Handy Can-Opener REVIEW

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What is Handy Can-Opener

As per the TV infomercial it is an automatic opener that uses a rotating gear system to open various sized cans easily. Handy Can-Opener emphasizes to be the most convenient solution available for opening cans. Handy Can-Opener declares to understand the worries of opening cans with hands and razor sharp devices and negates them all.


Handy Can-Opener CLAIMS

Stress-free can opener – Handy Can-Opener assures that it does the job automatically without stressing the user’s hands. At this point of time there are no Handy Can-Opener reviews available for analyzing and confirming its claims.

Automatic cutting action – Handy Can-Opener guarantees to provide hands-free cutting action with its rotating gear assembly. All one needs to do is attach it to a can and press the start button. Handy Can-Opener promises to deliver a clean cut result every single time. Handy Can-Opener alleges to have a powerful built-in magnet that prevents dirty lids from falling in. The powerful rotating gear system cuts beneath the lid so that one can reuse the lid again. Such amazing action makes Handy Can-Opener an interesting purchase but will be proved once users review it.

Numerous benefits – Unlike other can openers, Handy Can-Opener asserts to be completely safe for use and doesn’t involve any sharp edges. Its automatic system ensures that it can be used even by people suffering from hand or joint pain and arthritis. Handy Can-Opener also claims to be lightweight and compact for easy storage. Currently there are no user reviews available that will substantiate with its claims.

Handy Can Opener Questions and Answers

Q. Can the Handy Can Opener be used with only one hand?
A. Yes, you only need one hand. All you do is place it on top of the can and push the button. The opener will do the rest.

Q. Does the Handy Can Opener open all sizes?
A. As others stated, the Handy Can Opener will open any sized can. The only limitation is with cans having angles such as rectangles (like sardines or spam) or triangles (like canned ham).

Q. What if the batteries die while unit is operating?
A. There are instructions that come with it that tells you how to use the manual release.

Q. What are the types of battery for the Handy Can Opener i.e. rechargeable, D cell?
A. It takes 2 AA batteries.

Q. Does the cutting assembly get dirty with each use and if so is it hard to clean?
A. The cutting edge seems to stay pretty clean. Once in awhile a strip of paper from the can being opened will be caught behind the cutting head. It is easy to pull out though.

Q. Does the Handy Can Opener leave thin strands of metal like other smooth edge openers?
A. It does not leave thin strands of metal; however there may be some strands of the paper label hanging on to the can.

Q. Can a left-handed person use the Handy Can Opener?
A. Yes. The “features” says, “Safely cuts from the side of the can, leaving no sharp edges.”

Q. I’m guessing the sharp edges are on the can instead of the lid?
A. No sharp edges on the can or the lid.

Q. Will the Handy Can Opener open the thick metal of a #10 size can?
A. Haven’t had any problem opening any thickness of metal. A size 10 is like a coffee can, so it shouldn’t be a problem.

Q. Does the Handy Can Opener also help open jars?
A. Don’t think so. It is designed to cut just below the top of a can.

Q. Does the Handy Can Opener have an auto shut off when the can is opened?
A. Yes. it has an auto shut off, works really well.

Q. Do you have a button on the Handy Can Opener that will pop up the base for tall cans?
A. It is hand held so fits any size can tall or short. Problem is, the can opener doesn’t work after just a few months.

Q. Does the Handy Can Opener open sardine cans?
A. It should, never tried to open a sardine can.

Q. Will the Handy Can Opener open super small cans like tomato paste?
A. Yes it does.

Q. Do you have to keep holding the button down the entire time it is opening the can, or can you press it once & let go while it works?
A. Personal experience has been that the neither the “TOP”, NOR the “SIDE BUTTONS” functioned properly!

Q. Is the Handy Can Opener made in China?
A. Yes, presumably.

Q. Where does the battery go in the one touch can opener?
A. The battery door is located on the side that faces the lid being removed. It uses AA batteries.

