Living Well & Montel Williams HealthMaster Blender Review

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What is HealthMaster

The Living Well with Montel HealthMaster Fruit and Vegetable Emulsifier truly is a kitchen breakthrough. It will replace 20 different kitchen appliances. The HealthMaster from Living Well and Montel Williams is more than just a blender. The HealthMaster is designed to 31 kitchen jobs and will make everything from hot soups to cold ice cream in one step.

How does HealthMaster Blender Work?

The secret of Health Master Blender is the high speed digital emulsification system. This proprietary process pulverizes and liquefies whole fruits, vegetables and leafy greens in just seconds while retaining all the vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. HealthMaster Blender features commercial grade culinary blades, simple one-touch settings.

The Healthmaster is not a typical blender. This unit is designed to do 31 kitchen jobs in one. The Healthmaster will make everything from hot soups to cold ice-cream in one step. It is made from Polycarbonate plastic. The unit has 8 variable speeds. The centrifugal force of the blade spinning causes friction which heats up the contents.

HealthMaster FAQs

What makes HealthMaster unique and a cut above the rest?
HealthMaster has been specially designed to do 31 kitchen jobs for you and thus isn’t just any other blender you can buy in the market. From hot soups to cold ice creams, whatever you want, HealthMaster can do it in just one step.

Some of the 31 jobs HealthMaster can do for you are pulverizing fruits, making frozen treats, liquefying vegetables, grinding nut butters, blending smoothies, simmering soups, whisking salad dressings, pureeing baby food, melting chocolate fondue and grating cheese. It can also whip cream, fold batter, mince herbs, beat sauces, crush ice, mix cocktails, mash potatoes, shred cooked meat, cream butters and chop vegetables. The versatile HealthMaster can also emulsify whole produce, dice onions, juice, aerate egg whites, powder sugar, prepare yoghurt, knead dough, make soy milk, create coffee drinks, grind grains and make cold sorbets.

Can HealthMaster do the job of 20 different kitchen appliances? And if so, what are they?
Yes, HealthMaster indeed does the job of 20 kitchen appliances including 10 cook’s knife, blender, minichopper, immersion blender, coffee grinder, spice grinder, snow cone maker, ice cream maker, smoothie maker, ricer, food mill, cheese grater, juicer, hand mixer, meat grinder, nut butter maker, garlic press, soy milk maker, latte whip and milk shake maker.


What material is used to make the pitcher in HealthMaster?
BPA Free plastic is used to make the pitcher.

Does the unit function in different speeds?
Yes, your HealthMaster runs in 8 variable speeds.

What are the dimensions of the HealthMaster when assembled?
19.75″ H x 9″ W x 8.23″ D

How does the HealthMaster make soups?
HealthMaster is capable of making soups because the centrifugal force due to the spinning blade leads to friction, which can heat up the contents.

What’s the quantity of content the pitcher can hold?
It can hold about 70 ounces or about 2 quarts.

Is it normal for steam to come through the lid?
Yes in fact it’s quite normal and is because of a part of the mechanism that kicks off when you make soups. The steam and pressure generated while making soups is released through the safety valve that’s built in the lid. When hot liquids are processed, the cap ensures that the pressure and steam is released from the sides.

What do I do if my machine doesn’t turn on?
It can happen if your machine isn’t assembled the way it should be. Your machine might not turn on if the pitcher isn’t engaged with the Weighted Safety Switch. If the unit is not properly assembled, the display will not light up either. The speed and time settings also need to be selected or else the run button won’t function.

What do I do if the motor shuts off while using?
The built-in safety feature in your HealthMaster is responsible for shutting off the motor to prevent overheating. You can let the machine cool down for about half hour and it will turn back on again.

Why is it that the blade spins once and then stops completely when “Ice” button is pressed?
You need to remember that the Ice button is only meant for moving contents from the bottom of the pitcher. This feature cannot stay running when pressed.

What’s the unit’s horsepower?
Around 2 horsepower motor.

What’s the wattage of the system?
It’s about 1200 watts.

How often should the blades be replaced?
You will be pleased to know that you don’t have to replace the blades at all.

Why is my machine loud?
It’s quite normal for some amount of noise to be associated with your machine and that’s because it works on a very powerful motor.

Can HealthMaster be used to make flour?
Of course, it can be.

Does one have to cook vegetables before placing them in the unit?
Not at all; there is no such requirement.

Is HealthMaster dishwasher safe?
The base of the unit is not dishwasher safe and it’s advisable to wash the pitcher, cap and lid by hand. To clean, you can fill the pitcher with warm soap water and attach it to the base. Secure the cap and the lid and press ON. You can increase the speed to 8 and then press RUN. For best results, the unit can be run for a minute or so. You can then rinse and dry it off well.

Why does the motor have a slight burning smell?
It’s quite normal for such factory smell to emanate. It will dissipate after few uses.

What do I do if there’s smoke coming from the unit?
Since the motor of the machine is dipped in an anti-corrosive solution, chances are that there might be some smoke for the first couple of times. However if there’s a lot of smoke then the unit could be defective and you are advised to follow the returns policy.

Can you use anything but tamper in the machine?
No you shouldn’t. The tamper is specially designed to stop an inch above the blade and use of anything else besides the tamper provided is not recommended.

HealthMaster Guarantee and Returns Policy

Does Living Well HealthMaster come with a warranty?
Living Well HealthMaster comes with a manufacturer’s 60 day money back guarantee, less shipping. The motor has a lifetime warranty.

What’s the procedure for warranty repairs and replacement on the motor?
For warranty service, as an original purchaser, you need to pack the product securely and send it postage paid, detailing the nature of defect and proof of purchase. You also need to send a money order or a check of $29.99 that will cover handling and return postage to Tristar Products Inc., P.O. Box 3007, Wallingford, CT 06492.

What’s the returns policy for Living Well HealthMaster?
For some reason if you are not happy with your HealthMaster, you can contact a Living Well HealthMaster customer service representative on 1-973-287-5170 for return authorization.



What do I get?

  • 1 HealthMaster Blender
  • BONUS – 4 Recipe books and Eating Plan

This product is covered by a 30 day money back guarantee, less S&H.

HealthMaster Warranty
100-Years Warranty on the Motor.

Customer Service
Living Well HealthMaster 1 (973) 287-5170
For further assistance in Spanish call
1 (973) 287-5175
Para ayuda in español llame al
1 (973) 287-5175

Customer Service Hours:
Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM EST
Saturday – Sunday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM EST

Please Visit The Official Website


HealthMaster Blender Video
HealthMaster Blender Video

Living well with Montel, this blender is a beast. It has never gotten stuck on ice once (this is a paid review).


271 thoughts on “Living Well & Montel Williams HealthMaster Blender Review

  1. My living well montel blender was working perfect however we haven’t used it for about five months and now we tried to use it nothing happens when we put it on it does not light up or anything where can I go to get it repaired

  2. I am so disappointed with this machine I bought one it gave out after 2 uses someone gave me another as a gift it wouldn’t even come on and I really need to juice my food I can’t chew and my blood count is very low I don’t know what to do now they all lie

  3. Don’t buy this Healthmaster Blender they do not stand behind there product or the $30 warranty you can buy. I purchased an elite one year ago and the damn thing burned out. The motor that turn on the base and the blender wheel just started crumbling apart. When i called customer service they told me they would replace the whole blender. I received a email from health master saying my replacement we out of stock. When I called they claim they would be sending one out as soon as a shipment comes in. Montel Williams should be ashamed of himself for pushing this and not standing by it. I am now purchasing a Vitamix from QVC who I know stands by their products.
    I am telling everyone I know not to buy the HealthMaster Elite!!!!

  4. I wish I had seen review comments from other purchasers, and done some research, before purchasing this healthmaster juicer in June 2013. My juicer gave me 16 month of good use before breaking down. I am very disappointed in that I thought I had a life-time warranted motor. My machine has always been very loud since day-one. My husband just could not stand the noise and I could only “inconveniently” use it when He was out of the house. I had to Literally, used ear noise muffs to protect my ears from the noise sound…because I was so determined to make this thing work… to make smoothies for my family. Just recently, the pitcher started to leak onto the motor, producing a funny smell and the motor started cutting out. The moment I begin to see smoke coming from between the motor and bottom of the pitcher, I immediately shut it off and unplugged the device. I am so disappointed that I paid over $200 for this equipment, to get such short time use from it. I bought this product from a third-party seller, and I would like to get my money back. I would NOT purchase another Healthmaster juicer…and will definitely do my homework next time..before purchasing any other juices.. from anywhere.

  5. When the motor of my 5 year old HealthMaster burned out I called customer service to find out how to return it for service, since it had a LIFETIME WARRANTY. I was told that the warranty was void since they no longer make that model but I could buy a replacement for $165.00, so I asked to speak to a supervisor and was told the same thing (just as the first person I spoke to said would happen). When I asked to speak to someone above her she said there was no one above her and she stood by that! I find it hard to believe I was speaking to the owner of the company LOL. Anyway, bottom line…don’t let that lifetime warranty fool you into thinking you are purchasing something of quality because you are buying neither a quality product nor quality service.

  6. Living Well Montel blender is a piece of junk.. I seldom used this blender it suddenly stopped working.. I paid a lot of $$$.. It’s a waste & scam..

  7. Why does my Health Master keep shutting down during blending process? It has never done this before and I never put anything but veg. and fruits in my blender. I take very good care of my machine and I am very disappointed that I can no longer use it. I am going to get the bullet it seems to have better reviews.

  8. I bought the Healthmaster about one year ago, I was trying to do my juice and it doesn’t turn on at all, I tried like three different wires and it did not work at all. How I can send it back.

  9. I received my Health master living well blender as gift from my finance Father. It sat for months. After we finally decided to use it on our third attempt, I noticed the blade would not turn. when I looked further, the screw that is housed in the center which is mounted to the spin bracket has broken in half and had ripped all the hard plastic around the center base. Its basically useless now, since the motor on the base only just spins because it doesn’t have anything to grasp to on the pitcher. I am so disappointed and do not know what to do. From my reviews the unit seam to be well put together, but I was totally shocked on how this simple screw would cause the entire unit to malfunction and destroy the center base hard plastic. Is there anything I can do? Victor Plano, Texas

  10. So disappointed! My friends laughed at me when I bought the Healthmaster, but I enjoyed making a few things with it (even though it operates extremely loudly). After a few months, it doesn’t work at all. Nothing happens when I try to turn it on. My husband says to throw it away, but I decided to call customer service to see what they suggested. Unfortunately, the CSR didn’t speak English well enough for me to understand what he was talking about. I think I’m supposed to ship this heavy thing back to have the motor replaced w/a check for $39????? Not sure. But I am sure that I will just throw it away and steer clear of Montel’s products. I did stay on the line for the survey, but someone was just trying to get me to sign up for a Wal-Mart gift card??? Oh brother.

  11. Yes we too bought a HealthMaster from Montel and it too leaks oil. The bottom base turned black and it stopped working and we too are getting the running around. They said they will pay for the replacement motor but they just want us to pay $34.95 for S&H. this is outrageous.

  12. I am a disappointed consumer today. I purchased my Health Master in 2010 for $279 and we have enjoyed using it. Now it won’t work. I tried to juice last night and the power button isn’t responding. We have a life-time warranty so I called customer service today. I was told that if I want a replacement I have to pay for shipping both ways. I have to pack it up, pay for shipping AND pay for shipping of the new replacement. It is curious. With new purchases of the Health Master, shipping is free. I requested a mailing label and was turned down. A replacement for a faulty appliance with a life-time guaranty should be paid by the manufacturer. Period.

  13. I purchased the health master a year ago and used it maybe 20 times and it quit working.. $200.00 for 20 uses.. I don’t think so, Who do we contact about being ripped off?

  14. I have had the Montel Health Master close to 3 years now. Since I’ve had it, it was returned three three times for the motor, Thankyou they did send a new one out but it did get frustrating because it kept breaking down. Now after working for good less then a year now, it just began leaking from underneath the juice holder, from the bearing underneath, well that is another one shot. I am not going out to buy another, That’s ashamed it made good juices, but does not last, and I need a juicer and ice cream maker and everything else it did to last for more then one year, Not happy at all, Must check Better Business Bureau for rating, First I will contact them to see what they will do.

