Hamilton Beach SaladXpress Food Processor

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What is SaladXpress:

The all new SaladXpress from Hamilton Beach is a compact, easy to use and convenient food processor that claims to make fresh, healthy and tasty salads faster and easier than ever before. SaladXpress is great to use for a variety of vegetables and fruits such as carrots, cucumbers, cheese, spinach and so much more. You can use the amazing SaladXpress Food Processor to prepare salads and so much more.

Unique Features

The SaladXpress Food Processor features 4 color-coated cones designed to deliver a variety of cuts. These 4 cones are designed to help you slice, grate, shred and crinkle cut your vegetables with ease so you can conveniently prepare your favorite salad dish. The cone guide will help you to make processing choices fast and easy.


SaladXpress is Compact

The best part about SaladXpress is that all the 4 cones are designed such that they can be perfectly mounted on the food processor itself making it very simple and easy to store. Since the cones can be stored on the appliance you will never have dig into your kitchen cabinet to find the cone you want to use.


Eat Healthier Food

Making salads with the SaldXpress has never been faster and easier, so you can now switch to eating lighter, tastier and healthier food. You can use the SaladXpress Food Processor to quickly cut and slice a variety of vegetables like cucumber and carrots, shred spinach, grate cheese, and also cut fruits to make different kinds of salads. The SaladXpress Food Processor is great for lunches, dinner sides or light eats. It is also perfect for pizzas, tacos, soups, deserts and more.

Convenient and Easy To Use

With the SaladXpress Food Processor in your kitchen you can eat fresh and healthy salads any time you want. To prepare your favorite salad all you need to do is slice, shred, grate or crinkle cut the desired vegetable right into your bowl add your seasonings and your delicious salad is ready to eat. It is the most convenient and easy way to make fresh and tasty salads anytime. Order your Salad Xpress from Hamilton Beach today!

What do I get?

Get SaladXpress Food Processor for just $59.99 + S/h. Official website: HamiltonBeach.com

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