Handy Can Opener Reviews

Here are some excerpts of Handy Can Opener reviews:

“Handy Can Opener reviews assert that the Handy Can Opener is a bit difficult to operate and it doesn’t stop as it should.”

“Handy Can Opener only works on small cans and most of them have pull tops.”

“Handy Can Opener doesn’t work. Did the first can okay, but wouldn’t even do the second can. Hangs part way through and turning the wheel either way (following instructions) might cause it to start briefly, not finish and also doesn’t cause it to unhook. Have to tear it loose. Disappointed with the Handy Can Opener.”

“Handy Can Opener barely works even with new batteries and can hardly open a can. One touch works about half way and you spend the next 30 minutes trying to get it to finish or to release the can. Have tried both openers on at least 5 cans and haven’t got a can to open smoothly.”

“Followed the manufacturer’s instructions, and the Handy Can Opener wouldn’t release the lid. Do not buy the Handy Can Opener.”

“Handy Can Opener worked great for about 3 uses!!! Then, they both stopped working at all. Changed to fresh batteries in both openers……still dead! Handy Can Opener is a big waste of money!”

“Handy Can Opener does not open larger cans.”

“Handy Can Opener gives you a very sharp edge and after using it a few times it would not turn off or unlock from the can. Handy Can Opener item should be taken off the market, it is dangerous to use.”

“Handy Can Opener is simple to use and requires no effort. However, there a few times it had completely cut through the can but still the grip won’t let go and ended up cleaning more than i normally would.”

“It took a half hour to open one can. It would cut part of the can instead of the entire can.”

“Handy Can Opener has a very weak motor.”

“Handy Can Opener worked good the first time. Afterwards they get hung on the can and the latch won’t release.”


What do I get?
Order a Handy Can-Opener for only $20 , with an additional Handy Can-Opener, just pay separate $8.99 fee. As an added you will also receive a Handy Popper with each order, just pay a separate $6.99.Official Website: BuyHandyCanOpener.com

10 thoughts on “Handy Can-Opener REVIEW

  1. Purchased opener which worked on perhaps 3-4 cans then it quit so I installed new brand name premium lithium ion batteries and still a no-go ‘tool’
    Likely past warranty so I opened the opener and found 100% cheap plastic gears that were all worn down……AFTER ONLY 3-4 CANS?
    Complete waste of money and abusive product that steals a senior’s meager income.
    This will be my final AS-SEEN-ON-TV product purchase regardless of how great the product may sound and how low the cost.
    Please do not waste your money while also increasing your blood pressure.

  2. This can opener is a serious hazard to your hands and fingers, especially if you use it for tuna fish cans. This opener does not work like a traditional can opener such as cutting from the inside of the lid, rather it cuts ont OUTSIDE of the lid, seriously compromising the structural integrity of the can, leaving a seriously sharp edged can which has lost its structural integrity! Try draining the liquid from a tuna can when one usually can insert the cut lid right into the can, when the can is cut from the inside of the lid. Instead, with a can cut from the OUTSIDE of the lid, one is at serious risk of a severe cut from the the very sharp rim from the outside of the now very weakened can
    This product should be banned from the marketplace as a serious health hazard.

    • I should mention I used this on a 12oz size can of Tuna, Even if only works properly on small cans, it should still be banned if it will not work properly on larger sized can,

  3. I got mine as a gift. I used for the first time today. The lid got stuck and I did what I was supposed to do. I tried for an hour to get it released. It never did. I trashed it after I contacted my sister that gifted it to me.

  4. I went to use the opener and it flat would not work. I followed instructions (new batteries). Dead as a doornail! What is wrong? It worked like a charm before.
    How does one get help about this problem?



  6. I have had my Handy Can Opener for at least 10 years : never failed me . I have just ordered 8 more for Xmas presents : they are great . I tried a COPY , but wouldn’t cut open a can . Take a good look at the pic : is yours the same ? You must let it stop by itself .

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