    Dominick D’Anna, Bokeelia, Fl

  15. Garbage Product
    Beware!!! I purchased blender two months ago and the motor burnt out. The best part is I sent in for repair on 1/22/2013 and it’s now 3/13/2013 no blender has been shipped and check for the shipping has been cashed on 2/22/203 . When I called customer service over 12 times the same run around keeps occurring please wait 7-10 days for shipping.

  16. Had this crappy blender for about a year, used it maybe once a week at the beginning and less as time went, so my 60 day warranty is over and the electronics failed and now I have a unit with a life time warranty on the motor but no warranty on any thing else. Looks like new but it doesn’t work. Should have read the reviews first and I wouldn’t of made a mistake and bought this crap. Very dissatisfied. I’ll remember this and do my homework next time!!!

  17. JUNK! Third pitcher, Oil slime all over the place. Will make you go deaf! I give up. Bought a Nutri Bullet and love it. Also bought a Hurom Juicer and also love it, great products. Don’t waste your time on Montels Garbage.

  18. To whom it may concern, my name Ms.Tiffany Pittman-Amos a very DISSATISFIED consumer.

    Today I receive my Heath Master blender, I was so glad to have received it from the Saturday broadcasting of the Montel Williams promotion show – living well. But due to the arrive of the package I open to change my eating habits to live well from to fruits and vegetables that I would had add into the health master before adding the above food choices. I plug the attached plug-in into the electric slot and there were zero working operating feature within to the machine. The display time and features were zero working status. Now I became very unpleasant and disappointed from happy. I was waiting for a working Health Master Blender that would start me to become living healthier. However, during the purchase I have paid full price to receive an nonworking and unsatisfied product that is sponsor by Montel William.

    Inclusion, please contact me by either below contact to resolved this issues of the Health Master Blender sponsor by Montel William. Along here is the packaging bar code from the packing box (5235678496).

    My contact information is Phone: The information of the product is below. However my last of my sales card is 6027. I am a Struggling mother.

  19. You could definitely see your skills in the paintings you write. The world hopes for even more passionate writers such as you who are not afraid to mention how they believe. At all times go after your heart.

  20. 8/6/2012
    I am very angry at the present time for I purchased online the Healthmaster Elite from the Montel Williams Healthmaster website. I read the terms of agreement. I was advised that I had a right to a full refund if I was unsatisfied with this product or did not want it, so long as I returned the product for a full refund within 60 days from the date I purchased it.

    I purchased this product on 6/11/12 and returned it via USPS delivery confirmation on 7/31/2012 at 6pm, as clearly stated on the Montel Williams TV program I originally watched and as was informed of the refund policy and also outlined in my purchaser’s terms of agreement outlined by TriStar Products, Inc. Therefore, I am well within my rights to expect an immediate refund, which is totaling $100.86. It should be credited back to the credit card of my son, Tyler, who used to make this purchase as a gift for me.

    The reason I returned this product was after receiving it, I realized that the blender already in my home was just as sufficient as the Healthmaster Elite device and performed 90% of the same functions. And since I had already paid for my other blender, I decided to repackage the Healthmaster Elite in red and contact the TriStar Products, Inc. customer service staff and request how to proceed with properly returning this product. I initially contacted the TriStar Product, Inc. customer service staff during the week of June 20, 2012 to request how to proceed with returning this product. However, instead of a simple return and refund conversation, I was told that a senior customer service staff member would have to contact me at my home at a more convenient time to him/her.

    I patiently waited for literally one full month, until the second week of July 2012 to contact the TriStar Products, Inc. customer service staff yet again. This time, after being put on hold for more than 10 times and forced to stay on hold for more than 45 minutes prior to a staff person taking my call and another 25 minutes of being forwarded to various customer service staff and eventually to a male supervisor, I finally was provided with an RA number, which is a Return Authorization number. I was also told I would have to pay out of my own pocket to return this device.

    The TV show that advertised the Healthmaster Elite blender information included Montel Williams emphatically and repeatedly stressing to potential buyers of this product that there was a 60-day, no-hassle return policy, which included free shipping and a free return policy. To date, I am now being denied the right to a full refund of $100.86, and I am being told by TriStar Products, Inc. customer service staff that as of 8/1/2012, my product was accepted as a returned product by their company.

    However, no refund of $100.86 will be refunded at this time due to the credit card my son used to purchase the Healthmaster Elite not being open and able to accept refund presently. This is entirely not true. And despite the numerous attempts I’ve made yesterday and again today to resolve this issue with the TriStar Products, Inc. customer service staff and supervisors, I’m being given a new excuse now, that my son will not receive a full and complete refund due to the fact that I returned the Healthmaster Elite well after the 30-day initial trial period expired. This is not true, as once again, this product was purchased with a written agreement (terms of use for the product and purchase) and live on TV with Montel Williams promoting the product, that I had a full 60 days to review this product and return it for a full refund, which again for me would be $100.86.

    In summation, please advise me as to what immediate course of action I should presently pursue in order to ensure that TriStar Products, Inc. is forced to immediately refund my son in full $100.86 for a product he graciously ordered for me and which I never used, only opened, reviewed, and then within the 60-day limit, returned with insurance on the product and delivery confirmation from the Enola, PA 17025 postal office. If possible, have a member of your legal team contact me for a brief overview of my son’s and my present situation with TriStar Products, Inc. and perhaps offer me some much needed legal advice as to what legal actions I must pursue at the present time to immediately remedy this most unfortunate of circumstances. Thank you ever so kindly for your time.

    Note: Should a member of your legal team attempt to contact me unsuccessfully, please advise him/her to leave a detailed voice mail message, to include the date, time, and specific reason for his/her call. Finally, provide me with specific dates and times which are most suitable for me to return his/her call. I will also require a brief explanation of the specific information I should have at my disposal when I am best able to return his/her call. Thank you ever so kindly once again for your time and attention to this situation at hand.

  21. My visa was rejected for some strange reason. So I decided to go online and read reviews…and am I glad I did!!! Just saved money I couldn’t afford to lose!!! Want to thank all the people that take the time out to post the truth about this product! To think I was about to trust an actor like Montel!

    • These companies need to realize the internet is alive and people are reading. I was about to make a purchase but will not based on what I have read.

      Thanks for posting your comments

  22. I am so pissed off at this outfit, my motor went out I tried to fix it ,I am an electrician an no about motors, the brushes went out. I called the gal at customer service, she told me send back the motor, $29.95 they will send me a new motor. I paid $14.00 to send it back, waited 3 weeks, they sent my check back said sorry you need to send back the entire unit. Who is going to pay for my shipping, this entire outfit is a rip off.

  23. I purchased the HealthMaster 1100 watt blender almost two years ago. After a few months the pitcher started to leak. I had the extended warrant and they replaced the unit without any shipping fees. This one also started to leaked after six months. I called and they shipped me the 1200 watt Elite version. The Elite version has four pillers on the base to lock in the pitcher instead of the turning the pitcher to lock in. They base and pillars have rubberized coating to protect against vibration and it much quieter. I believe that there is a design flaw in the 1100 wat version that the vibration damages the pitcher. Would recommend the Elite version instead and get the extended warranty. When they shipped the Elite version they charged me $29.99 but upgraded shipping to two day Fed EX. I am satisfied with there response and like the product. It is easy to use, clean and has great recipes to get started. Good value.

  24. I used this once and the next time I went to use it does not work. I peice of junk. I tried everything to get it to turn on but no luck all i did was make one drink. One month later went to make a smoothie and does not work Do No buy

  25. I had this HealthMaster about two years and never using it much, Now it leaking at the bottom around where the gear-shaft is. It not very well design and the container is too large it can not do a good. Do not buy this thing..

    • I have the same problem that the unit leaks. When I take the container off I see a lot of rusty looking liquid. Not sure if it is getting in the drink or not, so I quit using it. What a piece of junk.

        • Also…see a lot of rust underneath blender and it is leaking. How do we know if the rust is not getting into our drinks??

          • I have had my unit for a little over a year and use it about once a week. I am also seeing rusty liquid outside of the bottom of the blender. It is rust mixed with the smoothie that I am mixing. It is getting worse everytime I use it. Very disappointed. Most appliances last longer that a year!!!!!! I wish I had read the reviews before purchasing it.

    • My father in law had mouth cancer and bought the Healthmaster blender hoping he would be able to eat. The machine was used a few times and has since passed.

      Healthmaster Complaint….leaks around the bottom of the base, rusty liquid running down machine. So. I called and the pitcher needs replacing after a few uses?? The cost to replace $49.99, yippee what a deal after he paid an enormous amount of money for it! Oh and when you call you can purchase a REFURBISHED one for $74.99. That says a lot to me. You refurbish and resell. Sounds like a problem with the machines up front. Why not fix the current problems before selling more products that don’t last. What is sad people who hear a good message about the product that may help them when they are dying, struggling with health issues, weight problems, etc spend their hard earned money for some hope and they get another good jab! I am very disappointed when we are talking about people who suffer the consequences of a good well put together infomercial.

      • By the way Montell would you like to buy another base to refurbish I have one for sell? It has only been used a few times!

  26. My HM broke today-the motor just petered out. My Juiceman Jr. has lasted 16 years and I never even think about it. I got the HM on sale for $170 and the damn thing breaks down after 10 months. I’m not mad at poor Montel, I’m sure he’s not an electrical engineer, he’s only a talk show host. I wish that Sylvia Brown could have predicted this machine wouldn’t work on the infomercial, it would have saved people a lot of frustration. Anyway, the engineers who invented this gadget need to go into another line of work, maybe as comedians – because the HM is a joke.

    • We’ve had ours for a couple years and it just started leaking the blackish/brown fluid everyone is talking about. It wasn’t used much up until recently. Everyone is talking about how they won’t honor the warranty, which is a terrible thing. I’m sure though that almost everyone purchased this less than desirable product with a credit card. MOST CREDIT CARDS OFFER EXTENDED WARRANTIES ON PURCHASES AS A BENEFIT OF THE CARD! Contact Visa or MasterCard and get a copy of these benefits. You may have to file some reports, but you should be able to get something back. It’s too late for me, but this may help someone else.

    • I have the same problem that the unit leaks. When I take the container off I see a lot of rusty looking liquid. Not sure if it is getting in the drink or not, so I quit using it. What a piece of junk.

  27. I have had this machine for probably 1 1/2 years, and did not use it much at first. In the past few months, however, I began using it on at least a weekly basis. I also noticed the black liquid, but just wiped it off, put it away, not giving it much thought. What scares the heck out of me is what I may have ingested….BPA. A month ago I made my smoothie one morning and began gulping it down on the way out the door…I felt some short hard stringy things in my mouth after several gulps…and went back to the sink to spit it out…there were little pieces of PLASTIC in my smoothie!! I told several of my coworkers about this…fearful of what I had ingested and what it would do to me, so not wanting to use it again.

    Then the machine was making a really bad noise the next time I used it…and smelling horribly…the blades have seized up in the blender and there was brown powder all over the top of the base when I removed the pitcher! I had planned on calling today about the problems, but at this point do not even know if I want to….BEWARE of foreign objects in your food!! I too was duped because of Montels rep….and would be interested in a class action suit to get this product of the market and be refunded…serious concerns!

  28. This is by far the worst product that I’ve gotten in a long time. I even reported them to the Better Business Bureau. First of all, the commercial says 60-day money back guarantee – no questions asked. That is not true. I called customer service to return it because of several issues.

    The first issue was that Montel says that it will emulsify an entire apple without cutting or coring. It does not. I followed the instructions on the DVD and in the book with putting the right amount of liquid to solid ratio. It chewed up one small part of it and left the rest of the apple floating at the top. I used the tamper to try to push it down like the instructions say and the machine turned off. They also don’t tell you that it will overheat and shut off in the commercial either. You then have to wait 15-45 minutes for it to “cool off.” This defeats the purpose of making a smoothie because it is melted by the time the machine is ready to turn back on.

    I tried to make the “delicious hot soup” but it made disgusting, luke warm chunky concoction that I would not call soup. It looked more like compost, even with the right amount of liquid. What a waste of vegetables and ingredients.

    It is also so loud that you would think a helicopter is taking off in your kitchen. If you have small animals or children, this will definitely scare them. It made my ears ring for a few minutes after using it, I had to leave the room because I couldn’t take the noise.

    The recipe book also touts that it is “healthy” but calls for the addition of fructose in most of the smoothies. Fructose is not a healthy ingredient and should not be given to children by any means.

