Ice Cream Magic Reviews and Complaints

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Do you face a challenging time with kids and their hunger for a yummy treat? Well kids have a tendency to ask for something fresh and refreshing to eat at any time of the day and certainly have a sweet tooth for food items like cakes, pastries and especially ice creams. But ice creams that are sold outside are not good for health. The best way is to make ice cream at home within few minutes with the new Ice Cream Magic.

How does Ice Cream Magic work?

Ice Cream Magic is a new age innovation that helps make ice creams in just 3 minutes of time. It follows a unique scientific design which puts any flavor into ice cream using only ice, water, salt and flavor. It can make ice creams in three simple steps and can be started with adding ice cubes, water and little salt to start a deep freezing process inside the product. Add desired flavor and some cream should to be poured in the bowl that fits right above the ice cubes. Lastly the product needs to be shaken for about 3 minutes for a yummy ice cream.

Ice Cream Magic is a wonderful product and can be used by anyone and can be a shake your ice cream activity in party for kids. The best part is any type of recipe can be added to create a personal and unique ice cream flavor. The cream can be low fat and low sugar to make ice creams which are healthier than the ones sold outside which carry harmful ingredients and might not be even fresh. Plus it is smaller than other products and needs no power source making it handy to take it practically anywhere.


What do I get?
Ice Cream Magic comes in a standard pack (Price $14.99 + $6.99 s/h) of:

  • 2 Cones (1 Chocolate, 1 Vanilla)
  • 2 Spoons (1 Chocolate, 1 Vanilla)
  • Recipe book

OR a Part Pack (Price $39.99 + $6.99 s/h) of:

  • 6 cones
  • 6 spoons
  • Recipe book

Official website


Ice Cream Magic Video

78 thoughts on “Ice Cream Magic Reviews and Complaints

  1. This Ice Cream Magic is horrible, does not work at all. We shook fervently for about 20 minutes and it was still the consistency of the cream. We even dumped out the ingredients and started over. I knew it wouldn’t work as most of the “As seen on tv ” stuff is horrible, but hubby insisted. Good thing it was buy one get one free for $4.99. I wouldn’t buy this product again.

  2. ABSOLUTELY!! DOES NOT WORK!!!! Almost…… a milk shake at best. You would have to shack this thing for an hour to get ice cream. Glade I only bought one.


    • :ยท(When I tried it,it did not work at all.Those stupid people don’t know how to invent these kind of things.So don’t waste your hard earned money on these stupid things that won’t work. THE ICE CREAM MAGIC MAKER IS A FAKE!It wastes time,ingredients,money,and energy.Please do not buy this stupid thing because it will rip you off on money.I got very mad because it didn’t work.Never buy this ice cream maker junk and I mean it alot.โ€บ_โ€น Thank you for reading and please read it carefully and listen to this so that you could know. Once again,DO NOT BUY THE ICE CREAM MAGIC MAKER BECAUSE IT IS A FAKE AND NOBODY SHOULD BELIEVE IN MAGIC!

  3. I tried the Ice Cream Magic and it took me 18 minutes to make ice cream. I don’t think anyone should buy this ice cream maker because it doesn’t work and it makes happy kids sad.

  4. Ice cream magic makes milk shakes instead of ice cream. We shook this thing for 6 minutes and nothing. It was exhausting and disappointing. For more accurate advertising they should call it milk shake magic. but wait they wouldn’t make money because you can put milk and sugar and vanilla in a blender and call it the day! (no shaking needed) Ice cream magic is a waste of money instead of eating ice cream you get a milk shake.

  5. I did not like the Ice Cream Magic for my lil girl, it did not work way it says and I had to put it in freezer for few hours to get it to get it to right thickness for such lil bit of ice cream it not worth it i used the sme recipe and put in plastic bowl wit lid and put in freezer and got the same thing but much more icecream that way

  6. This whole Ice Cream Magic maker sounds like a big rip off from every review I am seeing. Over 80% are bad reviews. This seems like a big waste, scam and rip off especially for children.

