Ice Cream Express

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What is Ice Cream Express?

It is a nonstick ice cream tray in which you can make fresh and natural ice cream in less than two minutes. It uses polar freeze technology that freezes ingredients into ice cream nstantly.

Make delicious ice cream in under two minutes

Ice Cream Express is a new revolution that claims it can make ice cream in less than two minutes right at home. The promoters of this innovative introduction state that it is the perfect solution to last-minute frantic arrangements you occasionally find yourself struggling with for a sweet treat on special occasions. It promises to help you serve delicious, homemade ice cream without having to invest time and efforts. Ice creams you buy outside are loaded with sugar and artificial ingredients that only make you pile on calories and fats. Instead of settling for them, you may try Ice Cream Express, the easy, fun and time-saving way to make ice-cream yourself. It guarantees to help you serve healthy, fresh and favorite ice cream in a jiffy minus hassles or elaborate measures.


The secret…

Ice Cream Express uses special polar freeze technology that makes it possible for you to make ice cream within two minutes. The technology is known to freeze the ingredients and turn them into ice cream in an instant.

Incredibly easy and quick

Preparing ice cream with Ice Cream Express seems not only quick but also simple. All you have to do is freeze the tray to make it ice cold, then pour the ingredients into it and mix and smoothen it until ice cream is formed. You will see the ingredients transforming into perfect ice cream consistency instantly when mixed. You can also sprinkle toppings of your choice onto it or add them into the consistency while mixing them if you wish.

Natural, delicious and healthy treats

Ice Cream Express proclaims that you can not only choose ingredients to make your favorite ice cream but also come up with exciting new flavors yourself. With Ice Cream Express you can very much experiment with ingredients like marshmallows, fruit slices, chocolate chips, chopped nuts and more. You can toss in cookies, cream and also whip up raspberry sherbet, orange slushy and many more varieties. It also allows you to decide how much ice cream you wish to make. It can make a single serving so you can plan and time as per the number of people you wish to treat.

What do I get?

You get one Ice Cream Express and Candy & Nut Crusher for just $19.99 plus $19.98 P&H.Official website


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