    When I tried to return the product and told them that it was defective and didn’t do what was advertised, customer service said that it could only be considered defective if it doesn’t turn on. I argued that it was defective because it did not work as advertised and did not emulsify an apple. She said no and that I would have to pay for both the shipping cost for it to come to me and pay to ship it back. They charged me $29.99 to ship it and they couldn’t pay to take back their defective equipment? Now I will have to pay for shipping there and shipping back for an item where they flat out lied.

    I’m so disappointed in the machine, customer service, and Montel for endorsing such a horrible product. I used to watch Montel’s show and trusted his endorsement, what a mistake. I learned my lesson. Please learn from my mistake and do not, under any circumstances, buy this product. Don’t be fooled by the infomercial, the only thing you are going to lose is money. My cheap blender from Walmart does a better job. At least from Walmart you can return defective items and they are cheap enough to just buy a new one if it breaks.

  29. We have owned our Health Master over six years without any problems. I also have many friends that own one and they are all happy with their machine and how it functions. It is the Best blender style juicer on the market BUY IT.

    • Must be one of the employees that posted the above. I have the same problem that the unit leaks. When I take the container off I see a lot of rusty looking liquid. Not sure if it is getting in the drink or not, so I quit using it. What a piece of junk. Shame on you and Montel for backing such a piece of junk.


    • I have the same problem that the unit leaks. When I take the container off I see a lot of rusty looking liquid. Not sure if it is getting in the drink or not, so I quit using it. What a piece of junk. No-3

  31. On the third use my Healthmaster unit began to smell funny and started smoking as motor seized. It only had a few carrots and apple slices in it at the time. Would not waste my money on this poorly made machine. Going back to the juicer I bought over 10 years ago and still works fine. Info – scamercial.

    Montel – hope you enjoy the profits made from this.

  32. Turned it on and it worked great. First and last time. Never came on again. I want my money back. I am going to put together a letter to the Attorney General and will post it on face book. If you see it add to it.

  33. It is really annoying when you do not get the right kind of review or honest opinions online. I was looking for the HealthMaster juicer reviews since I saw it on an advertisement on television. As usual I just searched for “HealthMaster Reviews” over the internet search engine and found couple of sites which gave me unanimously 100% positive reviews. First the reviews seem good to read but slowly I was bugged by a lot of pop ups and ads to buy the product there itself. I smelled something fishy on the following sites,,, and The sites were definitely real review sites and looked like they might have been sponsored by the manufacturer. Finally your site provided me with all genuine reviews that seem to be written by real people. Thanks for the opinion on HealthMaster; the review has really helped me to make a decision upon its purchase.

    • The sites mentioned above actually follow such malpractices of adding manufacturer’s purchase links and are full of amazing reviews even for a crappy product. Their idea is to fool the search engine into identifying them as the top review website for the product and in turn fooling many into buying it. Since the search engines are not capable enough to judge the genuine nature of a site, adding content with keyword rich materials on the site does the trick of getting the site on top. This is called SEO and sadly increasing by the day.

    • I am a real person with a “genuine” review….it is LOUD and it leaks brown rust, I should have got a BlendTec! I am completely disappointed and it was a waste of $$$.

  34. I just wanted to announce that,yes,my Healthmaster started leaking oil too a few months ago. The o-ring that is supposed to keep the liquid in the container is really cheap and broke tonight. Ball bearings started dropping out the bottom and I could move the blade from the bottom of the container by rotating the part that latches into the motor. I see that the replacement dish is $50 and I’m debating on putting good money back into a so-so product. I don’t use the machine every day… more like once a week for the past year. I’ve heard horror stories of people having their motors smoking. My question is that if Vitamix can do a 7-year warranty on their emulsifier, why is the Healthmaster only giving us 3 months?? Clearly, it’s an inferior product. Nevertheless, I can’t see paying $400-$600 for an emulsifier… maybe the $50 replacement isn’t so bad?? Right now, I am not happy with HealthMaster and the poor quality in the blade base. Everyone has the same problem!

    • It was between this product and the NutriBullet. I will start looking at the NutriBullet now after these AWFUL reviews.. unbelievable!

  35. So many complaints, glad that I read before buying. that is so disappointed. Thank you every one for your honesty.

  36. I ordered the blender and had it for a couple months, I hardly ever used it. I was blending a drink one morning and put in cut up beets and turned my back for a min and the machine was smoking . I guess the greens on the beetr got twisted around the blade and my blender hasn’t worked since then. Very disappointed in this product.

  37. Well, I hate to add just another comment on what has already been said. I must have gotten one of the “good” motor-bases. It has lasted just over two years. It makes hot soup and works as advertised …except, everyone is right about the pitchers eventually leaking. It is not due to the bearing but rather the seal inside the top of the pitcher around the shaft. It doesn’t hold up to much use and lets moisture leak into the bearing. Eventually, the bottom of the bearing rusts out and that is when you start seeing all of the brown and black gook. Even a pool pump bearing that runs for 8 hours a day lasts for several years without leaking….they just used a very cheap one when putting this thing together. I have had no problem getting a hold of customer service and they immediately try to sell me something else….fat chance. I have already replaced the pitcher once (the first time they charged me $70 bucks. that was after about 6 months of daily use with the first one. The second pitcher has lasted another year before it started leaking and is now so bad that I just ordered another one (this time ONLY $50 bucks). For me it is just a shame that it doesn’t last….I really like the machine when it is working. I have never had to reset my motor and have put all kinds of stuff in it. I hope there is a class action suit I would sign right away. And BTW, when I called customer service this time to get another pitcher, they are now sending me a base instead for another $29 bucks…I am guessing that since the cost was all S & H, the this one is another motor. I will use what I have now bought until it dies again….hopefully I will get another year out of it and then it is on to a better machine….sounds like the Vitamix is the way to go….at the end of the day, you always get what you pay for! I knew that this “Deal
    ‘ was a good bit cheaper than a commercial emulsifier…..considering that it is used every day at least once, I guess I did get what I paid for….a piece of junk that will keep wearing out. It’s kinda like buying a KIA and expecting it to last like a Mercedes……

  38. After little research, my husband purchased this for my birthday hoping to save some money by choosing this blender rather than the vitamix. I truly wish that he would have done his research first since this blender is so awful. Like everyone has mentioned, within the first few uses, brown liquid started leaking out the bottom and there is a burning smell everytime I use it. It scares me to even use it anymore and the noise is deafening! My kids clear the house when I fire up the blender. $200 for a blender to only use for 3 months?? Such a rip-off!! My husband even purchased an extra warranty for this blender which was a complete waste since we have to send the old motor back to them and pay for another one! I would definitely be interested in a lawsuit. It is a crime to have this thing on the market! I hope enough people are able to read these reviews before they consider buying the health master.

  39. I really want to thank ALL of the people who took time out to post their complaint about the HealthMaster. I’ve ALWAYS been a skeptic of infomercials. I’m not saying ALL infomercial products are bad, but seeing the reviews on this HM product, I’m DEFINITELY GLAD my skepticism was paid off, because I was SO hesitant on buying it. I definitely will NOT be purchasing this thing. I’ll also spread the word to other people about so many complaints about this item. If they don’t believe me, I’ll be more than happy to advise them to check this website, and others for the reviews from customers.

  40. This is the biggest piece of crap I’ve ever owned!! Mine is also leaking this brown fluid and the motor just burnt up! Maybe everybody should consult an attorney and began a class action lawsuit!

    • Lawsuit started? I have been using this product with the leak and just recently learned that the oily, dark substance IS leaking into the food, the more blending, the more of the oil you will get in the beverage. I do not know how much of that substance I have consumed thus far but this product needs to be recalled so that others do not continue to consume that oily dark substance.

  41. Montel’s blender is a complete piece of junk. my mother got me one for my birthday and its defective out of the box. it wouldn’t even run on its normal cycle, just burst. We are sending it back since still on 30 day money back period. Does any one know what to expect with this return process?

  42. Montel’s blender is a complete piece of junk. my mother got me one for my birthday and its defective out of the box. it would even run on its normal cycle, just burst. We are sending it back since still on 30 day money back period. Does any one know what to expect with this return process?

  43. I wish I had read reviews before I purchased this product. All I ever did with this item was make smoothies. Never added anything that would be hard to blend but ultimately the blender blades stopped turning and a burning smell was coming out within 20 sec of turning it on. Very disappointing! From what I have read it’s not even worth trying to contact customer service to get $$ back. Mine did not even last a year. Off to the store this weekend to hopefully buy something more dependable. I resorted to a hand held Cuisinart blending tool last weekend and it actually worked quickly and better than the Healthmaster!

  44. I just wanted to echo the posts on here… Don’t buy this product!!! I have had one for almost a year and has leaked a brown fluid for the past few months. I use it every day so I have not wanted to give it up!! I sure wish I would have read this before I purchased this machine! Now, it is actually spitting fluid out from the bottom. I just called customer service and all they will do is charge me $50 for a new pitcher…which I suspect will do the same thing! Save your money and get a better machine!!

    • Rose says:
      Your comment is awaiting moderation.

      October 14, 2011 at 2:10 pm

      I bought the HealthMaster Professional from TV after watching Montel pitch it.

      Its terrible. I have a black/brown oil leaking from the bottom of the pitcher and I am concerned that it may be mixing in with the ingredients I am blending. I called customer service and they just listened that all. They told me I could send them 49.00 to get a new pitcher. I said HELL NO. I haven’t had this thing a year. I probably have used it 4 or 5 times. I am so upset with myself for buying it when I didn’t do any research on it. I just believed Montel because I know he has had health problems too and that juicing could improve my health according to my doctors. What a liar Montel is for selling the little people to make himself wealthier. Who can you trust nowadays? What you sow GREEDY you will reap!

    • This EXACT thing happened to me!!! Do not buy one of these. I’ve had mine for less than a year and it leaks around the bearing in the bottom of the pitcher leaving brown juice all over the counter. I called for warranty service and they said they’d “sell” me another pitcher. Buy pitchers every 8 months? I don’t think so! I’m very happy with my new vita-mix. Poor product and poor customer service.

      • That is exactly what is happening with mine too!!! I wondered if it was common. I think I’m just going to go all out and get the Vitamix. It seems like a safer investment. NOT HAPPY!!!

  45. First of all this thing is huge. Second, it is very noisy. It worked for about two weeks and then the motor just stopped. What a piece of crap. Plan on tying it to my rear bumper and deliver the parts to Montel’s house. DON’T BUY FROM INFOMERCIALS!!

  46. I bought the Healthmaster only to discover that it is a waste of money. I have not yet contract the customer service to see how they can help me with the problem I am having using this blender. It leaks and it looks like the rubber to the bottom is rubbing off.

  47. POS!! In the first week it started splattering rust between the engine and canister! I just wrote their customer service an email. I suspect from other reviews I wont get very far.

    I think everyone here should join to file a law suit against the company. I am going to look into that today.

    • WHERE IS MONTEL AT when people are complaining about the HealthMaster. Oil leaking and BPA emitting from the canister when heated. He is on the TV talking about health while the healthmaster machine he is endorsing is killing people. “NOW LET ME EXPLAIN HOW”. The canister is leaking brown/black oil like substance and is probably making contact with what is in the blender. Not to mention that the pitcher is made out of BPA, which studies have proven that plastic products with BPA causes cancer.

      Customer service is terrible and all they want to do is sell you a warranty. MONTEL, MONTEL WHERE ARE YOU? THIS IS NOTHING BUT A SCAM.


      • I bought the HealthMaster Professional from TV after watching Montel pitch it.

        Its terrible. I have a black/brown oil leaking from the bottom of the pitcher and I am concerned that it may be mixing in with the ingredients I am blending. I called customer service and they just listened that all. They told me I could send them 49.00 to get a new pitcher. I said HELL NO. I haven’t had this thing a year. I probably have used it 4 or 5 times. I am so upset with myself for buying it when I didn’t do any research on it. I just believed Montel because I know he has had health problems too and that juicing could improve my health according to my doctors. What a liar Montel is for selling the little people to make himself wealthier. Who can you trust nowadays? What you sow GREEDY you will reap!

      • I’d be interested in participating in a class action lawsuit against Montel and his fraudulent product. I bought and made the mistake of not using it for about three months. It worked for about 45 days and then abruptly just stopped. The motor is dead as Montel’s integrity.
        I didn’t know the blender is made of BPA! OMG!

