Jet Fryer

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What is Jet Fryer: It offers you the way to enjoy all your favourite fried foods without the need for oil, butter or grease.


Vitagy Jet Fryer claims to help you eat healthy while you also indulge in your liking for fried foods. There are days when you just can’t resist fried chicken, cheese sticks, fries, fried veggies and a lot more. But it leaves you with a lot of guilt, higher cholesterol and risks of heart diseases and diabetes. However Jet Fryer promises to offer you healthy solution where you can enjoy all the flavours in your favourite fried foods.

Jet Fryer has a unique technology

Jet hot rapid air technology is at the heart of this fryer and the reason you can cook without additional oil, butter or fat. In case of traditional frying, food is submerged in oil; similarly here food is encased through its vortex. Moreover Jet Fryer also relies on 360 degree rotation, which is responsible for spinning the food. As a result there’s even temperature around food, which means you get dishes that are crispy on the outside and deliciously succulent on the inside.

Jet Fryer keeps the flavours of foods

This fryer is supposed to lock the natural juices and flavours of foods inside. And since air is involved, it penetrates faster and food is cooked evenly throughout. Jet Fryer is also meant to have its advantages over the halogen oven because food doesn’t get burned on top, remains raw at the bottom or stays dry.

Jet Fryer is smartly designed

One of the highlights of this fryer is said to be the fat free basket, which keeps food lifted above the bottom of the pan. That’s the reason oil and fat drips away easily and doesn’t add those calories to your food. Another advantage of using this Jet Fryer is said to be the fact that it starts immediately and there are no preheating times of oils and ovens.


Jet Fryer is quite easy to use and all one needs to do is set the timer for different foods according to reference guides and let it do the job for you. Jet Fryer is said to use 75% less fat while it offers you versatile and delicious options.


What do I get?

  • 1 Vitagy Jet Fryer
  • 1 Fat-free fry basket with grip and lift tongs
  • 1 Quick-grip stay-cool pan handle
  • 1 Vitagy Health secrets recipe guide

All this for just $129.99 + $29.99 p&h. Official website:


Jet Fryer Video


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