Gyro Bowl Review

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Let’s face it, kids spill stuff. But now parents can relax when Kids snack. Introducing the Gyro Bowl the world’s first ever spill proof bowl. It spins and spins and stuff stays in. Gyro Bowl is totally kid-proof. Just fill the Gyro Bowl and you are ready to go. Gyro Bowl keeps snack off the floor.


Gyro Bowl
The magic is in the middle, the Gyro works just like a globe. Gyro Bowl’s inner balls rotate 360 degree and stays open side up no matter what. So the Gyro Bowl keeps all your snacks inside however you bounce, swing or fly. Now the kids can use Gyro Bowl as a Super Snack Contraption. Kids will love the moving Gyro Bowl because it is fun and it never spills. And when the snack-time is done, put on the Stay-Fresh Lid to save it until the next one. Moms love it because it is dishwasher safe and virtually indestructible. It is also perfect for holding nuts and bolts, paper clips, push-pins and more. Take it to the office, put them in a party, by the pool or just anywhere.



What do I get?
2 Gyro Bowls

Buy Gyro Bowl at Low price, No shipping/handling scams, no hidden fees, no “buy 1 get 1 free” scams, hassle-free 30-day money back guarantee.

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  1. What the reviewers really need is a genuine, serious and up-to-date review of a product. Similarly, I was looking for such a report about ‘Gyro Bowl’ online. Seeing its infomercial on tv, I was intrigued. And that is why I started searching about it on Google. But the fake reviews got to my nerves. In the process, I found some websites which read ‘we provide you with most recent and complete reviews’, but turned out to be a link to the payment pages and not an informative section. Some review websites only stated the price of ‘Gyro Bowl’ and information regarding where to buy it. I did not find any details on its quality, its minus points or other such comments. Now this raises my temper- websites claiming to be something else and turning out to be something else. It seemed as if I was trying to find some genuinely thoughtful details forever, up to the time that I found this page. Luckily, here I found exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much. Here are some of those “FAKE” sites having the false Gyro Bowl reviews –,,,,,,,

    • You are welcome. We provide direct-from-user comments and ratings and not fake ones. Since we believe that a customer must have the highest priority, we started this section on our webpage. Mostly, the main focus is on increasing the traffic in the near future and so a mechanism called SEO is adopted. Here the keywords are heavily used so that they rank higher in the search engines but are actually links to payment pages. Anyways, thank you for your acknowledgement.

  2. I just bought the Gyro Bowl from Wal-Mart and tried it out and it does NOT work. The snacks went everywhere!! I am very disappointed and am going to get my money back!!

    • The Gyro Bowl does not work it only took a few days for my 18 month old to figure out that he could put his thumbs on the inside of the bowl (so it wouldn’t swing around) and dump out all of his snacks!

  3. For all those who order things from TV infomercials. They are always scams. Your best bet is to wait until you see the product in a store and buy it then. That is what we did, although the Gyro Bowl is crap anyways..

  4. Bought the Gyro Bowl for my 1 year old and it does not work. It is spilled all the time. A waste of money. It does not spill if you are careful with it and flip it slowly. With kids, they are very active and just go with the flow, hence, why it spills all the time.

  5. This is a Great Bowl! There is a small window of time when a child is still getting his/her balance. Children still munch as needed and will learn to carry something at the same time while feeling their balance improve. This is a great learning tool for them and one that will also make them feel they have accomplished something by not spilling. In time the child will have better balance and be able to carry a “Real” bowl and be aware of any spillage. Go to Target and get the bowl for $12.99. It is also a great toy for them to entertain themselves until their attention span is taken into another direction. For those parents expecting a perfect child or have control issues of your own, get over it. Childhood is the time for playing and learning. With good guidance from parents but ease up on the pressure for a flawless child!

  6. I love the Gyro Bowl. What I love about it most is the confirmation there are still plenty of people out there with no common sense. You’ll be dropping more money as soon as the next scam comes along too.