        I can’t find anyone to fix it locally and I refuse to buy another warranty. It’s obvious that this was manufactured in China for about $25 and sold to the U.S. public for $250 dollars.

        Can you believe they now have an ELITE model that allegedly has a motor that’s warrantied for 100 years? What really pissed me off was his new commercial that shows him on how great the machine works and the so-called positive emails and letter testimonies.

        Montel, may you rot in hell for perpetrating this hoax on the American public.

        Buyer Beware!!!

      • Please contact me I was duped by this Health-master piece of trash. There is this black oily substance leaking, and for the amount of money I paid, and the warranty, I received nothing! I was only offered another pitcher for 50 bucks! What a scam!

      • Lawsuit in the works? I have been using this product with the leak and just recently learned that the oily, dark substance IS leaking into the food, the more blending, the more of the oil you will get in the beverage. I do not know how much of that substance I have consumed thus far but this product needs to be recalled so that others do not continue to consume that oily dark substance.

  48. I am so glad I read these reviews. I really wanted the HealthMaster, but became a bit concerned when I saw that the pitcher is made of polycarbonate plastic (releases BPAs in food when heated – So you definitely do not want to make the hot soups in it).

    However, from what I read above, the product has many more problems than what the pitcher is made of. Thanks everyone.

  49. Do not buy this Healthmaster blender . Smelled like it was burning first time used . Worked about 6 times and ….nothing … Now they want me to pay to mail it back and pay to have a new one mail to me ….More money …they should pay all this …they are the ones selling crap . I paid shipping to start with …thought Montel Williams would only endorse good products . I stopped the last $49 payment and wish I would have stopped all payments after receiving it .

  50. This machine is a piece of crap. It leaks a black/brown oil like substance every time I use it. I am buying a Vitamix and throwing this thing in the trash.

    • I totally agree I have a bunch of rust coming out of the bottom of the pitcher…include me in if there is a law suit going on.

    • I have a Healthmaster Blender, after a short time use – a brown leak from the bottom of the pitcher. Now everthing you pour in the pitcher, it leaks right away. What should I do to fix it now. Thanks.

      • I have used this Montel blender for about a year. For months it has leaked the brown oil from the base of the pitcher. It quit working for a while, but now has begun working again….but still leaks. I did call the sellers, but they do not offer an operator’s manual so that I can try to fix it myself. They did offer to sell me a new pitcher for $98….not the $49 others have spent for a new pitcher. I otherwise like it….bulky, but works well for what I use it for daily.

        I think that this should be fixable by the typical buyer. Seems that the oil leak is so prevalent that they should honor those of us who buy their product…at least with instructions as to how to fix it. Peace to each of you.

    • This machine is a piece of crap. It leaks a black/brown oil like substance every time, infact the motor and the pitcher bearings are worn out. When I called, they want me to send $29.99 for the motor replacement and another $50 for the faulty pitcher. In addition, they want me to spend my own cash to return the product.

      Don’t buy this product. Please include me me in the lawsuit.

  51. I was going to buy the HealthMaster until I read the reviews. Thanks everyone for the info. I don’t have $200 to throw away.

  52. I am SOOO glad I read these reviews first. I was about ready to buy. I wont now. Thank you everyone! Seems like such junk. Though it costs more, I will save for a Vitamix or maybe an Omni. I’m confused over how such a SEEMINGLY honest & good man like Montel could endorse such junk. Hey, maybe we could write his show to see if we can do a show on this piece of crap?! Ah, probably not. Those MAYBE 3 people who say they’ve had no problems, stand by. You’re likely to be next. Thanks again everyone, for your (blunt LOL) honesty.

  53. Famous last words, ” If only I had read the reviews first”!!! I was really happy with the Montel Williams for a few months and then it quit working. Apparently the motor burned up. Black residue when taking off top. Guess that is just over $200.00 down the drain. Sure don’t get what you pay for. Does anyone know how to let Montel know because customer service sucks!

  54. I have three Healthmasters, that’s how much I believed in this product. All three are out of order, mechanisms grinding, leaking. This is not a good machine, I have metal particles under the blender portion of the machine.

  55. I loved the machine the first few weeks (only used it one day per week due to my busy schedule); I only used it to make a light mixture of one banana and cup of soy milk (delicious). But after a couple of weeks, I noticed large chunks of black hard plastic in my drinks. When I called the customer service dept, I was directed to another number which automatically hung up on me; I called back around 4 more times until I spoke to a rep. When I told him that the pitcher was defective, he told me that I should of ordered the extended’s on the website. I told him that I didn’t recall seeing it on the website when I placed my order. Then he told me that a new pitcher would cost $49.00. Obviously the company know that this is a malfunction, and it’s not being addressed, or customers are not being informed that there is a possibility this might occur and suggest to get an extended warranty. Aside from the machine being so loud (too powerful), the breakdown of the food is wonderful. However, the cheap plastic pitcher is not compatible with the strong motor, of which is bound to repeat a continuous pattern of a defective mechanism.

  56. This blender is a piece of junk and the customer service is even worse. As soon as the sixty day trial period was over the blender started to spew out a brown liquid from under the bottom. When I called, they would not take it back…said it was pass the period of no return. When I called back and ask why this liquid is coming out, I was told it was oil from the motor, part of how the machine works. Really?? Everytime I used it, it got worse and worse…now the motor speeds up by itself while being used and sounds like it’s going to explode. I’m stuck with a piece of junk that I spent over $200 for. I should have invested in the Vita Mix. If there is a law suit out there, I want to be included. This company is robbing people.

    • My machine does the same thing. And they say the motor part is lifetime warranty….the company probably won’t be around in the future. $200 for a machine that works for only 60 days. Wow, what a scam. Everyone need to write montel, I’m quite sure that he endorsed this machine for his health reasons and not aware of the company bad customer service or business practice.

  57. thank you so much for warning me about this products unreliability I will be investing in a Vitamix instead

  58. I purchased the Healthmaster Elite thinking it was less expensive than the Vitamix I was also considering. The Healthmaster Elite was 4 payments of $49.99 so all told, it came to over $200.00. It came with a nice cookbook filled with what looked to be wonderful recipes. What it didn’t come with was a motor strong enough to process meats like chicken or turkey. I tried to make the Monster Mash that was a meatloaf filled with vegetables – a recipe for children who don’t like vegetables, but I used to it to learn how to run the machine. I prepped everything according to the recipe and started to process the chicken. However, every time each time I ran the machine, the motor overheated and shut off. I let the machine cool off and then hit the reset button. I turned the machine on again and the same thing happened. I tried about 5 times before the machine permanently quit on me. The recipe should have taken only an hour (including baking time in an oven). However, since the motor kept quitting, it took 2 hours because I gave up on the Healthmaster Elite and finished the recipe using my Cuisinart. I then had to clean up the various pieces to 2 counter top appliances when I should have needed only 1. While the Monster Mash recipe was an interesting concept, I found the recipe itself to be bland, to say the least, even for a child’s palate.

    A 100-year guarantee on a motor doesn’t impress me at all when the Healthmaster Elite doesn’t work as advertised the first time out of the box. Nor does the 60-day return policy. I didn’t want the machine replaced; I wanted a refund despite using the Healthmaster Elite for the first time after the 60-day return period. This is a large machine the requires a large amount of counter space for my very small apartment kitchen. It took me quite a while to clear enough space for this machine because I am disabled and have difficulty maneuvering things in my kitchen. I went to their site to find out that I needed to get a return authorization number. When I called, I was told I would get a label with the return authorization number on it. Healthmaster wouldn’t hear anything of my disabilities and why I missed the 60-day limit so this is what is going to happen: they’re going to send me a mailing label with the authorization for the broken Healthmaster Elite, I am to send the broken one to them, and they, in turn, will send me a new Healthmaster Elite WHICH I DON’T WANT!!

    I won’t be able to return the new unwanted Healthmaster Elite; I will be out $200+. An expensive lesson to learn about buying stuff online, I’m afraid.

    I am so disgusted with the poor quality of the Healthmaster Elite, I decided to go with the more expensive Vitamix and purchased it from Costco – a company that gave me a much better price plus they handle customers and any merchandise problems MUCH BETTER!! I will never deal with Healthmaster again.

  59. My Healthmaster blender leaks! I am so disappointed I cant believe this thing is so bad. I’ve tried to reach customer service and after 30 min.or so finally reached a person who told me leaking was normal.Wow I thought this was a good product I was wrong.

  60. I am disgusted with the Montel Williams Blender what a waste of money> if I had done my research properly I would have saved a little more and purchase a Blendtec or Vitamix Blender. The pitcher leaks like crazy and then it leaves a very foul scent. It also doesn’t make everything smooth unless you run it a million times and by then the neighbors would have killed you because the damn machine is so loud. I just want to throw it away its not even worth passing it on.

    • Your to funny! Your neighbors wanna kill ya because the machine is to loud. LOL Man I am afraid to purchase one now after reading these reviews. Yikes ! Is there any celebrity out in the world that is honest about endorsing a product? Jack La lane sure wasn’t. I had two of those juicers. Used the first one time it broke down. The next one two weeks same thing . Too funny the same woman in the Jack La Lane commercials is the same lady doing the commercial with Montel Williams. HMMM she still has the same vest on LOL That there loses credibility with me since the other juicers sucked. Anybody know of a juicer that will actually work ? Also what the crap having to pay $29.99 to send back the blender if anything is wrong with it. Should be free shipping . Pissed off in Gilbert AZ.

  61. This blender is a piece of JUNK I’m on my forth machine… It worked for about 4 days then stuff started coming out of the bottom of carafe. It got worse the motor started smoking am totally disappointed. I don’t recommend this blender to anyone. Save your money and buy any other ALSO I’ve been trying to get back my money and having trouble, their a bunch of crooks.

  62. I bought my Health Master 3 yrs ago and I stored it, when I decided to use it I found out that it did not work at all. It seems like the motor was frozen No power to it when plugged in. I never got to use it. It seats on a shelf brand new broken. I have tried calling the company and it is taking 30 minutes for a answer. What can I do? Can I get it exchanged for a new one?

  63. This Healthmaster Blender is a piece of crap. My wife used it about 3 times, and on the third time, which was about 3 minutes ago, it started smoking. Is there a class action suit going, cause I would like to join in.

  64. I am another ‘almost ordered, saved by y’all’ I have a Vita-mix, and run it daily for 25 yrs. Yes, I’ve had to replace the rubber seals, several times, and an updated bearing that I was notified about, but I bought a refurbished one, and I know that a family diner I worked for also uses the commercial Vita-mix. Their support has always been fair and pleasant to work with. I admit when it is fair time the demo’s and the newer features sometimes turn my head. I think I deserve an updated model or new features–I’d really like the auto-shut-off, timing buttons etc. Just have to say though, that reading about all the scams–I did OK! Thanks for the info. You all are tops on my list. I wish you all the best. And the people that suggest a credit card dispute–one of the best parts of buying w/ cc, definitely do it.

  65. I purchased the HM one year ago and the first time I used it (crushing ice) the motor overload kicked and it never came back on. The reset did not work. The second day I had it in my possession I was on the phone with support. I was able to return it and they sent a new one with no problems.

    Now the “new” one! The reset button works fine, I use it all the time because the overload kicks no matter what I am trying to blend.

    I cooked some soup on the stove and decided to blend it, the overload kicked with mostly liquid in the carafe. Montel, I doubt that you read any of these reviews but as a businessman myself I would refuse to stand behind a product with these kind of problems.

    BTW I have not tried to grind concrete.

  66. I bought 2 Healthmaster machines. The second a $99 reconditioned model. That burned out the first week. Replacement came right away but had the hassle of sending back burnt out product. The second one lasted the new model lasted about a year and burned out. I went to use the reconditioned second unit I had in reserve and it burned out on second use. Now I call to replace both units on the 100 year warranty. I have to pay $60 shipping charges. Both units would trip before it would reach level 5. So I would go back and forth between units. After 2nd use first machine burned out. Second machine keeps tripping on very low work. I am so disappointed after that year of great usage because the one model in five worked great but it did burn out. Just contacted Healthmaster and they are sending 2 more no charge. They do back the product just a bit of a hassle. I do load to max and it is a large pitcher with fresh and frozen fruits and veggies. As long as they keep sending I will keep using.