  7. I own one and it is so EVIL it will probably take my weak muscles a YEAR!! What ever you do NEVER buy Ice Cream Magic!!!! (yes, I am Evan Smith it wont let me do the same name so stupid!!)

  8. It took me 5 minutes just to get the bottom into real ice cream!! It is super frustrating!!!!! Well…. they ALWAYS advertise stuff that doesn’t work these days.

  9. We bought this Ice Cream Magic for our son for his birthday and made it last night. Pro’s: Homemade Ice Cream tastes great! Cute design; fun to make. Con’s: Serving size is small. Okay for preschoolers, but our 10 yr. old ate it in about 6 bites and was ready to make another batch (makes about 1/3 cup of ice cream). It didn’t really take 3 minutes, more like 15 from start to finish (final product runny on the inside, hardened near the edges). Not inexpensive to make since you have to purchase whipping cream and 4 Table spoons. of salt required to add to crushed ice. Would we recommend it? Neh.

  10. Don’t waste your money on this Ice Cream Magic. It does not take 3 minutes to make ice cream, more like 15 and by then the kids are not interested in “shaking” the cup anymore. Just by ice cream at the grocery store!

  11. OMG!!! This is the coolest thing ever!! I love it so much I tried right when I got home!! Yes, it is a bit tricky ,but get someone to help, or try it over!

    Its also so much easier than buying an ice cream maker with all of that rock salt stuff. Love this. If you ever see buy it the second you see it!

  12. I bought this for my four year old. I don’t know why I thought this would work? I guess because the TV told me it would! lol…well no it did not work, and I am not the returning type so I kept it. I would still make the ice cream ingredients but I would just put it in the freezer to freeze lol. Oh well $10 bucks down the drain…

  13. This product didn’t work and we did it for six minuets. The boy we got it for was a very unsatisfied child and is disappointed that it didn’t work.

  14. Not that I believe reviews will make any difference but since I needed a place to vent my anger, I thought I’d let it out the first opportunity I get. This Ice Cream Magic is truly a scam…and to do it to children is even more disheartening! I hope you people are able to sleep at night knowing full well you’ve mislead so many kids to unknown levels of disappointment. I don’t know where to start…the whole process is a complete ripoff and they saddle up you with so many unwanted subscriptions as to overwhelm you into signing. The latter part is not so bad, but to sell product that’s not even close to work to children?

  15. Don’t waste your money or time on this! My 5 year old daughter has bugged me to get her this ice cream maker. Unfortunately she has seen the commercials and became so excited it was all she wanted! Bottom line…..We followed directions, it did not work! We even put it in the freezer for three hours after the fact and it was still runny. Shame on these people preying on our children and taking our money! I have learned my lesson for the final time after buying Stompeez that worked for one day. Enough!

  16. Got this for my son. You have to use whipping cream or some other heavy cream, not regular milk. Then you have to really use crushed ice, not cubes. It’s a waste of time and money. The commercial does not tell you that you have to use something than regular milk and it takes WAY longer than 3 minutes. My daughter and I shook for probably 10 minutes and it was not even quite soft serve and the ice was nearly melted. Really? Why am I spending extra money on whipping cream (which we don’t even use EVER) and then spend time shaking only to end up with something not ice cream. The commercial is misleading all around, plus the amount made is probably an ice cream scoop size serving.

    DO NOT buy this product. My son spent his own money (he’s 8) and I am thinking about taking it back. We got it at Walmart so don’t believe you have to get it from television.

  17. Okay, I totally love this product! I am such a guppy for as seen on TV products! And a lot of them disappoint me! But not this one. So my daughter has a stomach flu type thing and is throwing up everything. We just put her on anti-nausea medicine. The very next thing I made her that I got at CVS was some ice cream and in the ice cream added a little bit of children’s Advil because her temperature is 104!! She ATE it and couldn’t Believe her organic anti-sugar mom is giving her ice cream ๐Ÿ™‚

