Hold A Plate REVIEW

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About Hold A Plate

Introducing Hold A Plate, a patented, innovative and revolutionary cocktail plate that lets you use one hand for your plate or drink and the other hand for eating, shaking hands or texting. Unlike other combination food and drink plates that just don’t do the job, Hold A Plate lets you easily hold both your drink and your plate so you can use your other hand for eating and greeting. Order your set of 12 Hold A Plates today!


Hold A Plate CLAIMS

Perfect for both right and left-handed people – Whether you are left or right-handed, Hold A Plate is super easy to use.

Dishwasher safe and BPA free – Hold A Plate is dishwasher safe and made of durable BPA free plastic.

Stores easily – Hold A Plate stacks for easy storage!

How to use? – Hold A Plate’s lip grip fits snugly against your drink shifting the weight to comfortably support a pound of food. To free your hand, simply slide your corner finger to the curved groove of the lip grip.

Perfect for all occasions – Hold A Plate features an elegant design making it perfect for all occasions. Use Hold A Plate for parties, graduation ceremonies, barbecues, and more!. Hold A Plate is what you need for any occasion!

Perfect for any size drink – Hold A Plate is perfect for wine glasses, party cups, cans, bottles of any size.

Colors – Hold A Plate is available in two colors: white or black.

Hold-A-Plate Review

Although Hold-A-Plate claims to be able to use both the plate and a glass at the same time so you can use your other hand to eat or shake hands with people, it does not hold a glass very well which defeats the purpose of the plate.

Hold-A-Plate is too small making it a little difficult to use and may not be able to hold heavier foods.

Hold-A-Plate is cumbersome and a little awkward to use too.

Hold-A-Plate is not for someone with shaky hands. If you have shaky hands then you may not be able to use Hold-A-Plate.

Hold-A-Plate is pretty and will do the job unless someone tries to put too much food on the plate. They are a little on the thin side. You may not be able to use Hold-A-Plate for heavier foods.

The dimensions of the Hold-A-Plate are not mentioned on the official website, I would not buy it. How can they miss on such important information about the product? Buy the way I found a similar product on Amazon.com, it is called Gala Specialty Cocktail Plate and their dimensions are 6-Inches in diameter.

Hold-A-Plate Verdict

There are not many reviews for the Hold-A-Plate dish but based on whatever feedback we have received we can say that the Hold-A-Plate is an unique cocktail party dish. The down side is that manufacturer does not reveal the dimensions of the Hold-A-Plate in the TV ad which implies that the plate may be too small in size. Also as one of the users have pointed out in his Hold-A-Plate review, the plates are strikingly similar to the WNA Gala Specialty Cocktail Plates available at Amazon.com. The benefit o buying these plates from Amazon.com is that you get 24 dishes for the same price and you don’t have to through lot of hassle if you have to return the product.


What do I get?
18 plates for $10 + S&H. | Official Website: HoldAPlate.com

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