  67. We purchased Montel Health Master for a Father’s Day gift in June 2010. It has been leaking from the bottom for several months now. The nastiest looking gook I’ve ever seen has built up on the bottom of the foundation. I checked on line to see if we could get some parts because I thought that this would be an easy fix. I’ve ordered parts for other cheaper blenders with no problems and they also ran for years without issues unlike the Health Master. Well not for this $229.95 blender. This thing should be tough as a tank for the amount of money it costs.

    Stop selling this thing unless you can give us decent quality for the price we pay!

    My opinion is that this is not a product that you would want to invest in. Check the other reviews.

    • We also had a problem with the circuit breaker. The machine would overheat in the process of crushing crushed ice…It’s not as strong as they advertise it to be. We were never abusive to the blender. it’s not the workhorse that they say it is. Then again maybe the manufacturer’s focus is to make 1 or 2 out of a hundred that can actually do as they advertise. Think twice about purchasing one.

    • There is something wrong in the Montel HealthMaster. We have nasty brown gook spinning out between motor unit and canister unit. This started day one.

  68. I am so very disappointed in this product. I should have read the reviews first. I was so excited when I ordered this product from Kohls as I believe in eating right and this was a simple way to do so. Well during the second use, the machine motor has burned out and it will not come back on. I did not use huge pieces of fruit or anything of the sort. So disgusted with this and how I threw away $200. Upset and on my way to Kohls to exchange. I hope the new one is better or I will have to keep exchanging this crap.

  69. There is a factory defect on some of these blenders, they leak at the bottom. The leakage leaves some horrid black liquid which is very messy. My two sister in laws were encouraged by med to buy these blenders, and they in turn has the same problems. And we are still waiting for return labels after several weeks.

  70. I recently purchased a Health Master a few months ago and was very disappointed in it. After using it for about 4 times, it started to leak at the base every time we used it. My husband called the company and they said just to return it at the store we bought it at, which was Kohls. They exchanged it with no problems, and the new one does the SAME THING! Leaks grey grease under the pitcher and what a mess! We had been contemplating purchasing a Vita Mix for a few years, but thought the Health Master would do the same thing at a little bit cheaper cost. Yesterday we purchased a Vita Mix and absolutely LOVE IT!!!

    It is SO much quieter and easy to use, and you don’t have to be a muscle person to get the lid on and off!

  71. I always read all the reviews I can find on T.V. advertised products. Montel and other “name” spokespersons are losing credibility by working for what seems to be really poor quality products and companies with poor customer service. After reading these reviews I have chosen not to order the Healthmaster Blender. I am just about to decide that ordering ANYTHING on T.V. is just too risky. Beware friends. Don’t get ripped off.

  72. It was a birthday gift to me. It overheated after using it twice. It was sent back, and it took 15 days to get it back. This time I cut up the fruit small enough to serve it as a fruit salad, after blending up the second batch of fruit salad size fruit it overheated, and it will not run. I had both blender 5 days total, it is a poorly designed unit. So I may try it the third time, only because it was a gift.

  73. Please don’t buy this product. It’s not worth a penny. It’s too expensive. The lid is too tight to close it to make the machine operate. Montel really lost his reputation, at least to me, when he presented the product which didn’t perform as stated. Save your money and buy something that you can freely get your money back in full.

  74. Can I have the red one it was my 1st request plus BPA free not of which was delivered. And I have a 2nd order please don’t make the same mistake thank you I need my order corrected please.

    • Anne I guess it might be too late because you wrote this review or request since February… so I hope the piece of Junk is working for you ….but if I were you I would just request my money back, I am miserable with this damn machine. If I saw Montel right now I would ask him how could you how could you, absolutely disgusting.

  75. ABSOLUTE GARBAGE!! Received replacement yesterday, Motor burned out on last one (making Hummus, YES HUMMUS) So figured I would try it again. FAIL! DO NOT BUY THIS PIECE OF CRAP!

  76. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH for your honest reviews! Whew! I was just about to call and order this thing and luckily I went online to check out the reviews. What a farce this HealthMaster seems to be…and for $200+ to boot! I will look into the Vita-Mix and other juicers that have rec’d more positive reviews…

  77. The Montel Living Well Blender sucks! I have had it 5 months and it is rusting and a black fluid is leaking out of it. Just today I put crystal clear water in the blender to see if any of this crap was getting into my or my pregnant wife’s smoothies. Sure enough there was little black particles floating in the water. I have followed all instructions with this machine. I am very disappointed with this product. $300 is not worth it. You can go to target and get one for 90% less that will be better.

    • Thanks for this review mlaboy because the same thing has been happening with the one I have. I didn’t think to use clear water as a test trial so I shall do that to see if there would be particles in the water. I am going crazy with this product how could people be so awful and sell such junk. Here I am trying to get healthy when I could be possibly making it worst for myself. Thanks again, hope you all had a beautiful bouncing healthy baby.

  78. I wish I had read the reviews about the Healthmaster before I purchased it. It is an expensive piece of junk and I would not recommend it to any one. I think I will stick to my jack lalane juicer and my ninja for smoothies. Do not purchase this product

  79. After using the Healthmaster after a few months, it began to leak. The leakage is very messy which causes me to use it less. The Healthmaster is definitely not a juicer. Those are the only two negative things that I have to say concerning the Healthmaster.

    • My Healthmaster leaked from the pitcher (cheap Chinese bearing) right out of the box. used it for six months this way progressively getting worse. What a mess. Have to wrap a rag around it to keep from spraying liquid. Well, today the bearing fell out. $50.00 bucks for a new pitcher..I don’t think so. I hear they still leak…Hello cheap Chinese bearing! Lick my wounds eat the $250.00 cause you aint getting another penny from me.
      Guess I’ll look at a VitaMax.

  80. A few weeks ago I was diagnosed with silent acid reflux (LPR) and I’m very upset about that and how it’s affecting my ability to sing. On my ENT’s suggestion, I purchased the book, “Dropping Acid: The Diet Reflux Cure and Cookbook” by Dr. Jamie Kaufman. It stresses the importance of eating more alkaline foods and what better way to flood my body than with juicing. This morning I woke up thinking about the Montel blender because like all of you I’ve seen the infomercial several times and it makes total sense to blend veggies in the manner shown. However, after reading so many negative reviews — and in particular, those about the horrible customer service — I will continue my research and stay away from this product. I am hopeful that the news has gotten to Montel and that he will do something to revamp this product.

  81. I purchased the deluxe HealthMaster in June 2009 and it worked fine for about a month. After that I noticed it was leaking oil so I called customer service and was told that was just a part of the machine (WHAT?!?!). Within 2 months, a part broke off of the blender and ended up in my smoothie – fortunately, I noticed it while pouring it into a container! I was told I would receive a replacement free of charge, even sent a return label. However, the return label would not open and after contacting customer service numerous times, I just gave up and put the blasted machine in the cabinet! In October 2010, I decided to pay for a replacement blender and used it for about a week before the leaking oil started again – only worse this time. I put up with it for about a month before making the best decision I’ve ever made – I purchased a VitaMix!!! I smile every time I use it; unlike the frustration I felt every time I used the HealthMaster! Now I tell anyone who is really interested in a high power blender to save their money and just go straight to the best product on the planet – the VitaMix. I spent well over $300 dollars on the HealthMaster – total waste!

    I regrettably recommended the HM to a neighbor and fortunately she purchased it from Macy’s so after it started leaking, she was able to return it for a full refund. She now owns a VitaMix as well.

    I’ve read some of the other reviews and see there is a recall on the base but why hasn’t the company contacted all previous owners to notify them of the recall???? And it should be a FREE replacement for them having such a subpar, inferior product!

    Bottom line – DO NOT BUY THIS PIECE OF CRAP!

  82. Loosy mixer. After three months the bearings gave out and there is not replacement. You have to buy a whole new top unit for $50 plus shipping and it will probably give out in a few months also. Next step is to sell it to the next sucker.

    • If you have rust on it its because you are letting the base get wet. You shouldn’t do that. You should always let it air-dry and never submerge the bottom part of pitcher in water you can clean the blades with mild soap and run the blender for 1 min.

  83. I was going to buy this after seeing the Montel infomercial. I have lost all respect for Montel. Either he doesn’t care or is oblivious to the piece of junk this seems to be. I wouldn’t trust another endorsement from him if he were crying real tears and talking about it. He has lent his name to something inferior.

    At $200 or more, I am saddened for the financial waste. Especially when you all will in all probability have to go out and replace it. There are some highly rated professional blenders, Vita Mix, Waring, even Cuisinart. There are sales going and you can find a reputable store on online website and purchase one! It would be worth the money. Vita Mix seems to last forever because professionals use them, so they are up to the heavy duty daily use. I would even ask some restaurant or bar owners what they use. Don’t get suckered into “saving” by going with something else cheap. You’ll be disappointed. I am saving up for a Vita-mix, new or used.

    I agree that a recall should be replaced free of charge. The reason they charge you is because YOU are paying twice for the junk they sold you. They have no intention of replacing it for free because they KNOW it’s junk in advance. There is no way they didn’t know this if they ran any tests on the items. They break down quickly by every account.

    I hope one of you has contacted the Better Business Bureau and asked what action you can take to recoup your money, or at least a part of it, for deceptive advertising. Some lawyer must be interested in doing a class act legal action. I HOPE SOMEONE STEPS UP TO THE PLATE AND SHOUTS ABOUT IT!


    • WHY? Because Montel Williams is making big money off you! MONTEL WILLIAMS IS A SCAM ARTIST AND YOUR MAKING HIM RICH!

  85. I have had to return Montel Healthmaster twice to Fingerhut. They were gracious enough to send me replacements for both returns. I did have to pay about $35.00 FEDEX for both returns. The first time the motor started smoking and machine went out. I waited as per instruction for about 40 minutes before I went to use the reset. Nothing. While I had the machine upside down I heard something rattling inside the base. It sounded like a broken off pin or something. I returned it to fingerhut. The new one lasted a few times of use. This time motor didn’t smoke but it stopped working and it had the same “pin” problem as before. Fingerhut sent me another one. After I returned it that was the end for the health master. I had high hopes for the health master. I sent a review to someone saying that I had read that Montel had designed the machine. And, I also included in the review that “Montel should leave the engineering to professional engineers and staying at doing his hosting”. This could truly be a great product if they would correct all the problems so as to reinvent the health master. The noise – the right horsepower (3) – the leakage – the right sized lid – etc.

  86. Reply
    Lorene Rohloff says:
    December 9, 2010 at 6:18 pm
    I bought one after finding it at the local Target store for $199 and I must say while it seems to do what it says (made broccoli soup, tasted “ok”).

    it was LOUD!!! OMG I couldn’t believe how loud it was! I also have a Jack Lalanne and LOVE IT! I have had my Jack Lalanne for 5 years and it does EVERYTHING it says and then some. Like I said though, the Montel Healthmaster seems to do everything it claims as well; just wear hearing

    • The whole point of loosing weight is to eat fiber… Jack Lalane makes all the roughage not go in your drink.. So most of the vegetable you buy is ended up thrown in the trash or whatever you do with the remains. Your body is not getting all the nutrition because your not eating the entire vegetable.

  87. I bought one after finding it at the local Target store for $199 and I must say while it seems to do what it says (made broccoli soup, tasted “ok”).

    it was LOUD!!! OMG I couldn’t believe how loud it was! I also have a Jack Lalanne and LOVE IT! I have had my Jack Lalanne for 5 years and it does EVERYTHING it says and then some. Like I said though, the Montel Healthmaster seems to do everything it claims as well; just wear hearing protection when you use it. No seriously, I am going to get a decibel meter and measure the volume because it is as loud if not louder than a lawnmower! Caveat Emptor…….

  88. The Health Master Pro was purchased in May 2010, and it has been working fine. Although the pitcher began to leak (2 months later) with daily use. I have called customer service, and they would replace it for $29.00. Frankly it should be free since we bought the warranty. As of today it is still working fine. I have lost 13 lbs, and have completely changed my diet…I give it 4 stars.

    • I also brought the Montel Healthmaster in May and it also started leaking from the base. Same as you, I was told that the base was a recall and was told that I would have to pay $29.00 more in order for them to send me a new base. I agree with you why should we have to pay if something is a recall?

  89. I Have the health master and it was fine for the first month and now it leaks and rust is on the botton of the container. I have sent them with a problem and their was nothing from anyone I think the vita mix is a better machine wiving well does not stand by their word.

