Handy Delite

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What is Handy Delite

It is a set of moulds for making pasties that is easy to use and gives perfectly-shaped and unbroken treats every time to make home-made pasties seem like they are from a bakery.

Bakery-like pasties right at home

Handy Delite are moulds for pasties that claim to be the best way to give your home-made pasties a bakery-like look easily every time. If you like baking treats for your family, the biggest problem is that the filling never stays in and it takes hours of labor to make pasties by hand. Even if you make the yummiest of stuffing and do a lot of hard work making the pasties, the filling often spills out making them look unappetizing and can be such a disappointment. And if you are hosting a party, it means spending an entire day in the kitchen making big batches of pasties or calzones. But Handy Delite alleges that now you can make pasties and more delicacies easily and within minutes.


Extremely easy to use

The makers of Handy Delite convince that making the most delicious and gourmet-quality desserts is extremely easy. It maintains that it takes just three easy steps to get your perfect looking pasties and calzones. First you need to place the pasty sheet in the mould, fill it in with the stuffing of your choice and then close the mould to get a delicious and pretty pasty. The design of Handy Delite proclaims that filling will never spill out and so easy to use that even a first time baker or cook can use it to make delights to perfection.

Innumerable possibilities of delights

Handy Delite states that it will let you make any number of stuffed delights – sweet as well as savory. Other than pasties, it claims to let you make treats as varied as Italian ravioli pasta to oriental dumplings, canapés, calzones, puffs, and desserts like apple strudel, fruit turnovers, and many more such delicacies. The ease of use will let you make batches of delights quickly and easily. No matter what the occasion you need to bake for, your kid’s birthday, pot lunch or a dinner party, you can impress your people with your own baked stuff instead of buying them from a bakery and that too without breaking a sweat or spending hours holed up in the kitchen.

Durable and dishwasher safe

The manufacturers of Handy Delite promise that the pasty moulds come in three different sizes and shapes to give you the choice of delicacy you want to make. Whether you want to make big calzones and pies to fill a platter or small ones for on the side treats, Handy Delite claims to let you do it all. It also maintains to be made of durable material so it lasts really long. Cleaning of Handy Delite is proclaimed to be as easy as using it to make pasties. It claims to be dishwasher safe and does not require any special assembly to work.

What do I get?

You get HANDY DELITE for £17.95 plus £4.99 shipping.Official website islshop.co.uk


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