  7. If you want a toddler snack bowl that really does not spill and is made in the good ol’ USA check out the Munchie Mug ( This family owned company exercises ethical business practices and makes their product in the US of all FDA food-grade materials and BPA and Phthalate free plastics. It is dishwasher safe and does what it claims to do, does not spill. They have won the iParenting Media award and just won the 2011 NAPPA Honor Award for toddler products. There are countless reviews of the product online and check out to see the almost 5-star rating. Being a mother of three I know the value of this product as well as the safety for my children. And kudoos to American made!! Plus Munchie Mugs ship out right away….you won’t have to wait forever to get one!!

  8. Go to eBay. I ordered one for 9.40 so that included one bowl and shipping and handling. Make sure you are ordering it state side so you can get it in a few days. I NEVER order stuff off of TV directly through them. Always wait til it hits the stores or try eBay.

  9. I’ve heard from others that its a rip off and they never got it and was charged a $200 to the account and still got nothing and there was no correct number to the customer line.

  10. DON’T BUY THE GYRO BOWL!!! I was so excited when I saw the commercial because my son spills his snacks ALL the time. It said it would take 3-4 weeks for me to receive it. I received it on the third week. I put some cheerios in the bowl and let my son have at it. The commercial says “SPILL PROOF” but my son barely touch the bowl and cheerios were all over the place. They need to go down for false advertisement. I was charged $24.99 total for 2 bowls, but if you research some websites have it for $19.99 +s/h and some have it as high as $25.99 + s/h. ITS NOT WORTH IT!!!! If I STILL have to pick up snacks then he can snack out of a 2$ bowl I bought from walmart not a bowl that cost more and STILL spills. I called customer service and they said my card will be refunded in about a week and I can keep the bowls. If I dont have the money back on my care in a week then I will pursue Plymouth Direct. They do not need to get away with this.

    • I don’t mean to say your wrong or anything, but I’ve been thinking this. What if your son was to get the cheerios out of the bowl and throw them everywhere. This is a flaw in the product. Although it is a HUGE issue of spill while reaching for a bowl or something, most kids could spill when shoving the food into there mouth. Maybe I’m wrong, I don’t know.

    • Danielle I agree with you 100% the gyro bowl is JUNK!! On TV you see the kids throwing it down the stairs and nothing spills…my son spilled the snacks with in a couple seconds of holding this piece of junk its the worst $25 I have ever spent…. GYRO BOWL IS JUNK DO NOT BUY IT!

  11. I ordered a set in late February and I just got my set of 2 for $14.99. I did not order the other things offered. There was a family pack of 3 for $27 with no shipping offered, but I don;t need five bowls with 2 kids. The bowls are pretty cool. They worked for my kids, good fun.

  12. I just got off the phone with the BBB and they said that they gave Gyro Bowl a D- rating. Thought you should know.

  13. I ordered one set of gyro bowls by e-mail and with the confirmation immediately sent–it shows I ordered 3 sets which is not true. I have been charged $74.94 which means that it cost me $24.98 for each set–which is way more than advertised. When I saw the confirmation I immediately called to change the order. I could never get through either by phone (“Due to high volume of calls we can not connect you–please call back).

    I tried and tried–different times of day–on lots of different days. The only time I heard from them on e-mail was AFTER the box arrived and then they said it was too late to cancel because the package had already been sent. I asked how to return it–no response now or ever! I just want the charge taken off my credit card and they can have the bowls! Any suggestions from anyone would be helpful.

  14. I was going through my card statement and noticed I was charged twice for the 2 gyro bowls, does anyone have good stories that they got their money back?

  15. I ordered 2 Gyro Bowls 2/26/2011. Can you give me the status on my order? I appreciate an immediate reply. Thank you very much.

    Nadine Overley

    • I order the Gyro bowls, it was buy one get the second for just the shipping cost! They are garbage!!! My daughter has her balance and can’t even take a few steps without her snacks falling out! Then they sign you up for these trial offers for $1.00 for the first month then bill you $30.00 for the second month if you don’t cancel and there is a total of 3 offers, which I never received any information on, but was able to cancel before the second charge!! I will see exactly how much they charged me when I received my statement! I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS BOWL!! IT IS A VERY BAD INVENTION THAT DOES NOT WORK SO DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!! BUYERS——B E W A R E!!

