Jason Vale Fusion Juicer Review

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Unhealthy foods only lead to weight gain and obesity, slow down your metabolic rate and also cause fatal health problems like heart disease and diabetes. You can avoid all this by just changing your diet by switching over to Jason Vale Fusion Juicer, a perfectly healthy way to get the best nutrients out of your fruits and juices.

How does Jason Vale Fusion Juicer work?

Jason Vale Fusion Juicer is a technologically advanced juicer that is gold standard in whole food juicing. Traditional juices are very slow and leave the pulp of foods behind, wasting all essential nutrients. But Jason Vale Fusion Juicer has a powerful induction motor and fusion chamber that extracts nutrient rich juice.

The high RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) of juicers create a lot of heat friction that destroys nutrients, but with its low induction motor, Jason Vale Fusion Juicer creates minimal heat friction thus keeping nutrients intact. This makes your juices vibrant and full of essential anti-oxidants, thus increasing your vitality and energy and also strengthening your immune system. Juices extracted in Jason Vale Fusion Juicer lower your cholesterol level and also prevent heart disease.

The juicer gives you 30 % more juice and you also do not waste any because of its non-drip spout. This feature also makes sure there is lesser mess left on the countertop. Unlike other juices, Jason Vale Fusion Juicer is also very easy to clean – you can just rinse it under running water or wash it in the dishwasher. The extra-large round feeder will fit almost all fruits and vegetables you want to juice and has a motor that whirs as quietly as a whisper. The blades of Jason Vale Fusion Juicer are made of surgical-quality stainless steel.


What do I get?
Jason Vale Fusion Juicer costs three times lesser than a traditional juicer. What’s more, with your order of Jason Vale Fusion Juicer you will get a recipe book with 100 raw remedies and juice recipes book, a 6-week turnaround program and Jason’s Diet Book “7 pounds in 7 Days” and Jason’s DVD guide to -juicing. Price $99.99 + Free Shipping. Official website FusionJuicer.com

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69 thoughts on “Jason Vale Fusion Juicer Review

  1. I watched the infomercial last night and was already to order today ..so glad I took the time to read these reviews. Will not be ordering now. Thanks to everyone for sharing your experience.

  2. Bought this Jason Vale Fusion Juicer after my Jack LaLane juicer was destroyed during Hurricane Sandy. The Fusion costs $20.00 more than Jack’s and does half the work. After producing just barely a pint of fruit juice; 2 apples, 2 pear, an orange and 1 banana, the motor would not start again. The amount of pulp left was tremendous and still full of water. Juicing with Jack’s juicer leaves the pulp as dry as a bone. I waited for a cooling off period, over 20 minutes, and still it would not start. Good luck trying to get your money back. I would give it 0 starts, but you rating requires at least 1 star. This juicer is JUNK — expensive JUNK. Good luck trying to get your money back. They just want to send another one of these lemons.

    If I can save one person from purchasing this piece of crap, it will be worth the $60.00 paid so far. I refuse to pay any more.

  3. well…….I bought a Juicer at a store…it burned out first try. I have the Jason Vale Fusion Juicer and its great. You have to put smaller pieces in. my juice is great. Cleaning the blade is tricky…use a toothbrush. I am pleased!!!

  4. I ordered my Fusion Juicer as a Christmas gift back in October. First shipment got lost with UPS so they reordered me another one. Since I ordered way in advance I was ok with that. The second one showed shipped on 12/13/2013. Guess what? Still NO JUICER! Today’s date is 1/14/2014. I have called Customer Service multiple times and every time they try to tell me to wait on UPS and I remind them that I have waited and want my credit since I have not received the product. Now, the CSR Supervisor told me he would personally send my credit request to corporate for processing and I laugh because I said that’s exactly what the other person said over a week and a half ago. I just want my money back!!!!! I wish I would have seen these reviews BEFORE I ordered. Buyers beware!

  5. Do not buy this Jason Vale Fusion juicer. Its simply a overpriced Hamilton Beach juicer. My lasted 3 months and even when it was working it constantly bogged down. Doesn’t work anything like they show on TV. I bought the warranty so after a 45min phone call with someone who barely spoke English I was told they would replace it for free and it would only cost me $29.99 for shipping which is most likely what they have invested in this juicer. I know its not worth anymore than that. Piece of CRAP!

