Instabol Bowl Review

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Instabol transforms any storage bag into a serving bowl instantly. Instabol is a pop out ball that works with any disposable zip storage turning into a serving bowl so you can have your food fresh straight out of it without having to pull out any other serving containers.


Instabol Bowl
Instabol is so easy to use. Simply pop it open, slip on the bag, top it with the food, and its ready to serve. It holds it in place allowing you to fill it with food without making a dirty mess.

With Instabol you can serve food hot or cold and then store it away in the fridge in the same bag too. Instabol is great for snack time, leftovers, lunches, tailgates, picnics, kids’ supplies, college dorms, RVs, parties, traveling, doggie dish, and more.

Instabol leaves no dirty mess to clean up. You can even store the leftovers in the fridge in the same bag so you have no dirty dishes to wash. Instabol is so compact it stores flat in any draw saving you so much of space. It is also microwave and dishwasher safe.

You can now get 8 bowls and 20 zip lock bags for just $10 plus $6.99 P&H but if you order right now and you will receive 16 bowls, 40 zip lock bags a Premier Cutlery Set (8 piece knife set including sharpener & cutting board), just pay only additional $6.99 P&H.



What do I get?
Order the Complete Instabol set including 16 InstaBols plus 40 Zip Bags (InstaBols: 4 Sm., 6 Med., 4 Lg., 2 XL) (Bags: 10 Sm., 20 Med., 6 Lg., 4 XL.) for only $10.00 plus $6.99 P&H. You will also receive a Premier Cutlery Set (8 piece knife set including sharpener & cutting board), pay only additional $6.99 P&H. Official website



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