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Do you ever at times go nuts when you have to face problems of a blunt knife in your kitchen? Is your kitchen knife not good enough to cut vegetables properly and in an even manner? Cutting through meat and food products can be messy if the knife goes blunt and has to be mauled over and over again on the food. The only resort till now was to go to a market and buy a new knife for the kitchen but is costly and pointless considering changing knives each month. Insta-Sharp provides the perfect solution for blunt knives.


Insta-Sharp, an innovative product now available gives the power in the hands of people to sharpen blunt edges of knives instantly and effectively at home itself. The Insta-Sharp has to be used in simple and 3 easy to follow steps. The knives have to be slid between the three notches that are provided on the product. The first notch being the tungsten carbide, a strong and durable metal, helps restoring the blade’s sharpness; the second notch provides accurate refinement of the sharpened edge and the third notch is made out of ceramic and helps the sharpness of the edge last longer.

Insta-Sharp is built in a way that it will fit into any place in the kitchen. It is so compact that it can be easily placed on a palm of the hand to use it. Insta-Sharp is not just for the use in kitchen, but for all kind of knives and blades we use around the house like tool box, one in the tackle box, the truck for outdoors, etc. Insta-Sharp will sharpen everything so perfectly that vegetables can be sliced so thin that even magazines can be read through them.

Insta-Sharp, the most convenient and compact way to bring back razor sharp edges to the knives is available in a limited time offer. On the purchase of 2 Insta-Sharps, 1 extra Insta-Sharp is provided absolutely free. This will help keep one Insta-sharp at the kitchen, the tackle box and the tool box respectively.



What do I get?
Get 3 Insta-Sharp Knife Sharpeners for just $15.98 plus $6.99 processing and handling. Official website



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    Is Insta-Sharp easy to use?

    Is Insta-Sharp compact to carry around in a tackle box?

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