  6. I just received my Fusion Juicer and used it for the first time this morning. I can’t say I was dissatisfied with the delivery – it came within two weeks of ordering so no problems there. I like the smaller footprint of the machine and it’s relative quiet operation, but have to say that, after using a Breville Juice Fountain for several years my first impression is that this is simply a cheap knock off. There is a ridiculous amount of attention paid to so called “safety features”, which entail many small pieces of plastic in various places that not only make it difficult to clean easily, but are obvious points of potential breakage. I can already see where this machine is going to fail and don’t expect it to last very long. I ordered it hoping that it would be easier to clean up than my Breville but, except for the smaller size, it’s pretty much the same pain in the neck. My old Champion is easier to clean than this! I am also unimpressed with the quantity of juice extracted, the flip-up spout (which will surely be one of the first things to break), the amount of juice left in the pulp and the poor design of the pulp collector, which makes a huge mess when taking the juicer apart after juicing. I’ll continue using it for a while to see how things fare, but I’m not optimistic about this juicer’s ultimate performance – and really not wanting to have to deal with customer service, based on all of the stinky reviews they’ve gotten.

    On another note, the six week program they present in the book has some serious downsides. The juices are mostly sweet fruit-based, so anyone with blood sugar problems would be well-advised to think twice before using the juice recipes – more greens, less fruit would be better. The meal recipes call for a lot of Cruciferous vegetables, i.e., broccoli, cauliflower, kale, etc., and soy which are wonderful for nutrition unless you happen to be hypothyroid, in which case they are not healthy at all, as they have goitrogenic properties. Also, gluten-intolerant folks beware – wheat products are scattered throughout the recipes.


    I JUST CALLED 1-973-287-5187 CUSTOMER CARE – I actually spoke with someone who was kinder.

    I explained to him that I wanted to return this product and he offered me a significant discount to keep the product and I said no. Then he asked me if I wanted to purchase their emulsifier – and I said no thank you.

    You must call the customer service dept if you want to return your product and they will issue you an RA# and the product is returned to 500 Returns Rd, Wallingford, Ct.

    Hope this helps yall!

  8. To Mr. Vale,

    When I saw your infomercial for your product, I plainly heard you say that when you placed the fresh apple through the tower of the juicer, you made it sound like that’s what you got in the glass. However, you never mentioned there was a pulp pitcher in the back of the juicer. That is why I purchased your product because I wanted the whole thing? I am very unhappy with the juicer.

    My mother has just been released from the hospital – I received the juicer a few weeks ago. I ordered a red one, when I called yesterday, they told me because I upgraded mine, that that particular model only came in black.

    Why wasn’t I told that.

    Because I like to make quite a bit of juice for my ailing Mom, I attempted to juice an entire bag of fresh carrots, which are different sizes, and it jammed when placing some of the larger tubes of carrots in the juicer and it made an awful noise.

    Also, the top of the juice component where the pulp is accumulated, when I washed it, the top of this unit faded orange colored.

    As I said, yesterday was the very first time I used it. I like to make a lot of juice to drink throughout the day – this juicer does not cut the mustard. I have been juicing for years.

    Also, this juicer was a ‘bloody mess’ to cleanup as it took a while.

    I am returning your juicer to you asap – and it expect my money to be put back on my credit card immediately.

    I don’t like deceitful liars. On your demonstration, you omitted some very important information regarding your flawed unit.


  10. The Jason Vale juicer did take weeks but finally arrived. I have used it a few times but it does not make more than a half of a small juice glass of juice and I am using more fruits and veggies than what the recipes call for. Customer Service was not helpful. The lady told me to try different size fruits and veggies …I cannot put a whole piece of anything in it , I have to peel and chop beforehand. This is not what I bought it for. I can do that in a blender. Not satisfied and I have only had it a week or so…

  11. After waiting almost 3 months for my fusion juicer to arrive I received two postcard stating if I did not reply the order it would be canceled . Find so I expected the item not to come. Well the juicer made it to my front door today three months later. Now I have to waste my time going to the post office to return it.

  12. I am extremely glad I researched and found this site before I ordered the Jason Vale Fusion juicer. No way will I buy it. So what it’ll a good juicer? I really can’t afford to pay hundreds of $$ got one.