    • Thank you all so much for your Healthmaster reviews! I just watched the infomercial and you’ve made my day, saving me lots of money and aggravation. I will check out the VITA-MIX. This is a lot of money to dish out for a paper weight, etc. I would call the Attorney General and file a complaint and get some advice.

    • Of course it works great but you have to put the wet stuff first and gradually add the flour and your limited to the size of the pitcher

      I made ice-cream, soup, smoothies so far and they were just from my own imagination not the recipes book it comes with.

  90. I received the HealthMaster Blender about 2 month ago and now their is rust on the bottom of the container, what needs to be done to fix the problem.

    Thank you Elizabeth

  91. Like everyone else. Bought the Healthmaster unit and within 5 uses the bearing in the bottom of the pitcher has failed leaking lubricant everywhere and now the fluid from the container leaks onto the motor base. No wonder the company only gives a 2 month warranty on all other parts and you know of course they charge you $29 to repair or replace it with the same china crap that they pay $5 for.

    Can you spell vita-mix???

  92. Hello!

    I have my Healthmaster since last summer and used it for 4 time only.

    I used it only by following the instruction.

    My Healthmaster had stopped while working with tomatoes and smelled like burned rubber.

    The power was still on. Since that moment it does not rotate at all even so the power is on.

    What can be done?


  93. I have the HealthMaster and the pitcher is leaking oil after 1 week and I am being charged $54.00 for another one. This is poor Chinese equipment, the motor is still working for now. I love the smoothies so when this piece of junk stops working I am going to purchase a Vita-mix. I have done my home work this time and the Vita-mix last a long time or you can buy a commercial blender but they are pricey. People will do any thing for money even sell cheep low quality Chinese junk. Thanks Montel your a real salesman.

  94. I ordered the Montel Williams Healthmaster 19 Dec 2009 my X-mas present and paid almost $300 to include the 7 year warranty. I live by myself so after receiving the Healthmaster it did not get a lot of use. After using it at the very most 20 times I noticed this horrible grease under the pitcher and around the base and the pitcher was leaking like crazy. It was absolutely disgusting !!! I called them the end of July and after several tries I finally got them to agree to replace the pitcher but I was charged $24.99 for shipping. I think that is totally crazy the pitcher isn’t worth that much. I received the new pitcher the second week of September. Since I received the new pitcher I have used it at the most five times and today 19 October it started leaking again. WHAT A SCAM !!!! So tomorrow I will call and I am sure they will replace the pitcher eventually but will make me pay shipping again. That will then bring the cost of the terrible piece of junk to almost $400. One would expect that when something is under warranty it should be shipped by the company for free.


    • But isn’t there something that can be done? Can’t he be shut down from selling this stuff? What do we consumers have to do to make this product go away. FDA? BBB?

  95. Montel HealthMaster problems
    I loved this product when I first got it! It was great for morning smoothies. But all a sudden, it started leaking this gross rusty looking oil under the pitcher part of the unit. I noticed just a small amount the first time it happened and then it just became a mess with oil after a few more uses….I believe we were even tasting the rust flavor in our smoothies…horrible! I would say all this took place after about 2 1/2 months of frequent use.

    So…Customer Service will be sending me a return label and I will send back. Hopefully the replacement will be a speedy transaction and I get a defect free blender…..

  96. I am very disappointed with the Health Master. I had the machine about 6 months. It stopped working. I had to send $24.99 for another motor. I looked so forward to enjoying my smoothies again. Went out bought fresh fruit and what happens? The supposedly new one doesn’t work either. This is not HealthMaster. My blender of 11 years is still working. I have wasted $250.00. I will never purchase anything else from Montel Williams.

  97. After 3 weeks of use, it powers on but for some reason it does not work besides lighting up! I am unsure if it is the blades not spinning or just the blender itself but how do you fix it in order to get it to work.

  98. Brown stuff in reviews is rust and yuck from poor quality seals and bearings. The blender does not work as advertised. The 100 year warranty is on the motor only. The bearing and seals died after light usage.
    I grind 1 pint of water -a head of romaine (heart removed)two pears seeded and skinned juice of a lemon strained and some parsley and cilantro maybe some baby spinach.
    This is not a lot of strain compared to what is advertised.

    • Wow! Lucky you…. because I would love to send you some pics and videos of the torture I go through.

  99. Would advise against buying the Montel blender. I purchased it last summer and this summer, about one year later, it started leaking a dark brown substance that looks like rust and oil mixed together. Very scary. I’m going to put it away. I won’t throw it in the garbage in case there is a recall and I can get some compensation for it since so many of us have complained about the same issue. I’m definitely researching and going to buy a new blender today. I won’t use the Montel blender again as I’m scared of the oil getting into my smoothies!

  100. I got the healthmaster about two months ago. It works good the only thing that I noticed is the bottom of the pitcher there is a large metal weight/substance you can see the bearing and of course the gear. I was sent an new pitcher because the first pitcher got so rusted at the bottom if it that it leaked some brown substance (rust?). I dot know exactly what is was but I’m probably sure it must of been oil coming out from the rusted bearing. As time past by and still used the pitcher sounded like a shriek. I hope that none of this substance got into my blended drinks. Now THE NEW PITCHER IS ALSO GETTING RUSTED AT THE BOTTOM…NOT SO STAINLESS STEE!

  101. Received my HealthMaster on Friday, used it for the first time today and made their soup which turned out foamy, wasn’t very good and the machine quit working.

  102. I just got my Health Master in the mail opened the box read the instructions, cleaned the pitcher, then I put in some tomatoes and celery just to test the blender I’ve just forked over $269.99 for. My mouth watered for what the end results would be, then in a twinkle of an eye my Health Master started smoking I scurried as quick as I could to hit the off button but it cut off before my feet left the floor I thought to myself WTF is going on so much smoke, stink too I can’t even see it for sec. Well I never enjoyed my supposed to be delicious healthy shake, the dam thing lasted for a grand total of 10 seconds, just enough time to shoo my cat away from the glass on my kitchen table I hoped to pour my delicious drink into. What a bummer, still got that watery taste in my mouth that was never satisfied. Now they want me to pay, pay, pay $50.00 for s/h. But after reading all the Montel Healthmaster reviews, I decided to use it for a paper weight instead and save my hard, hard, hard earned cash. Thanks MONTEL for nothing. I was Living well before I was gagged by your stupid machine.

  103. I have had my HealthMaster for maybe 4 months. The pitcher started leaking and about a month ago and now the computer on the face is going out which shuts the blender off. DO NOT BUY IT! I spent a-lot of money on it and it is ruined. The parts are not under warranty…note it has a 100 yr warranty but only..only on the motor. This warranty does not include the pitcher or the computer.

  104. I purchased the HealthMaster blender, have always thought Montel was a quality act and it was expensive about $240 or something after all said and done. It was a matter of a few months and it RUSTED and continues to RUST and now LEAKS all over rusting liquid. I complained and they argued with me about quality and then eventually sent me another one. I however did NOT want another I wanted a refund for something that rusts like crazy what will another one do?

    I continue to get nowhere with them I would STAY far away from this device!

  105. Hi, I wrote a review of the Montel Health Master Blender last year after testing it. As a result I was contacted by hundreds of people by phone and email either asking for my opinion or reporting a health master blender problem to me.

    One consumer asked me once what everybody’s problem is with the HM blender. She apparently had only a good experience with it. I am sure problems and defects can happen with any product. It is however disturbing me a lot that Montel Williams is rearing a rather poorly made blender. As a result many people are getting hurt, especially those who already have little money.

    But, all together, it was inspiring enough to me to search out a good blender in a similar price range. If you don’t mind, I wanted to tell you about it. see the website and look for the OMNI Blender.

    I hope you can make a good blender purchase decision. And don’t feel guilty if you file a complaint with the consumer protection agency and even file a charge-back with your credit company.

    Best wishes and good luck.

    Thomas Fox

  106. You may think you are getting a good deal buying a Montel Williams Health Master for $199 plus $29.99 (Shipping) or less (QVC, $169.20 plus $12.97 shipping), but you are only get a three month warranty and there are many complaints found on the internet about the blender motor not working or the pitcher leaking brown rusty colored liquid from the bottom (not sanitary and not acceptable).

    According to the Health Master websites, and, the FAQ page states the blender is 21 inches high.

    Blendtec Total blenders are 15.5″ high. VitaMix blenders are 20.5″. Both Blendtec and VitaMix home blenders average $379-$400, but the blenders last for years.

    The Health Master website states the HM can replace a 10″ cooking knife, a ricer, a hand mixer, a meat grinder, an immersion blender, an ice cream maker, and a juicer. Ha! Try to make cake batter or cookie dough in a Health Master. Try to handmade ground beef in a Health Master.

    I had a Blendtec HP3A blender ($325 special price) which I gave to my sister-in-law and I now have a Blendtec Total blender ($280 used from eBay). Compared to the Montel Health Master, Blendtec does not require locking the lid or locking the pitcher before use. Blendtec uses a very easy rubber gripper lid and a very easy square pitcher. You do not need to twist and turn to use the Blendtec unlike the HM’s pitcher and pitcher lid. For cooks who need manual speed control, the VitaMix is good, but for simple smoothies the Blendtec is better. The blendtec has pre-programmed buttons and the motor will stop by itself so you cannot burn out the motor.

    Using the Health Master to make hot soup with cold water is ridiculous. Why would you want to run your blender motor for 8-minutes when you can just use hot water. Montel did the same hot soup demo on QVC. He ran his blender for 8-minutes. Insane. Whenever I see the VitaMix demonstration at my county fair, the demonstrator always uses hot water when he makes vegetable soup with chicken broth cubes.

    • CORRECTION: Previously, I mistakenly stated you get a 3-month warranty for the Health Master, but you really get a 60-day warranty from the original date of purchase. TriStar does not have a toll-free telephone number for customer service. You have to pay for the phone call. You have to pay $29.99 for return postage and handling. WHAT A RIPOFF!

      Do not buy a Montel Williams Health Master. Buy a Blendtec or a VitaMix.
      The manufacturer warrants that your Living Well HealthMaster is free of defects in materials and workmanship and will, at its option, repair or replace any defective juicer that is returned. The Living Well HealthMaster motor is warranted for the lifetime of the original purchaser, and all other parts and components are warranted for 60 days from the original date of purchase. This warranty is valid only in accordance with the conditions set forth below:

      Normal wear and tear are not covered by this warranty.

      Customer Service hours Monday – Friday at 8:00 am till 9:00 pm Eastern Standard Time
      Customer Service hours Saturday – Sunday at 9:00 am till 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time
      Phone: 1 (973) 287-5170

      Procedure for Warranty Repairs or Replacement
      If warranty service is necessary, the original purchaser must pack the product securely and send it postage paid with a description of the defect, proof of purchase, and a check or money order for $29.99 to cover return postage and handling to the following address:

      Tristar Products, P.O. Box 3007, Wallingford, CT 06492

  107. I am so glad I found this site! Unable to sleep, I was up at 5:30 this morning, and happened to see Montel endorsing the HealthMaster–which is just what I have been looking for. Obviously, if something looks too good to be true, it usually is; HOWEVER, Montel was promoting it! I’ve always regarded him (from what I could tell over the years) as a stand-up guy of character. By 6:00 I was sold. I decided to look online for reviews, and was shocked at what I read. Thanks to all who took the time to write about their experience with the appliance and customer service. It looks like my search continues. Best of luck to everyone trying to resolve their issues due to an very unfortunate experience. I can only hope that Glenn Johnson’s theory about Montel is accurate.

