Harvest Cookware Pressure Pro Cooker Review

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What is Harvest Pressure Pro

It is an automatic pressure cooker that claims to cook your family favourite dishes in minutes with a simple press of a button.

Harvest Pressure Pro promises to save you time in the kitchen while you express your passion for cooking and impress your loved ones. Many of us are hard pressed for time today because of the demands on our personal and professional lives. You are looking for ways to cut down on the cooking time in the kitchen. Harvest Pressure Pro maintains that it can do just that for you.

Why Harvest Cookware Pressure Pro Cooker

Family meal time is obviously the best way to have great time with your loved ones but the hassles of cooking for such meals is a lot. Especially if everyone plays favorites, you might be stuck in the kitchen for quite a long time. Plus each different food types might require the need of using different appliances instead of one. This entire messy affair will only increase when you expect friends and relatives visiting you. Harvest Cookware Pressure Pro Cooker is said to cut this time very significantly to few odd minutes only.

Harvest Cookware Pressure Pro Cooker Review

Harvest Cookware Pressure Pro Cooker is believed to be several notches above the normal countertop stoves with its easy, healthy, environment-friendly and time-saving features. Harvest Cookware Pressure Pro Cooker is designed in a way that it consumes 70% lesser energy, lets you cook nutritious food and reduces cooking time by 2-6 times. All this is possible because of the microprocessor that monitors the temperature and pressure, maintains the duration and adjusts heating intensity according to the volume of food being cooked to let you cook consistent and delectable dishes every time.

10 cooking programs with just the press of a button

Harvest Cookware Pressure Pro Cooker is a multipurpose cooker with 10 such inbuilt programs to function as a rice cooker, sauté and brown, slow cook, steam, and warm with just the press of a button. You can relish all the flavors of the food, including fresh porridges in the morning, since it seals in all the aromas without any noise, leakage, steams or the food smelling till you open the lid.

Safe operation and good for health

The kitchen-friendly appliance heats food perfectly without heating up the surrounding. There is also no health hazard of nonstick coating residue and the cooker is also made to last long. Harvest Cookware Pressure Pro Cooker turns off automatically to prevent explosion even if you accidentally forget to turn it off before leaving the house.

Harvest Cookware Pressure Pro Cooker Features

Harvest Cookware Pressure Pro Cooker promises to be a unique cookware that is packed with so many features that it will make the other appliances obsolete. First highlighted feature of Harvest Cookware Pressure Pro Cooker is said to its intelligent system which automatically decides thanks to its 10-in-1 smart steam technology. The technology supposedly decides on itself the food type, temperature and pressure required to cook the food placed in Harvest Cookware Pressure Pro Cooker and all this at the touch of a button. The heating inside Harvest Cookware Pressure Pro Cooker takes place due to generation of steam instead of air since steam heats up faster. Harvest Cookware Pressure Pro Cooker also comes with a delay timer and warning feature for ease of use. Cleaning it is easy since it is completely dishwasher safe.

Harvest Cookware Pressure Pro Cooker Benefits

Harvest Cookware Pressure Pro Cooker claims to have numerous benefits over conventional cooking methods using microwave, cooker, oven, etc. The highlight of all is the patented system which keeps the flavor and moisture in the food intact due to heating from all sides by pressurized steam. Plus Harvest Cookware Pressure Pro Cooker supposedly cooks everything from a chicken soup in 10 minutes to a pot roast in just 30 minutes making it the perfect replacement for all other appliances. And it has a good enough 6 quart capacity to cook for the entire family.

Cooking food in Harvest Cookware Pressure Pro Cooker has the greatest benefit of retaining all the nutrients in the food. Cooking in a pressure cooker is usually thought to damage nutrients from food because it’s cooked at a higher temperature. But that’s far from the truth because pressure cooking, in fact, retains more nutrients than boiling or steaming. And that is because it’s not the high temperature but the cooking time that affects the nutrients adversely. Cooking in Harvest Cookware Pressure Pro Cooker cuts down the cooking time by 2-6 times thus keeping the nutrition intact.


