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Money saver large jugs and bottles can be a messy affair while handling because of their large size. Handling of such bottles especially by kids and elders is difficult. But purchasing such bottles and cans does save money and is not avoidable at a supermarket. Also, any type of can or juice and milk carton has chances of spilling the contents while pouring even after taking great care. How would it feel if you found a way to directly pour a glass of fresh milk or juice out from the cans without even holding and handling them? Well, such worries can be waved goodbye with the new InstaSpout.


InstaSpout is the latest and innovative way to pour a drink very similar to a spout in water filters and containers. It comes with a patented custom design of a spout and a pointed edge which is supposed to be pierced into the can or carton to be used. Once pierced, InstaSpout acts as a spout and has a release button which can be pressed to start pouring the liquid content of the can it is attached to. Its specific design comes with the precautionary measure of disallowing any kind of spill from the connecting spot of InstaSpout and the jug or carton.

InstaSpout is universally flexible which means it can fit easily into any carton or can be it plastic or cardboard made and be it of any medium, small or larger size. Its dispenser spout like technology makes it easier for pouring a drink right into a glass and is not available in any other products that are available in the market. The possibilities of simplifying things at home with InstaSpout are endless. Kids can directly pour milk from the jug into a bowl of healthy cereal without any need of supervision. Elders can switch it on to get a cool drink or a glass of fresh juice without any difficult maneuvering of jugs. Another attractive feature of InstaSpout is that it is reusable, which means it can be cleaned, is dishwasher safely and can be reused with another can or jug. Normally, at a very low price customers can purchase 2 InstaSpout but for a limited time offer they will receive additional 2 InstaSpout absolutely free along with a 30 day money back guarantee.



What do I get?
4 InstaSpout valves for only $10 plus $15.90 s/h. Official website

Customer Service
P.O. Box 3179
Wallingford, CT 06494
Phone: 1-866-783-8242



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  1. Review InstaSpout

    Is InstaSpout really helpful to pour drinks out of large jugs?

    Can the spout fit any plastic or cardboard containers?

    Is InstaSpout completely leak proof?

    Is InstaSpout completely reusable and dishwasher safe?

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