  108. I was just about to order this Montel Healthmaster. So glad I decided to Google it first. In reading through all these comments, probably the best advice to anyone who still wants to try the HealthMaster is to buy it from Bed, Bath & Beyond, Target or some other retail outlet that sells them. NOT via TV. You’re much more likely to get your money back without all the bull**** if you do it that way.
    I only noticed one comment where a purchaser stated they were starting legal action over this. I believe this is what ALL of you who can’t get satisfaction with Customer Service should do. It cost nothing to file a law suit in any state’s small claims court and you do not need an attorney. Just keep all your paperwork, including credit card or bank statements showing the charges, get every name of everyone you speak with, dates, times and what they said exactly. If you can, record the conversation. (Note: Recording a phone conversation without the other party’s written or verbal (recorded) approval is illegal in many states but not all, so check out the law in your state) If you can’t record it, just write down everything you can.
    Like most of you, I’m disturbed that Montel Williams would continue to promote an expensive product that the public finds extremely flawed. Quite frankly however, I’m thinking he was approached by the manufacturer or promoter, (Tristar is it?) given a demonstration which no doubt went perfectly, offered a lucrative deal, and he then signed a very binding contract. I truly don’t think he knew of the problems even when filming the infomercial.
    Montel and I are not friends but I did meet him once many years ago. He’s from my hometown in Baltimore where his Dad was the Baltimore City Fire Department Chief for many many years. I honestly believe that he, like his father, is a man of character. It’s possible that once the infomercial goes off the air and his contract expires, he may speak out about the abundance of complaints about this product. Let’s hope so.
    My concern at this point is the safety issues with the HealthMaster. Burning and smoking parts are obviously dangerous. It sounds like everyone here that I’ve read is doing the right thing by unplugging the unit and attempting to return it.
    What I’m most afraid of is that one consumer who, when the motor stops and the blades stop turning, sticks his or her hand inside the device in an attempt to get it going, and loses a few fingers. That’s when Montel, Forbes Riley (his costar), Tristar and a whole host of people will find themselves in a far more serious place than small claims court.
    And finally, Montel’s other costar in the same infomercial, Sylvia Brown. If she’s such a world renowned psychic, why didn’t she “see” these unfavorable circumstances in Montel’s future and warn him? Just a thought. And am I the only one who finds her a little bit creepy?
    Anyway, thanks again to all of you for taking the time to post your thoughts on this product. Thanks to the internet, we now have a means to help protect each other from cheaters, liars and thieves.

    Good Luck Everybody!

  109. I purchased the HealthMaster and was very pleased for a couple of days. Then I noticed a small leak at the base coming from the blade bearing at the bottom of the pitcher. This leak was small but tolerable. After 2 weeks of use, the leak progressed and got worse, great smoothies while they lasted. After a month and a half, the leak was terrible, juice all over the place and literally flying out the sides in a spray. The motor seems to work fine and strong. I had checked the warranty and return policy and realized that even if I mailed the thing back within the 60 day limited warranty or 30 day warranty, I had to pay shipping on top of $29.95, and they get to decide if I abused the thing. I think if I had read the warranty before purchase, I would have gone for the Vita-Mix. A phone call to 973-287-5167 confirmed the warranty issue well before the 30-day period, around $50. to ship and hope for a return.At this point I can’t even use it because the bearing is totally shot after 4 months. We put up with cleaning the counter and base for a long time but now it’s become a safety issue. I will record a video of the water flying out of the base if I thought I could get a refund, and shame Montel into endorsing a better quality product!!! We only placed items in the pitcher that were mentioned in the literature, no rocks, bricks, nails, metal etc., only fruit, veggies frozen fruit, a little ice now and then.

  110. Purchased the blender but didn’t think it was great. I returned it, they received it about a month and a half ago and now I have called 3 times and have still not gotten a refund back to my credit card.

  111. I purchased my Health Master on Jul 1 2010, it just stopped working today, the light turns on but the motor wont run, I tried the reset button at the bottom but it still wont start. I read the manual to do troubleshooting but to no avail. So I rushed to the web site to see if there were any complaints about the product and to my dismay found a multitude of them, too bad I decided to read the reviews after the purchase and not before. I was actually disappointed from the beginning when I ordered my Health Master and chose the 4 payment plan option and they charged it all in one payment, luckily I had enough money in my checking account to cover it. I dread all I am going to go through to return this product or at least get it repaired.

  112. I use the blender as it leaks and power fades. I will use it until motor fails. If anyone has money back secrets, keep in touch. great web site. I will google everything I plan to buy. Impulse no more even if Elvis or Marilyn endorse it. Thanks for being fellow sufferers of Health Master blender.

  113. First of all I wish to apologize for earlier comments that may have seemed rude and condescending. Let’s look at something for a moment. If you buy a product and you really want it to work and last you take care of it right. Just like my buddy in high school with the first car he ever had. Dealership and the owner’s manual said runs fine on regular gas, but only the best was good enough for HIS ride. The best on the market and the best oil and the best radiator fluid. My point is, do the little extra that the directions don’t mention. Like, don’t put the ice cubes in first so they wedge in the blades before even starting the motor. Add them last. Same results. Notice in the tutorial video, the softer ingredients go in first. Nothing wrong with that and no it’s not deceptive marketing. It just makes sense. If the ice gets wedged from the get go the blades don’t turn and the motor over heats and then the stench. I tend to be mechanically inclined and just figured this stuff out, but IF you follow the directions AND do the little extra, it pays and it works. As far as the guy who thinks that cleaning the base unit is SO time consuming…I don’t get it. Everything is out there and a damp sponge and towel like the directions say work great. Most full blown smoothies with lot’s for good stuff takes me about six minutes from the first ingredient to the end of clean-up. That includes the base unit and putting the finished product into my glass and a storage container for later in the day. Remember, like with ANY mechanical device it takes a bit of preventative maintenance.

    • My problem is the same as what I have read. The oily rust leak that has stained cabinet, clothes, discloths and even hardwood floor.
      It is not a matter of cleaning up spilled liquid, It is a matter of a nasty oily mess every time I use it. I have had it for a year and replaced the base and jar. IT temporarily solved my problem. I love what it does and cannot afford to throw it out but would like to!!

  114. Well here’s the deal. I bought the Healthmaster and have had no problems, probably because I read the directions and use the devices that they suggest to use in helping the process. It’s a blender/emulsifier and I love mine. I blend great healthy drinks and get my essential vegetables and fruits as suggested by doctors. I am indeed sorry to hear that so many have problems, but I have learned one thing in life and having been in customer service before. A lot of times people are not following the specific directions for safe and efficient usage of products. Then it is the responsibility of someone else to fix the issue. Merely a suggestion and not necessarily the case in everyone’s problem with their units, however, in just reading the problems folks are having….like a friend used to always tell me…if all else fails, read the directions.

    • It has nothing to do with reading the directions, something I did!! it is just a piece of junk, and you will soon find out for yourself in do time. I would like to see what you would have to say then about reading the direction’s!

  115. I’m so hurt am on a fitted income, had a heart transplant and figured this would be great for my health, but when it arrived in October 09. I was hospitalized so I didn’t get to use it until last of November. On the 1st use it started smoking and burning and stopped! I called, they said they would send return label in march. Well this is July 29th 10 I called, by now all I want is my refund. They say calmly oh it is coming, like if you didn’t call it would never crossed our mind but since you did we’ll sent it to you. It sucks, don’t get this product never ever.

    • Hi Bonnie, I am responding to yours because I to had a heart transplant 6 years ago May 23 my 2nd birth date.. I saw that you were just recently hospitalized how long ago was your transplant? I am 32 now! I just purchased the blender and have not received it .. so of course I am now scared!

  116. The health master sucks…We got it in the mail and tried using it and it would not start….$200 dollars down the drain….

  117. The pitcher starts leaking when making drinks with ice in it, the ice in contact with the blade assembly causes just enough shrinkage on the metal bearing to allow liquid to pass. When the liquid passes through the bearing it changes to a darker color that looks like oil, over time this may cause the bearing to rust. When you blend warm or hot liquids in the Healthmaster it doesn’t seem to leak, the company needs to re-design the pitcher and do a replacement recall on this product for the pitcher.

  118. the return address is: 500 Returns Road Wallingford CT 06495

    I just got mine last night…read all your HealthMaster reviews and I just got off the phone with them to get a return authorization number. The man I spoke to was very nice and polite. I will try mailing this back through Fed-Ex or the cheapest way…..

  119. A warning to all those out there whom are considering buying a HEALTHMASTER. STAY AWAY FROM IT. It started to leak oil after a month of use. Now the pitcher is also leaking. I believe that the only solution to this problem is to throw this machine in the garbage where it belongs and take a loss. MONTEL YOU OUGHT TO BE ASHAMED OF YOURSELF REPRESENTING SUCH A CRAPPY PRODUCT! I am going to videotape this horrible machine and post it on you-tube.

  120. We purchased the Healthmaster Blender thinking it would be a great alternative to juicing. It worked great for about a month and then shut itself off while we were making a fruit smoothie. We used it maybe four times per week, nothing excessive. The pitcher is in the locked position and will not budge. The base will not turn on (we tried the reset button to no avail) and the pitcher is stuck on the base. I called customer support but because we purchased this at a raffle and not directly with the company, they can not confirm the warranty. They will ship out a new base and pitcher for $55 shipping cost. After reading other HealthMaster reviews regarding return problems we’re not sure we want to take that chance. I would not recommend this product to anyone.

    • I just had the same thing happen to me. I’ve had this HealthMaster Blender for 1.5 months and used 2x max. Today I had a moderate amount of ice in the blender and tried to make a smoothie and the thing just stopped. It seems obvious that the motor is gone. I have never bought anything from TV before and this will be the last time.

  121. My wife bought this blender with extreme hesitation. The Blender was bigger than I expected, but I thought that bigger is better, I guess not always the case. My blender stopped working The second month that I bought it and policy not to ever buy from TV was verified once again. I am going through hell returning it.i am in the process of legal representation. Never will I buy an infomercial product again.

  122. Oh, I forgot to tell you what not to forget! See that lil button on the bottom of the motor-base? it’s called the ‘Reset’ button. Try using it, after any time the motor won’t start..

  123. I perused the comments here and my conclusions (and a possibly helpful suggestion) are herein:

    (My background:
    Trained as a mechanical engineer and then in the practice of medicine: now retired.)

    Most complaints deal either with a ‘leaking container’ or a non-operating motor. These issues might be connected:

    IE, an inadequately-lubricated bearing is prone to ‘seize’ .. ie, metal will actually melt and perhaps even ‘weld’ its parts together .. Not a good thing!

    Then, such a ‘seized bearing’ will inordinately overload the motor (accounting for ‘smells like burning’ complaints). Although the product is advertised as having a ‘temperature sensitive motor lock out’ , perhaps that circuitry is faulty, in design or function, allowing continued electrical current to flow despite an overheated device.

    My suggestions:

    1) Lubricate the bearing in the container! I found that inverting the container and dripping
    maybe a dozen drops of mineral oil on top of the end of the drive-shaft will let oil ‘pool’ around the end of the bearing: then, manually rotating the bearing several times ought to allow some oil to flow. I found that the inverted container will fit in that same orientation on top of the motor-base .. So: store it that way! The cover (but not the ‘plunger’ of course) will fit over the now-on-top bearing/blade end of the container, for dust protection.

    2) Know how it sounds when first operated.. get the feel of it! If that sound changes significantly, make sure to shut the device off!

    A properly-lubricated bearing ought never to overheat: in fact, bearings are hardly ever made to work ‘metal-on-metal’ .. there always must be a lubricating layer between surfaces (except with ‘low duty-cycle, low force’ situations)

    I notice too that the bearing assembly is totally removable: Inside the container is the hex-end of the shaft, useful if you’ve an extension for a socket wrench .. Carefully gripping the ‘motor-end’ of the container’s shaft can allow removal and perhaps even the application of a grease-type lube (FDA approved!) to the now-disassembled unit. ‘Mineral Oil’ from your local pharmacy is OK health-wise, but might not be heavy enough for ideal performance. Personally, I think its ok if used before each time you put the device away: drip some oil, spin the gear, put the thing on the shelf.

    Yes, these issues should not be a price that any customer has to pay to get a properly-functioning unit.. but basic principles of engineering might completely alleviate both problems of the container leaking and the motor damage.

    These are my ideas only; they do not represent any professional ‘practice of engineering nor of medicine’.

    • I just ordered the health master and heard so many complaints about it.
      I haven’t got it in yet but I just wanted to tell you your advice sounds good and makes sense. I am going to do this before each use and pray mine don’t break like so many people have talked about. Please if you can e-mail me as to how long you have had yours and any other suggesting s I would love to hear from you.

      Thank You

  124. Aside from the awful smell the Healthmaster releases when turned on, the motor now stops when there is more than one ice cube in it. I have had the Health Master blender for a couple of months and it is now defective. This is a typical made in China piece of junk. I am going to take this to small claims court.

    • I absolutely agree as I had the same experience and I can join you in the lawsuit. Not only that they say it has a lifetime warranty and it has been three months since I contacted them and they are yet to make me whole.