While boiling the food’s nutrients leak from vegetables into water, which get chucked out. But Harvest Cookware Pressure Pro Cooker uses very little water that does not steal the nutrients and the pressure cooker doesn’t let the steam escape thereby keeping all the nutrition sealed in the food. It also reduces phytic acid in grains and legumes thus them more digestible than boiling the foods would. When dry cooked on high temperature with methods like roasting or grilling, some foods form carcinogens like acrylamides. But the steam sealed in Harvest Cookware Pressure Pro Cooker doesn’t let those carcinogens form. Foods also become more digestible after the proteins are denatured and meats become tender in Harvest Cookware Pressure Pro Cooker.

What do I get?

  • 1 Harvest Cookware Pressure Pro Cooker
  • 1 Grandma’s Secret Cookbook full of scrumptious recipes
  • 1 Ceramic knife set including a 5-inch slicing blade
  • 1 3-inch paring knife and never-dull ceramic peeler

All this for just $99.99 + P/H. Official website: GetPressurePro.com

Harvest Pressure Pro works on 10-in-1 Smart Steam technology

It’s this technology that enables Harvest Pressure Pro to determine the quantity of food being cooked, whether it’s fresh or frozen. Thus it selects the proper pressure and temperature for cooking, and heats up with all the liquids, food and flavours locked inside, according to its claims. Harvest Pressure Pro guarantees you super heated pressurized steam, which ensures that the seasoning and natural flavours get deep into the fibre of food. As a result you are guaranteed delicious tasting food every time you cook with it.

Harvest Pressure Pro saves you time in the kitchen

Harvest Pressure Pro brings super heated and pressurized steam into the picture and it is better conductor of heat than air. That’s why; food can be cooked ten times faster and you are save a lot of time. Harvest Pressure Pro also asserts that it maintains even temperature from the centre to the edge enabling uniform cooking. It also claims that it can lock the moisture in while cooking and thus offering you tender, moist and more delicious meals.

Harvest Pressure Pro is packed with features for you

Harvest Pressure Pro has a digital display that gives you wide range of cooking options. You can also adjust the cooking time and pressure based on your specific requirements for certain recipes. Digital pressure cooking utilizes up to 248 degree F of temperature, which is a sterile and healthier cooking environment as well.

Harvest Pressure Pro also ensures that there are no spills, boil-overs and “hot kitchens”, which add to your woes while cooking. There’s the Steam Mode, which boils liquid in inner pot in minutes and steams various types of foods. The Keep Warm mode on the other hand ensures that food stays warm.

Harvest Pressure Pro has safety features too

Harvest Pressure Pro has a Lid Safety Device, which guarantees that pressure won’t build up if the lid is not closed properly and the lid won’t open until the pressure is released. Pressure and Temperature Sensor controls maintain heat and pressure by activating and deactivating power supply. Harvest Pressure Pro has Backup Safety Release Valve in case the sensor controls malfunction. Clog Resistant Feature stops food from blocking steam release port. “Spring Loaded” Safety Pressure Release comes into picture if all other safety features fail and thus ensuring your safety at all times.

Above all, there’s the Temperature cut-off device, which cuts off power supply in case the unit malfunctions and causes internal temperature to rise beyond “safe” limit.

Harvest Cookware Pressure Pro Cooker Video

57 thoughts on “Harvest Cookware Pressure Pro Cooker Review

  1. I purchased my Harvest Pressure Pot from KMart, didn’t use it right away but when I did the valve that plugs the pot seems to be missing. The pot does not build pressure. I returned the pot to KMart but a liquidation company had taken over and would/could do nothing about it.
    I did read the manual. It seems that the valve that causes the pot to pressure is missing. Help

  2. I would love to have the user manual and cook book for it.Don’t understand why they dont come with the cookers…

  3. I’ve been trying to convert Instant Pot brand recipes from Pinterest to the Pressure Pro and haven’t been able to figure out how to manually set the time. The FAQ says to add the minute to preset time, but aren’t the preset times all different pressure?

  4. I need the operation manual for model ybw60p harvest pressure cooker . where can I get one.

    Thanks Charles

  5. Cornbeef: Recipe said it cooks in 99 minutes
    Bell never rang, I unplugged it after 148 minutes,
    Beef was good.
    Any comments?

  6. I have this cooker. Does it come with a streamer tray to keep meat and veggies off bottom to keep from sticking?

  7. I just bought mine –
    Bought at K-Mart for 99.99 plus tax; no shipping.
    AND – I added a two year replacement warranty through K-mart for 13.99 –
    MUCH better deal that way –

    Have NOT tried it yet – instructions and cookbook are pretty much a joke, so will be doing a lot of experimenting.