    If anyone doesn’t want Theirs you can send it to me! (Sheila Patterson 12002 n Lamar, Austin Tx 78753) Hee hee but I’m serious… I would love to have a big party of ice cream shaking! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  18. It was a nightmare just ordering this Ice Cream Magic over the telephone. It’s completely automated and within the first two minutes, I was required to enter my credit card information. I was then kept on the phone for over 15 MINUTES while the automated service went through magazine and travel offers, as well as about three other services. I couldn’t just hang up because they had my card information. Finally, after 17 minutes and 23 seconds on the phone, it said my order had been processed but no confirmation number was given. I immediately called back and was informed that customer service was a different number. I spoke to two supervisors who informed me that I would have to call back on Monday because no one was available to help me. Just ordering it gave me a nervous breakdown.

  19. Bought 2 ice cream magic’s for my children. They were a waste of money and taste so nasty that my kids wouldn’t even take another bite. Even if the ice cream tasted good it 1. doesn’t get cold enough in 3 minutes to 30 minutes to make ice cream, 2. The bowls that hold the ice cream is two small and 3. The commercials shows real ice cream from a store not home made. What a rip off!

  20. I bought two Ice Cream Magics for each of my girls and we followed the instructions. For one we really had to shake hard. For two it was liquid on top and never completely froze like ice cream. I was disappointed along with my girls. We are going to try it again and hope that it works but I doubt it.

  21. My daughter (almost 5) wanted this thing so bad that after several weeks of asking and asking, she actually started saving up her own money quarter by quarter until she finally had enough. This was the first time she ever tried to save for something, which made her disappointment even greater, and I just felt so bad for her. She was more than excited when she got the very last pink one at KMart after searching several other stores that were sold out. Yes the cup for “Ice cream” is very small but she’s 4 so not really a big deal, but she shook and shook, then so did everyone else in the house, after about 20 and a very distraught

    • Toddler, we left the watery milkshake alone and took her out for ice cream instead. It tasted great but couldn’t get it past as a slush, no matter how hard or fast we shook it. Also the commercial made it seen like all you do is add Ice, ( calls for crushed ice, for those who dont have an ice maker with that option) salt , and ingredients on hand (milk, chocolate syrup, etc) not whipping cream. We were also disappointed with the so called recipe book, thought it would have had alot more in it or at least everything shown on TV, like Italian Ice, low fat, etc. I never write reviews but really wish I would have read a few honest reviews myself before going thru all the hassle and seeing my baby cry over this thing not living up to name.

  22. Please help. My parents are annoying and go through our
    Stuff everyone they come over. I bought my 4 year old son this product. He has been so excited to try. Reminding you my parents go through stuff, they threw away the recipe book. I have no clue what to get or how to make. Email me at

  23. I have just convinced my dad to buy me one…. two actually…

    Now we have read the reviews and are very excited to receive this package!


  24. I think it would be much more easy just putting the ingredients in some tupperware and shaking it would be easier :>

  25. bought ours at bed bath and beyond… our kid has been really good lately, thought it would be nice..the dish is what you feed an infant. Seriously disappointed in this thing.. shaking forever and its still not frozen… I used the heavy cream.. My kid needs the

  26. Okay I am 16 an I bought one of these for my nephew and I because he loves to make things like this. I was excited myself but it took like a month and a half to get here it so couldn’t get it to him for his fourth birthday. When I opened it I noticed that the place for the ingredients is only like enough for four oz. then I tried it out with him I uses the plain vanilla recipe. And then I put in the ingredients for both of us. We started to shake and shake and shake and shake. It took about 10 minutes to actually get it to look some what like a milkshake. Then we tasted it and it was like milk and vanilla. Also it melts super fast. so DO NOT BUY THIS IT IS A HUGE RIP OFF. It is easier to take two bags and put ice and salt in the bigger one and the ingredients in the smaller one and shake.

  27. Ice Cream Magic was a huge disappointment. All your reviews says it’s great,but I don’t agree. I was so excited and waited like a month for it, which I guess is understandable. However, I was crying as I found out it took me 45 minutes to make it barely considered as ice cream. I had paid about as much money as time I used trying to shake it. That was a huge let down!

