better than the rest but JML Chef Station stands out with its claim true and clear.

JML Chef Station promises to be a 4 in 1 solution acting as a simple chopper, a mixer, an egg separator and salad spinner all in one. The highlighted claim of Chef Station is its manual operation which saves a lot on energy. To make the manual process easier it is said that Chef Station is designed with ergonomic design to provide ease of use and comfortable handling. Chef Station supposedly is made from very strong durable parts that increase its shelf life. Also it is quite simple to store and assemble the parts to provide ease of usage. The blades used in Chef Station are stainless steel triple rotary blades for ease of cutting. Cleaning it isn’t a problem since it claims to be dishwasher safe.

Most important advantage of JML Chef Station is its manual nature and its 4 in 1 feature that helps in saving a lot of money on electricity that is used by different appliances. Also Chef Station has claims that the steel edge of the rotary blades doesn’t go dull at all providing perfect chopping and slicing whenever needed. The attachments that are included are the steel blades, whisking paddle, spinning basket and egg separator.

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