  8. I just received a Harvest Cookware Pressure Pro as a gift. However, there was no operating manual with it. How can I obtain one?

  9. I cook a chicken it came out tender but white not like the golden brown picture in the cook book. Am I doing something wrong?

  10. I have purchased the Harvest Pressure Pro cookware, but it did not come with a manual for canning, how do I get one? And if I need other insides for canning.. jar holder etc?

    • Well the cookbook it came with was poorly written and uses some ingredients I never heard about. The one recipe called for wine, I believe it was the fall off the bone ribs or just the bbq ribs. It doesn’t tell you what kind of wine or even how much. I would have loved that it had a bigger more expansive recipe book. I had to look on youtube to learn how to make chicken wings or even a whole chicken.

  11. I bought the Harvest Pressure Pro. I’m not unfamiliar with pressure cookers but this is my first electric one. I can’t cook with it because I can’t get the seal to go down!!! Your pictures are not understandable; they are too small, for one thing. I press a cooking method and a time comes up then flashes off and there are just two arrows that keep flashing. Please tell me how to use this thing or I’m sending it back and getting myself a top-of-stove pressure cooker….cheaper too.

    • The one I bought did the same thing. it just kept flashing the arrows up and down. I took the lid apart and reapplied the seal to the lid and it worked I also made sure to jiggle the vents to make sure they were not stuck in one position.

      • U just have to wait till the pressure builds high enough…the time will only display on the screen once the pressure has built up.

  12. I live in the Netherlands and I bought the cooker on a TV sell channel, was a bit sceptical but I first tried Goulash, it tasted very well but I know now that you’ve got to add less moist then usual because it doesn’t evaporate. And I love to cook Indonesian food, so I tried two dishes with meat and one with vegetables, the meat dishes took about 25 minutes and the vegatables 5 minutes and I must say the result is splendid! And with the help from the cookbook you can figure out how to cook other dishes. The best part of the cooker is that you can brown te meat with onions first and then add the rest, close the lid press the right button and then wait till your dish is finished.

  13. I’ve just purchased the Pressure Pro and so far so good. Felt brave and experimented with beef roast. After a bit of fiddling with the settings we eventually sat down to a beautiful juicy roast. The meat was so tender without being dried out. I’m trying the ‘Perfect pulled Pork’ tonight. With anything new you need to be patient and do a little experimenting. I’m looking forward to the challenge. Like anything new I know there will be ‘flops’, but I’ve had plenty of those cooking conventionally.

  14. I tried calling the number 1-973-278-5159. It is out of service. I have emailed. I cannot adjust the pressure on my new Harvest Cookware Pressure Pro on any of the settings. It stays on medium the whole time. My cooker does not look like any online or the TV. Theirs does not have Harvest on them. The directions stated it would be silent, not leak, or not smell of the food cooking. Not true. Checked the seal and check top to see if locked. Nothing’s wrong or out of place. I hear the steam from the vent while it is closed. I thought I was suppose to get the food chopper/processor with it. Did not. Please help!

    Tametha Sheppard
    488 Oakland Circle
    Jackson, GA 30233
    email: sheppardt@bcssk12.org

  15. Hello all can anyone tell me where
    I can buy the pressure pro in Australia
    And if there is no resellers in Australia where
    Can I apply to be one cheers Mel


      • I ordered pressure pro, reading both good and bad, but figure any new thing requires time to learn. The customer service number I was provided upon ordering is 1-973-287-5059. the web site is ww.powerpressurecooker.com

    • Doesn’t have many recipes in it to began with, this unit is almost the same as power pressure cooker xl. Look on youtube for step by step instructions on other recipes. If you need more recipes look on amazon.com there are plenty of recipe books with a lot of good meals on electric pressure cookers.

  17. Who can provide information about how many electricity the pressure cooker eats in a hour? It should be marked outside it, close to a cable.

  18. Yes Harvest Cookware Pressure Pro Cooker really works, it cooks faster and it cooks every thing evenly as long as you follow the simple instructions to the letter, if for some reason you are not sure about something you can always ask some one to help you understand the procedure. The only way for you to experience the way this cooks is to get one or find someone that has one and ask them to show you how it works by preparing one of the recipes to get a feel of it. The only thing that I can say is, if you don’t take the chance to get one and experience the way it cooks, then you will never know. Life is what we make of it, we take chances never knowing the outcome, good or bad, but we know if we do not do this for ourselves no one will.