  28. Just received the Ice Cream Magic today. It took a few weeks after placing the order. When we opened up the box, we thought that they looked really cute, however they are plastic. The inside of the cone, is a small, and I do mean, SMALL metal dish. This metal dish, is where the ingredients for the ice cream go. So, in other words, it does NOT make much. This metal dish rests near the top of the ice cream cone. So in the commercial, it looks like the kids have a full ice cream cone of ice cream, but all it is, is that little dish. I just measured how much it holds (I filled it to the “fill line”)and it holds about 2oz of liquid. The “recipe book” is the size of a piece of paper, double sided. One side of it has instructions, the other side is 1/2 cover, and the other 1/2 recipes. Most recipes (11 total) call for heavy or whipping cream. I never buy that stuff- too fattening!! LOL. So the kids and I went to work, we made the basic Vanilla recipe, using half and half, instead of heavy cream. The instructions do say, that if you are using anything other than heavy cream, the times may vary depending on what you use. So after 3 minutes of shaking, (my kids were pretty funny, doing that part, LOL) it was not ready. So we continued to shake them (we have 2) and I would say, after about 6 minutes of shaking, we had our Vanilla ice cream. It was pretty good, and a hit with the kids. Just thought I would give you my opinion, I don’t normally write these things, but I figured many people were wondering, so I would let you all know how it went for my family. It takes patience, and if it doesn’t make ice cream after 3 minutes, keep shaking them, it will eventually make ice cream. And, as someone wrote in an earlier post, we have also made ice cream with the plastic bags– that works too. The bags can break, though… which, in my family’s case, they did! LOL

    The instructions also say not to put these Ice Cream Magic containers in the dishwasher. Hope this helps anyone who is questioning whether or not to get one!

  29. This product DOES NOT WORK…after following the recipe and instructions two days in a row, still never froze! Don’t waste your money. Wish I could take it back….

  30. A cheaper version of this is two use two plastic baggies. Use a larger one for ice and salt, the smaller one for milk, sugar, and other ingredients. All you do is shake. And it works better.

    • I just bought two of these Ice Cream Magics in Walgreens and will return them right away. The instructions say to add 4 table spoons of salt to the ice!!! That’s a complete disaster.

  31. Not worth it at all! It doesn’t freeze completely and you have to use 4 table spoon salt and since I have 2 kids it’s double everything. Not impressed….

  32. FYI – Your information will be sold to other companies and you will receive solicitations for other products… – not a good business practice in my opinion especially for a start up!

  33. I want one.. But does it work? Because I have the slushy magic and it doesn’t work at all and I don’t want to wast my money on it.

  34. My son, who never asks for anything, asked for this Ice Cram Magic for his birthday. Just how much ice cream does each cone make? I don’t want him to be disappointed in his ice cream shaker.

  35. Anthony…I just saw the commercial and the kids want it. You have to buy the cream. Probably heavy whipping cream. Milk will most likely not work.

  36. If anybody would like to e-mail me about the Ice Cream Magic product feel free to at and just leave your comments and answers there I will get them. So this goes for anybody wanted to reply to what I had wrote… so I will be looking forward to hearing your comments. Hopefully Ice Cream Magic Maker will do okay and sell pretty well!!!!

  37. I think that the Ice Cream Magic is okay! I just wanted to know what kind of cream is being poured into the cup along with the Ice cubes and salt. In other words where does the cream come from?! How do the cream get made. I am not so sure about how to even create the cream,and I thought you could just use milk to pour in the cup and let that freeze. Instead I was just curious how do I create the cream along with the flavor to add to the salt and Ice cubes. Oh! well! other than that I think that the Ice Cream Magic is okay. That is the only thing about it that I wanted to know, is all about the cream. Anyway I hope to eventually order one of these pretty soon. Hopefully whenever I get some money to purchase 2 cones and 2 cone-spoons,other than that though good all around product!!!!

    • You’ll have to buy the cream and other ingredients, its just the ice cream maker that comes with the order, plus a recipe book so the recipe book should tell you exactly what you’ll need to buy (I don’t have it, I just saw the commercial).

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