  16. Plymouth Direct, Inc is a Harriet Carter Company

    Below is their contact info

    425 Stump Road
    Montgomeryville, PA 18936-9631
    Phone:(215) 361-5100

  17. Wow, I was going to order four of them today, however, After reading all the bad things that have happened to people there is no way I will put my credit card out there for these people. Thank you for letting me know.

    Its a scam!

  18. I sent off for the Gyro bowl and a couple of weeks later I got a call from a marketer trying to sell me something and I said no. I STILL GOT BILL AN ADDITIONAL $59.00 TO MY DEBIT CARD!!!! THEY STOLE MONEY FROM ME! BUYER BEWARE!!!! Now that I think about it, I am going to inform the BBB.

    • Buy them on eBay, they are new and you have eBay’s guarantee of getting what you want AND you can pay through PayPal and not have this company know your stuff!

  19. If they do refuse to refund or answer calls you can take it to the news which most companies would love to avoid..if this does not resolve it take it to the news again with a court order to sue the company.

  20. I called the # 215-361-5100 and I complained about this scam they have going they once again said my order was shipped and I don’t know how they are tracing this if they don’t have a tracking number for us! Anyways I received a call from Mr. Steve himself claiming to be working on the problem, he claims to have added more customer service reps and a whole bunch of other things that will make this mistake “better”. I just urge all of you to contact this # and ask to speak to him directly and make sure he hears the unethical things his company is doing, (even though I’m sure he knows) especially if you have been taken advantage of and you still haven’t received the product like I have. Please don’t let this company steal your hard earned money!

  21. I am so glad I read the Gyro Bowl reviews. I had a similar problem with a different products website but thought it was just a fluke. Now I am of the opinion that it is a shady marketing strategy.

    Think I’ll just wait for them to show up at Walgreens or Walmart!

      • I am also very happy to have read Gyro Bowl reviews. I was about to place an order, but am very happy that I read the reviews first! I am sorry about all the troubles everyone is going through, however I do believe the offer of joining a class action suit is a good idea.

  22. I was scammed as well. I order them from a TV commercial. They had so many up sell add ons you couldn’t tell if you got trapped in one. They never confirm your order and they don’t tell you the total price at the end. I was so frustrated by the time I got off the call I tried calling customer service to cancel. Never got my call answered!! I was told call back they were busy and couldn’t take the call or I’d sit and listen to music on hold for as long as I was willing to waste my time. They had no intention of taking my call. They charged me $79.93 for 4 GYRO BOWLS!! I couldn’t believe the SCAM!! The invoice didn’t have a break down – How much for bowls and the amount for shipping. I will return them tomorrow and go to my bank and dispute the charge. PLEASE do not order them from this commercial or their website. I noticed Amazon has them.

    • Hello to everyone I like most of you on this web page have been scammed! I am fuming because I have been trying to get a hold of this company through their customer service number for almost a month now to no avail. Just now I finally got a hold of someone in customer service through this number (215)361-5100 who refused to connect me to Mr. Steve Silbirger’s direct number. I want this company Plymouth Direct investigated and I want to place a class action lawsuit if I can get all of you who have been scammed on board. Please we need to stand up against this unjust and unethical company that has defrauded many! No more! United We Will Stand!

      • I too ordered 2 sets of Gyro Bowls and 1 extra which have been back ordered for 30 days. They sent me a smart mop which I did not order and now have to send back at my expense and hope they refund the $23.94 to my card. As per my chase card this is my only option. I have told chase visa to not allow them to charge my card again for the bowls and my other charge is in dispute. I will end up eating the costs of returning something I never ordered in the first place. I am really fuming about the whole thing.

      • THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR TAKING THE TIME TO REPORT YOUR EXPERIENCES WITH THIS COMPANY! I was just about to order this Gyro Bowl, maybe two and have now been dissuaded. I will go to Amazon a much trusted site from my own buying history. If I had ordered this product, I WOULD DEFINITELY JOIN THE CLASS ACTION SUIT! I will keep you posted on how my order through goes. Again, thanks to you all for your time to submit your experiences.