  125. My husband ordered the Health Master a month ago and it just stopped working tonight! I read all these Health Master reviews after we have purchased this product and it makes me angry. My 30 dollar blender that’s 2 years old works better than this product. I will be returning this piece of junk and I hope they will not give me any problems because really I AM NOT THE ONE! Montel will want to meet me in person after I get done with this company if I have any issues out of them. Will let you know what happens…

  126. For the most part, it works… but it’s very very loud..Motor quit after 1 month.. but they replaced the unit.. When we got it, it sounded like the gears inside were really dry, and grinding. I think it has a problem of overheating, so they just hid that problem by saying hey, it gets hot enough to heat soup. They warn you not to use it too long, cause it really heats up. It did chop anything we put in it. But I think it is a rip off…

  127. Started leaking oil the second week after we bought it! Poor customer service, I am going to return Montel Health Master Blender as soon as I can. Do not purchase.

  128. I am SO glad I found this website… Montel was so convincing I was going to purchase it this week. Now that I’m more informed… I will look into the VitaMix product. Thanks so much for everybody’s input!

    • Thank you for your input. I definitely agree. After finding this website, I felt the same way. Since reading everyone’s comments/complaints about Health Master, I will not consider this purchase.

  129. Thanks to all of you for taking the time to post your reviews. The infomercial is very persuasive because you look at Montel and he looks great after being so sick. I am disappointed that he is using his “new lease on life” to swindle other people out of their hard earned cash.

  130. Wow, this is unbelievable. I have always respected Montel and to see so many negative reviews, I am speechless. I never thought Montel would stand behind something he didn’t believe would work! Thank you very much to all of you for your honest reviews. It looks like I have saved myself $250. 🙂

  131. don’t buy the Healthmaster Blender… they are holding my money all most one month after I sent back the Item now my Visa office are dealing with them,so don’t waste your Money this people they are not honest with the business they do.

  132. maybe this is really a “weed” blender..ya know Monty is legally for health reasons has access to the chronic….smile

  133. I purchased the healthmaster 11/09. Use it everyday, love it. The pitcher leaked oil, still worked, I called and was told to send 24.99 and would get a new one in 4-6 weeks. I don’t think I should have been charged a cent since its only 6 months old. I’ll see how the new one works

  134. I too, like an ass, purchased the HealthMaster blender back in Feb/10. It burned out after the second try on the same day as it arrived. Won’t reset or anything. It just sat there like a very expensive paperweight. I called and was told they would send me a new base as it was still under warranty. So far so good….WRONG, it’s now May 23 and I’m still waiting. I keep calling and keep getting…it’s back ordered. No supervisors to speak with are ever available. I called AGAIN today and was told it would ship May 28th. I told her to cut and paste whatever she was reading and send it to me. She did and it said I was to expect delivery on 06-02-10. Why do I so not believe her. I’ll let ya all know.

  135. Hello, I only had the HealthMaster for two days! At first, the unit seemed to be of real quality until problems with motor developed on second day. Their soup veg. recipe turned out to end up as a full carafe of foam (after 8 minutes run time / taste was horrible). I called their service for help, and finally ended up hanging up the telephone. This unit compared to the VitaMix is a real piece of junk. The more that I read about the reviews of this product, the more I became convinced to send it back immediately. I have been and still am a VitaMix user since 1973. My machine (that I now have) looks like new, and has been running without a hitch of trouble for approximately 18 years; use it daily. Best of luck to all of you.

  136. the Montel Health Master Blender is garbage…it was given to me as a gift. I put spinach broccoli and carrots in to make a soup and the carrots and broccoli sat on top and never got broken up after 10 minutes of waiting….

  137. this Healthmaster blender is garbage such as their customer service, complete waste many lies and misguided judgment, I have contacted my American express if you purchased this with a credit card I suggest you have the payments stopped and keep the confirmation notice the purchase order on your paperwork is your return autho number, the unit is made in china and does not have the the slightest closeness to work as good as the vita mix 5700 do not waste your time with the heathmaster you will only be sorry such as many of us are.

  138. I was just wondering if anyone took the time to read the instructions before using it? Also, there is a reset button on the bottom of the unit which resets the motor if the auto shut off happens.

    I just imagine all these people buying it just to see it turbo sh-t up, like a little kid…and end up smashing so many things into the darn thing until it blows up then can’t wait to complain about it.

    Of course its not a VitaMix and is a lower grade, understand what you have and read the darn instructions!

    • Nyla I would have to disagree with you very strongly. This machine is BS and if you would like me to send a video then I would be happy to do that for you. Did you read most of these reviews, do you really think all these people are incompetent and haven’t read the instructions. Glad yours might be working well but you cant judge for everyone else.

  139. Gosh, Glad I read these reviews before buying HealthMaster. Seems some folks have good things to say but most do NOT! What has happened to America where everything is a scam and people advertizing are just about how much money they will make endorsing a product? Shame on companies that make a faulty product (this includes the auto industry also) expecting Americans to spend their HARD earned money, only to be taken in while the money-people laugh about it all the way to the bank. Montel you’re a better person than that. I’ll be loking else where for a product with better, more consistant GOOD reviews. Thanks folks for speaking out to help your fellow consumers!

  140. I bought this because I am on holistic diet that requires me to juice carrots, apple, celery, cabbage, lemon,kale and cucumber daily. I put all the stuff in, add the water, pulse it 3 times and finish blending at high speed. This machine works as promised! I bought a brand new one at Bed Bath and Beyond who will allow you to return it at any time if it doesn’t work. With the floor model discount and the 20% off coupon, I paid $144.00, which is less than a third of the Vitamix. I use it every day and am thankful that it works!

    • Kristy,
      The ingredients for your holistic diet sound great. Would you mind sharing the quantities of each?

      • Elaine…I bought mind for the same reason..a, looking for honest answer…mine is still in box..never read reviews prior to purchase only after getting online looking for additional recipes…am blown away by all the negatives…yours seems fine…any more to share on this would be useful..would you mine sharing recipes and how you have avoided the problems others seem to be having…looking forward to response…thank you

  141. I bought a Health Master and 2nd one at 1/2 price. I was not told that the second one was refurbished . I have been trying to return the refurbished one to date, it has been 6months now. I am still awaiting a RA number . I was also caught with the magazines they offer free. I have cancelled all magazines and today I was charged $94.00 to my account I am so frustrated with this bogus ad. that I am about to call the TV station that promotes this blender/emulsifer etc.
    I donot recommend anyone to purchase this equipment. As for the Customer service . Its stinks and not helpful at all .

  142. This blender is horrible. It worked for about 4 months then stuff started coming out of the bottom of carafe. It got worse and most of the shake was all over the base of blender. When I called customer service the reminded me my 90 days was up and they could send me a new carafe for 24.99. I am totally disappointed. I dont recommend this blender to anyone. Save your money and buy a VitaMix or Ktec.

  143. We purchased the HealthMaster and LOVED IT UNTIL the motor stopped working after about 3 weeks…we have had TERRIBLE Customer Service and are getting hassled even when it is supposed to be a money back guarantee…DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT…. Also, when it quit working it almost started a fire with smoke and smell and everything…contact the Better Business Bureau and Attorney General’s Office and let’s get these Scammers out of business!!

    • This is the best advice posted so far: DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT, CONTACT THE OFFICE OF ATTORNEY’S GENERAL FOR YOUR STATE, AND CONTACT THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU. I would also suggest contact the Office of Consumer’s Affairs for your state. Run these scammers out of business! Would it be possible for a court to award a settlement to all who have been victimized by Montel Williams and the HealthMaster scam?

  144. “I purchased this montel healthmaster unit in November 2009, used it 5 times and the motor quit working and had a burnt electric smell. All lights on the healthmaster blender come on but the motor does not start. Since this machine is getting so much negative publicity, it should be removed from the market. It seems to be yet another consumer rip off.”

    This exact same situation just happened with my mother blender today! It really stinks, because we too thought that since Montel was hyping this thing up, and the price was right for a blender that does so MUCH, my mother really believed that she was getting a good product. She even purchased one of these blenders for myself and now I am just counting down the days until this 250.00 piece of crap, burns out on me. I say that we all take this to the better business bureau and complain about these overpriced PAPER WEIGHTS!~

  145. ordered the healthmaster and after reading about the problems,did not take it out of the box.Sent it back and found out they charged $39 for shipping and deducted it from the cost. what a rip off .Thought Montel Williams was a person of high standards. forget that.

  146. please do yourself a favor and do not buy this…. not worth anything. I bought this healthmaster blender at target thank god and was able to return it and get money back. The motor just stop working in just two days . I used 2 health master in just under one week.

  147. Montel Healthmaster Review #20
    I’m sure glad I checked the complaints about the montel HealthMaster blender before I made a purchase. I will now look elsewhere for a blender

  148. I was not satisfied with the HealthMaster Blender for a number of reasons. When time was set, it would shut off, the motor roared so loud we could not hear each other. I called the healthmaster company for a return address and they were snotty, unprofessional and hung up on me. Another person that tried to return hers to these two addresses 500 Returns Road and 400 Fullfillment Circle both in Wilmingford, Ct. and neither are correct. She stated the first came back. Ups charged her for both ways. Almost 50.00, Does anyone have the correct return address for Healthmaster blender. I have a return # but they hung up on me when I wanted the return address. Thanks. Please Reply.

  149. Montel HealthMaster Review 14
    I purchased my Montel Blender and used it for two weeks and loved it. Then it started leaking from the bottom all over the base. I called customer care and she said this was normal!? How is that normal?? I will be returning the device because it is within my 60 days and I will buy a vit a mix blender. I don’t see many negative comments for that blender, it just costs more.

  150. I purchased the Montel Williams Healthmaster. I made great smoothies and soups about a dozen times. It is now leaking. When I called the customer service center to report the defect, I was told they would not replace the defective pitcher unless I paid for it. $25.00! I am insulted that I paid $200 for this machine and Montel does not stand behind it. Beware!


      • @lisa…do you really think this works. I just got mine and didn’t read reviews until looking for additional recipes and came across the reviews, mine is still in the box. Please I am looking for truthful answer, so many dissatisfied. What’s really up with the machine.

  152. Buy a Blendtec HP3A or Total Blender. I bought a Blendtec HP3A for $325 (no shipping or sales tax, reg price $399) and I love it. I make smoothies 3-4 times a week. Unlike the Vitamix blenders, you do not need a tamper (stick) to push food down into the blades. The Blendtec computer controlled blades will slow down or pause to allow food to drop down and then the blades will pulverize and then liquify the food. The Blendtec is super easy to clean.

    Unlike the Montel Williams Living Well Healthmaster blender, Blendtec uses square pitchers which do not require a stupid locking mechanism. Why the Healthmaster would require the user to lock the lid and the bottom of the pitcher is stupid. Do not buy the Healthmaster or you will regret wasting $200 or $250 (upgraded version).

  153. I agree with Dana Jo, It looked like a good deal & Montel always seemed like a person of character. He needs to remove his endorsment of the product to salvage his rep. If not He’ll end selling SHAM WOW towels.

    • Don’t insult the shamwow towels! They actually got a very good review from Reader’s Digest when they test the on tv products. It was given 4 stars, I think, out of 4. Said it does what it claims to do. Not so with the Healthmaster!

  154. I was really hoping that this product would be different a great value and high functioning, because Montel was behind it. His character seems solid, so I was going to buy this product. After reading all the negative reviews about this machine, I am going to pass. Very sad, I am afraid this changes my opinion of Montel. If he was a stand-up guy, he would insist that all these problems were addressed, or cancel his contract. Most disappointing.

  155. It doesn’t work like on TV, not at all. I got it home and put the veggies with fruit in it, plus ice and water. Didn’t grind anything, so don’t waste your money. It’s not worth $250…

  156. I am thinking of buying a healthmaster but I have heard that if and when the pitcher or container wares out (inc the blades and bearings) in the pitcher there is no way to replace them other than buying a whole entire new machine. Can anyone tell me if that is true? The motor may have a 100 year guarantee but if you cant replace anything else what is the point?
    I would like to hear more on this.

    • Yes its true that you can not replace a specific part of this blender….you will have to return the entire blender and pay $50 extra for s/h as they will pay you only the blender’s cost. Forget about this and buy some branded product

  157. Same here…. not sure if I should go for Healthmaster or Vitamix. Can anybody tell me which is better – Vitamix Or HealthMaster

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