    • Try the Dash juicer. Target carries two versions. One is 100 and the other I think is 50 more. It works fairly well and not to expensive. Much better than the jack lalane juicer.

  13. Horrible service!!! DO NOT ORDER THIS PRODUCT!!!

    I tried to order my product (Jason Vale’s Fusion Juicer) online through the website http://www.fusionjuicer.com … I did not complete my order and at some point I got a phone call to the number that appeared on the form in the web … this lady said that she is working for the company, she advised that she can help me complete the order through the phone … she offered a discount, an additional Walmart card/discount and since all appeared legit (I never gave her my details she read them from the website) I placed the order with her. she gave me a confirmation # and she told me that they will send me confirmation through email soon … I never got a confirmation and I got concerned. I called their call center @ 1-973-287-5187, spoke to several agents and no one was able to track my order. I asked to speak to a supervisor and she was not able to help … she advise that this is not their general practice (i.e. calling people while on website) and at this point I was really frustrated because I can not accept that in 2013 it takes so much time to track and order placed in the system needless to say, from what I read above, fulfill an order with such poor services/processes/tools. I can not even cancel an order now as nothing was charged to my card as of yet. I did instruct my CC company to not respect and charge from Fusion Juicer … I am glad that I’ve invested in the CC fraud program.

    I urge you to find your juicer solutions elsewhere and to spread the news about the poor service of this company…

    Shame on you Mr. Jason Vale … it takes much more than a nice infomercial on TV to stay in businesses … strongly advise you to start investing in your fulfillment processes…

    VERY VERY UPSET PROSPECTIVE CUSTOMER who will not purchase this product and advise all of his friends to stay a way from this product/company

  14. I ordered the Fusion Juicer from the internet and paid the ten dollars for expedited delivery. It came very quickly, was easy to unpack and came with a great book of juice recipes. It also included the booster. I’ve had it one week and I love it. It works just like in the infomercial and the juices are really delicious. I was very skeptical but decided to try it since I could send it back if I wasn’t satisfied. I’ve been juicing every day. I make up my own recipes because I have borderline high blood sugar. I juice veggies, a piece of fruit and then put it in the booster with some protein powder or some plain yogurt, cinnamon, anything I want. I love it. It seems to be solid and of good quality. It is quiet and it does extract a surprising amount of juice. The book tells you about the vegetables and fruits, which ones are good for juicing and which ones are challenging. I am getting really good at the harder things to juice like kale. And it’s very easy to disassemble and clean. Overall, I am very pleased.

  15. This still doesn’t tell us how it works. You have to know the method that breaks down the food to be able to extract the juice and also how is the juice extracted. These two stages determine the quality(pulp free) and the percentage of the juice. What is so significant about the “Low Induction Motor” that they keep repeating because they don’t tell you. How is it “Technologically advanced”? They don’t tell you. How many times can you reinvent the wheel? Why is Jason Vale a “Master” of juicing? What special skills or knowledge do you need to be a “Master” of juicing. The master of juicing was “Norman Walker”. I wouldn’t buy one based on the vagueness of the description. And that doctor. He’s the same one helping Montel flog his Health Master. Juicing has its’ advantages, but it is not the only solution to reversing health problems. Definitely a thumbs down.

    • Danny, what makes you a juicer critique and a master juicer you dont know squat about juicing. Go somewhere else with your uneducated comments. The deal with the low induction motor is that it is not loud and noisy like a lot of juicers are and that was in the infomercial. It is pulp free didn’t you watch his infomercial it will tell you so. There are skills and knowledge about juicing as you need to know what vegies have what vitamins and minerals in them to help yourself as not everybody juices to be juicing some people juice for healing purposes like for the vitamins, for arthritis, diabetes, weight loss, etc. Jason Vale knows his business and you don’t. It doesn’t matter who that doctor is he has the knowledge to be a commentary on these things whether it be juicing or Montel subjects. A doctor doesn’t just write prescriptions. The doctor can be a commentary on multiple things as he is a doctor.

    • Danny, By the way by technologically advanced they mean that there is no heat that the machine puts off and makes your fruit and vegis hot as this is the same as pasteurized then just like you buy in the grocery store and the heat kills the enzymes and when the heat does this you get less of the vitamins and minerals which is what you get from grocery store juices and that this information came from my doctor and is also on the infomercial. A lot of the machines make heat that destroy the enzymes in the juicing drinks and the enzymes being heated destroy the vitamins and minerals.