    • I had a similar incident as well. They got me for $54.00 and (5) bowls! As you said, they kept offering specials and don’t break it down until the end and then its too late. I sent a few emails to their customer service return email address to cancel. They responded with a ‘we’d like to make a final offer to you’ and I said ‘no thank you’, don’t want your product. A month later I have this debit on my checking account for the bowls. I sent another email to demand a full refund plus shipping costs; haven’t heard a thing.

      You can’t get a hold of them by email, so don’t try. I’ll have to call my bank now and make sure they don’t ding my account again. Guess I’m keeping the bowls as its become too much work, which is probably what they want anyway. Good luck.

  23. I was really interested in getting some of these Gyro Bowls, I hope they show up in stores soon. After reading the reviews I don’t think it is such a great idea to give them my card info!

  24. I ordered Gyro Bowls for my friend back in October. I just found out recently that she did not receive them. I called the 800 for the past few days and got the recording until today. I was in Q for an hour and a half and then the call disconnected! I called back and got the recording again. I have sent two emails with no response. I called my bank and since the charge was in October, I can no longer dispute it! Only in the first 60 days! I don’t even care about the bowls anymore. I just want to get a hold of someone and get a refund! Their service is ridiculous! Buyer Beware!! I have only noticed a hand full of people that actually got the product!!

    • I ordered two bowls the week after Christmas. I was charged 32 dollars and some change in January. Kept forgetting about them and then received two boxes in the mail Feb 2. 2011. I ended up with three. They don’t work as well as shown on tv. We still have cereal on the floor when he throws it, but carrying it around works fine. If I would have read the reviews first I wouldn’t have ordered. But thank goodness it all worked out. I hope everyone that got screwed will get the satisfaction they are looking for.

      • Glad I read the reviews, I WILL NOT be ordering this bowl for 2 reasons, everyone is getting ripped off and being charged more than advertised, and I wondered if they worked when thrown, they don’t throw it on the commercial with food in it, just down the stairs empty. Thank you all for posting, all I can say is attorney generals office, contact them in your state and report them.

    • I am fuming because I have been trying to get a hold of this company through their customer service number for almost a month now to no avail. Just now I finally got a hold of someone in customer service through this number (215)361-5100 who refused to connect me to Mr. Steve Silbirger’s direct number. I want this company Plymouth Direct investigated and I want to place a class action lawsuit if I can get all of you who have been scammed on board. Please we need to stand up against this unjust and unethical company that has defrauded many!

  25. I ordered 3 Gyro Bowls on Friday January 21, 2011 @ 3 for $29.95. When I checked by VISA account on January 24, 2011, I discovered the company, Plymouth Direct Products, had withdrawn $79.93 from my VISA account. When I tried calling the company at 1-800-340-3418 and followed the instructions from their automated calling system, I kept getting the same message “due the the high volume of callers, please try my call later”. Well I’ve called for 2 days at this point and keep receiving the same message. The withdrawal from my account is fraudulent and I want to cancel the whole order.

    — Review By Trudy Moore

  26. I bought the Gyro bowl and have been very pleased. There isn’t much to stop the contents should a child throw the bowl (obviously) but the normal just walking around leaving a cheerio trail has stopped.

  27. Well if you guys would have ordered through Amazon none of you would be having these problems.

    • Tell me what store you own in, is it the gyro bowl store? I’ll be sure not to buy there. If you’re in-compassionate to someone’s misfortune, I surely don’t want to be your customer.

      • I agree with you, but I also noticed that amazon is advertising and I primarily order most everything I want as amazon will have your card # but the supplier of a product never gets the info. So whatever price that’s advertised is all that gets charged to your card, that’s why I shop on amazon, but I still won’t be ordering the bowls as I DO NOT patronize companies that do this to the public and I understand they don’t work when thrown. That was the primary reason I was going to order it,my grandson loves to throw things.