      • I would say for the money and advertisements we should have gotten a good instructional manual. I am learning as I go with the meat but would have loved to have instructions for canning, meals, etc in a manual form. Any luck on finding one?

    • My first try was cooking some Chicken Wings – maybe 20 pcs – NOT frozen – thought I should try the 99it button as they show on the TV Commercial – Guess What – they took 3 1/2 hours – took 2 hours before it started to count down from 99…. This is fast ??????

  19. I have watched the Harvest Cookware ad on tv and I like what I see but I never buy when I dont know the cost, why, because I work on a pension. The savings look very appealing.

    Look forward to hearing from you soon.


    • George my name is Randolph I live in Ralston, Nebraska, I called American Harvest explained to them that I live on a limited amount of income and asked them if they would allow me to make 3 monthly payments and they agreed to this. After a few days had gone by I got Harvest Cookware Pressure Pro Cooker delivered and read the instructions on how to safely operate the cooker. Then I washed the parts by hand with soap detergent rinsed and dried the parts assembled it again which was easy, followed the instructions on how to prepare the chicken noodle soup, it turned out great, you will enjoy it, you owe it to yourself to get this, don’t take my word for it, because if you get it you will enjoy it, also since the cooker does most of the work for you, you probably could invite friends over to have a home cooked meal prepared by you and have them tell you how much they enjoyed your meal, you could also let them in to your secret of how you did it and help them to prepare their own meals safely, well I hope this helps

  20. Where are the reviews??? I came here to read the specific Harvest Cookware reviews..not generic info about the pressure cookers. There are no reviews of this product anywhere online…why?

      • Same again – saw it advertised on TV and thought it sounded wonderful and got quite excited about it. But as I have been caught before with buying from the fantastic advertising on TV I looked up the reviews – hardly any. With the amount they must been selling there is only one bad review – hard to believe. Think I’ll give it a wide berth.

    • Have you ever thought that some people are selfish and do not want to share their experiences with others by letting others know what works and what doesn’t, my friend if I am allowed to refer myself in this way like the pressure cooker and the way it does it and so far enjoy the meals that I have prepared for myself. I do not have to burden any one and ask them to help me prepare any meal for myself, when I do this it’s for my own enjoyment and not for others. I can say I love the way what ever I attempt to cook will turn out the way that I expect it to and don’t have to make excuses. I do not get any compensation for my revue and these are my own thoughts and expressions, so I will leave you with this message, try it, if you do not like it you have the option to return it, but after trying it I don’t think you would. If I had the money I would give one of these to my family members and my own close friends.

    • Nelson, I bought mine at Kmart after watching it on tv. Brought it home and made fall off the bone ribs, I had trouble at first trying to get it to seal correctly. the little lights just kept going round and round for about 30 minutes, Finally let the steam out took it apart and took the seal off and reapplied it back on, also made sure the vents were not stuck open . put it back on and it worked. The ribs came out ooohh sooo very good . By the way I added two cans of beer in it. I read that if there is not enough food or liquid the cooker will not seal right.

  21. What is the inside cooking surface made of?
    What is the max pressure level this Harvest Cookware reaches?
    Is it safe?
    Is it UL and ULC certified?
    What is the delay time limit?

    • I really do not know what Harvest Cooker is made of, but if you are really interested in what materials they use why don’t you ask them, I am sure they would be happy to help you with this, after all they want to sell their product and make it available to the general public in a safe way. Don’t you think that if you asked the company for this information and they refused or told you some story as to why they couldn’t tell you, would you want to buy any of their products? They are in the business to make money not in the business of selling products that are unsafe to the general public. If you do not want to buy this, then don’t no one is asking you to do this, if you prefer to do something different that’s you choice. Good day to you, please do not take this personal, its not intended to be.

      • Very defensive answer for 5 simple questions. They probably want to know if the surface is coated with teflon. I would guess you are a company spokesman trying to not answer that set of simple questions and probably afraid some of those answers will hurt sales. There are many companies who try to make a quick buck with a new product and then disappear and there is no evidence to prove your reply as right or wrong. This individual wanted a customer review not a commercial answer from a public relation specialist they would get from a company they do not know.

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