  16. I received my Fusion Juicer in a timely manner from the time I ordered it. It worked just like it showed in the infomercial a couple of times. On the third try, the propeller appeared to be working, but it was not juicing. When I turn the machine on, the veggies would splatter out of the spout and would not juice. I took the machine apart and reassemble it but still doing the same. Its either I got a bum machine or the juicer is not what it all seems to be. I am quite disappointed and will have to return it. Its not worth the hassle trying it for a second time!

    Lastly, the juicer is not at ALL quiet. On the contrary, it was loud.

  17. I started getting scared after reading all these comments! I ordered by phone on Monday June 3rd and paid for the speedy, 5-7 day delivery. I decided to call just now to cancel the order (total was $129) and go buy it today at Walmart for $119 like some of you suggested. The gal I talked to was very pleasant and told me item was shipped yesterday by Fed Exp and I will receive it on Thursday. Once I receive it, I can call back and they will credit me $10 so Ill pay $119. Hmmmm…. Sure hope that’s the way it goes! If so, that is better service than expected. No complaints here. Maybe they were back ordered and just got a shipment? Or maybe a certain color is back ordered? I ordered white.

    • Hi Sal,

      I been waiting 5 weeks and want to cancel my order. What is the phone number. I am going to walmart to get it. I have a Jack Lalane juicer, it works pretty good but a lot pulp wasted. and I have the Nutri Bullet Extractor which I really like. You can send phone number to fogent316@att.net if you dont want to post it here.

      Have a good one,

  18. So far, I got that you do not order online. If you want one at all, you must get it at Wal-Mart. Unfortunately no one else sells it. 2). Ordering online means you pay $120.00 just for the benefit of ordering something online that you most likely may never get. 3). I read that one person or so said that it works great and one person said that it was broke. Good thing about buying at Wal-Mart is a good return policy or exchange for another. No one answered about the pulp though. Either way you look at it, there will be pulp. But if you get the juice you want and that they advertise then that’s OK. Blend the pulp and add to your cooking or dispose of. BOTTOM LINE; DO NOT ORDER THE JUICER!!! BUY AT WAL-MART. I’m THINKING OF GETTING ONE AS WELL BUT WANT TO SEE MORE POSITIVE COMMENTS FROM THOSE WHO GOT ONE AND TRIED IT FIRST.

    • I did purchase one at Walmart – and the reason I got it there was ease of return if needed for one AND because you can get the stainless steel one for $120 instead of the $180 cost to upgrade to it on the fusionjuicer.com website. It is the very same one with the same HP and such. Now you don’t get the little one glass side blender or the two books offered on the website but for $80 less I didn’t care. There are a few recipes that come with the blender of which I have tried a couple and loved. Also you can find many recipes on his website juicemaster.com. Also, you can get apps or recipes all over the internet or order his books from Amazon. Now for the review: I did find it hard to get used to how to use the thing and found putting one thing in at a time like half an apple (since the whole one I had wouldn’t fit in the chute) then maybe ginger then greens like kale and spinach then the other half of the apple and juice each one alone works better than packing the chute. I tried the packing the chute thing and it DOES NOT work – it gets jammed and nothing happens but a bunch of noise and you standing on your toes trying to ram things down it. Take your time and send things through and it works perfect. I was surprised at how little pulp was actually derived from the produce/fruit and how dry it was. I have had other juicers and the pulp was VERY wet and much more waste. I like the idea of using the pulp in other recipes – I will try that. I also do a combo of juicing and smoothies so I have a Ninja Pulse (normally $80 at Bed Bath and Beyond but used a 20% off coupon) right beside my Fusion Juicer and the pair work wonderful together to make fantastic juices, smoothies or combos and also soups. Bottom line – be patient when putting the stuff in – if you feel yourself forcing the things through it stop – that’s most likely whatever you have is way too hard to break down in its current state – if so take it out and cut it up a bit – or the chute is packed too full – if so unpack it and put fewer things through at once. I love mine and I love the juice it makes. Oh as a note – with the Ninja Pulse – if you get it as a side blender – the name says it all “Pulse”. It gets many bad reviews from people that must be using it wrong. You MUST pulse the blender to break up the contents you put in it before holding it down to blend the items or you WILL get chucks in your smoothie that wont fit through a straw. All in all – if you are a super serious juicer and want to juice gobs of things at once and have no patience for a lesser priced blender then by all means save up and get a better one. But for me – I make big juice (in my Fusion Juicer) in the morning for breakfast and a smoothie (in my Ninja) to take for lunch and a small juice (in my Fusion Juicer) to have before or after dinner. I started doing this for detoxing and weight loss because nothing else worked and the weight is falling off and I feel soooo much better than before juicing.