  28. I just ordered a set of these Gyro Bowls/Loopa Bowls online. I had absolutely no problem, and thought the instructions were very clear. I read several of these reviews and I believe they are unfair to the company. the first step states ‘how many SETS of bowls do you want to order’. now if you only wanted 2 bowls and got 4, my guess it was YOUR error, and you put qty of 2 thinking they were individual, when in fact they were 2 sets. also, to the person who bought 3 for $9.99, it also clearly states they are $9.99 each.

    As for people who want reviews on the actual product and not peoples own errors they want to blame on the company – as soon as it comes in I will be sure to post.

    • Jen must work for the company, I know how to follow instructions. They charged me for five when I changed my order on the same page.

      • The GYRO BOWL Company is a scam. People beware of this company they are dishonest. They called my house late at night under the guise of customer service. They wanted to offer me for one dollar and a fourteen day trial and one hundred dollars in free gas coupons to sign up for a monthly coupon service. After the fourteen day trial it was an automatic renewal of $29.99 and as everyone knows you can not get a hold of the customer service department to cancel the program.

        Oh and I tried to call the order line to get a hold of someone to cancel my order and the phone system recognizes your phone number and automatically places an order you did not ask for.

        This place is crooked and dishonest not illegal but unethical.

        • I totally agree with most everyone on here. The company is a scam and I too know how to read. When I ordered them I knew the first one was like $14 or something and when it asked me specifically for a set of 3 for only $9.99 and free shipping I jumped right on it, and just like everyone said the transaction went through without a breakdown or anything until it was all done and I was charged $29.99 for the set of 3.

          I actually did receive the bowl and let my 4yr old try them and they are nothing like the commercial says they are. They are junk. Yes they do work if your just walking around but they are suppose to work if dropped or thrown just as a kid would do. Now tell me what kid do you know that walks around slowly and gently with a bowl of snacks to try not to spill? If you have a child like this then you don’t need these bowls and put the snacks in a regular bowl. I on the other hand don’t have kids like that.

          She likes fling things around and drops them and the first time she did the cheerios spilled all over even the middle came out. She even told me mom these are junk you should send them back. Exactly what I’m going to do. Complete crock and am sick of the scams that comes from the tv deals. Good luck to the rest of you.

        • I had this same thing happen last night. They kept trying to get me to say “yes” so they could record my “yes” for whatever purpose – like saying I ordered something when I didn’t, etc. It was very high pressure, and when I wouldn’t say “yes” for the first person, they transferred me to someone else – Who eventually became somewhat antagonistic because all I would say was “I understand” to which she replied “I understand” isn’t going to cut it. I asked what she wanted me to say and she said I had to say “yes” and I informed her I was not going to say that word. Needless to say, she finally hung up. I just wish I had thought to tell her I was going to record our conversation and push the button my answering machine to record. I bet the call would have ended promptly!!

          I wish I had never ordered them. Even if they turn out to be a great product, I will always remember the tacky way I was treated on the phone.

    • You must be Steve Silbiger or a friend, company owner, author of TenDayMBA also for sale on

      Try calling him, since the facebook page has no room to complain, I wonder why:

      127 meeting house ln
      Plymouth meeting,PA 19462

      Every commerce website shows a confirmation page, not Plymouth Direct, which is why they ask for billing info first.

      I was charged in full and received a fraction of what I paid. $55 for two gyro bowls? Seriously? Mr. Silbiger wouldn’t pay this much for them.

      The person that called to supposedly confirm the billing address wanted to make me buy more, but when I tried to cancel the order, all of a sudden he gave me the old “Sorry, but my screen just froze, so before I lose you, let me transfer you to someone who has access to their system.”

      They are unethical as they are misleading in their rapid fire of offers without a confirmation page.

      They removed the names of the office staff from their website.

      I’ve submitted an ACH (clearing house) form with my bank to dispute the debit to my bank account. It works, it’s a Federal recourse we all have, just go to your bank or dispute it with your credit card.