  19. DO NOT DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY DIRECTLY!! Was anxious to get my juicer so purchased “priority” for additional $9.99 on 5/20 on their site it indicates this would deliver 5-7 days as compared to 2-3 weeks. Processed order with no issues but on 5/29 my order status indicated still in process so I contacted their customer services area. Only upon this contact was I told the item was back ordered!! and was told priority is 7-10 days although I rechecked their site and it shows 5-7. I received no apologizes for the delay or lack of communications regarding the back order status —I have cancelled the order and we will see how long the refund will take!!

  20. I ordered my Jason Vale Fusion Juicer on 4/29/13 and still have not received it.. how do you track what stage of shipping it is in? the tracker online only shows I purchased it…

    • Cancel!!! trust me it is not like on tv, when you put things in the shoot it does not go down unless you cut it small. It does not clean up good well the blade any ways apples were still stuck in the blades. Trust me it is JUNK.

  21. We bought our fusion juicer at Walmart about 2 weeks ago and we use it all of the time. Haven’t had any problems with it. We have two birds that like the juice. It’s an great product!

  22. Can anyone tell me how much pulp is leftover? I found the infomercial highly suspect when they never showed the back of the machine as it was juicing, nor how much pulp was left over..? Was it soggy or pretty dry? it is VERY DIFFICULT to juice any greens without a masticating juicer… Any help/comments??? thank you!

  23. I ordered the Fusion Juicer on 4/17. I called three weeks after placing my order and was told it’d be shipped on 5/24. I asked to cancel my order because that was way too long for me to wait. Lo and behold, I got an email this morning telling me I was being charged the $15 for the three year warranty I ordered. I canceled the ordered so I don’t know why I’m being charged for a warranty. So far I’ve been on hold for 15 minutes waiting for the billing department to pick up so they can reverse my order. I’m about to just say F it and dispute the charge with my credit card company. This is absurd! DO NOT ORDER THE FUSION JUICER! I bought the Omega J8004 masticating juicer from Amazon instead and it’s great! Never have any problems with Amazon… don’t know what possessed me to place the order with this other shady company in the first place.

  24. I bought this Jason Vale Fusion Juicer from Wal-Mart a few days ago and I am not pleased because the product is designed poorly. This is my second day using it and the juicer stopped working. After lots of frustration I discovered that a tiny plastic piece the size of a large gauge of wire had snapped off the bottom of the pulp collector. That piece fits into the base and pushes an internal “on” button to start the machine.

    Also, I have never juiced before by I didn’t expect the pulp to be so soggy and wet. Items like kale and parsley went in and shot right out through the pulp collector like the were not ever juiced. That happened even if I followed the greens with something with more juice like an orange or apple.

  25. We ordered ours 3-4 weeks ago and they are on backorder. We call customer service and they are not able to tell us when it will be shipped.

  26. Be very careful when you try and order from this site, I tried online and once I entered all of my information including my credit card, and hit the complete my order button I got a black screen and then went back to thier home page, tried calling the customer care number given the run around about waiting 3 hours and calling back watied 3 hours called bac was told to wait 6 hours waited 6 hours called back, could not reach anyone, called back the next morning spoke with customer service rep who apolgized said the order did not go thru, she offered to place the order for me gave her all of my credit card information and then I was disconnected, called the number back and got a non english speaking person who refused for 20 minutes to let me speak to a supervisor, and finally after 25 minutes a Michael came on the line still no help. If you receive this kind of customer care before you get the product what can you expect after you get it. And what happens to your credit card information. Oh yeah my bank has been notified

    • Viola, I’m experiencing the same exact thing. it’s been 3 months since I’ve placed my order. Unfortunately I’m calling the BBB. I’m completely uncomforatable with this company having my credit card information . Have you received your product ?

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