  29. I called, had a wait a while, must have caught them on a slow time and confirmed my order. I bought 5 bowls. The 2 for $14.99 and $9.99 and three more at $9.99 each but no shipping on top. I got them last week and plan them for birthday party, the entertainment. They are cool alright, swing around and stays up, like weebles.

  30. I just got my bowls, I ordered 12/15 and got them last week. The kids love them. It works just like the kids that are on TV, not complicated, like a gyroscope on a ship, it stays level. I bought the 2 bowl kit and did not say yes to any of the extra bowls, might buy more later for gifts.

  31. Thank you Guys. Just had the Gyro bowl order problem same as all of you it seems and was able to use the number you gave!! You rock. order was canceled in 10 minutes. Will never order again from TV!!

  32. I had the exact same experience as Shan. Ended up ordering 5 bowls (I think?) the first week of December and could not get in touch with Plymouth Direct via email or their customer service number. Used the direct line today and was able to cancel my order. The rep had know idea about the product, which was surprising given that no one can get the order. I figured that phone number would have imploded by now. Anyway, steer clear of this shady retailer. From the ordering, to the cancellation, the whole thing reeks of scam.

    • What is the direct line? I’m trying to cancel my order as well. I don’t want any of the bowls at this point. No matter how good this product is because the customer service is so lousy this product, to me, is a complete fail.

  33. Thanks for the info. I thought I was the only one dumb enough to accidentally buy 5 by accident. I just canceled my order with the Harriet Carter phone number.

  34. I’m so upset I didn’t read these reviews before purchasing it online. What everyone is saying here is true and I think I just got scammed $80! This has to be one of the worst ordering online and customer service I’ve ever experienced.

    First of all, the ordering experience is just awful. After you place your order you are forced to go through several pop-up ads asking if you’ll like to order other items, I guess, from the same marketer. After I placed my order a pop-up ad appeared offering 3 gyro bowls for $9.99. I thought this was a great deal and went ahead and clicked yes on the offer and wanted to delete my two orders of $14.99 buy one get one free since I only wanted 3 bowls rather than 4. After clicking no for the rest of the pop-up ads it went ahead and processed my order before I was allowed to review and confirm my order only to realize that they had charged me $30 for the 2 orders of $14.99 and another $30 for the 3 bowls I thought were $9.99 for 3. Instead, it was for each! On top of that a whopping $20 shipping and handling fee!

    Second, good luck getting a hold of a customer service representative. I called to correct my order but can’t seem to ever get a hold of a customer representative. I have been calling for 3 days now since my order and each call I get a recording saying due to the high volume of calls they can’t handle my call at the moment and to call back! It is so frustrating! This is the worst experience I’ve had ordering something!

  35. Thanks for giving us the 215-361-5100 number to the Harriet Carter customer service line! I also got zapped for extra bowls on my bill that I didn’t order and couldn’t get through on the 1-800 number their ad provides. I called the Harriet Carter number first thing in the morning, got through with no problem, and the order was voided. The bowls are on back order right now so it’s a good time to call as they won’t have been sent out yet. If your payment is showing as pending in your bank account, I was told they wouldn’t process it until the order was sent. Your bank statement will show it has been voided within 48 hours.

  36. HA HA I DID IT, got in touch with the company directly, they had me down for 2 sets which I did not want. Of course they are coming in this week.

    I am posting the direct # here.

    Plymouth Direct, Inc
    425 Stump Road
    Montgomeryville, PA 18936-9631
    Phone:(215) 361-5100
    They straightened out my order. Thank God.

  37. Does anyone how to contact this company for gyro ball? I contacted my bank to stop the sale all they can do is close the account, or I can dispute it later. I think I will have to close it, because if they hit the card for over $100.00, I will have a late charge. This really sucks. I will never buy from TV again. And as I am disabled it is convenient. I will stick to my catalogs. I guess it is true, you can’t get something for nothing, buy one get 2nd one free. that is a laugh..

  38. Was going to get a headstart on niece and nephew gifts for NEXT year, to avoid the “Christmas is here and I’m out of money and still have gifts to buy” syndrome. Thank goodness I read the reviews on this, before making that fatal phone call. I will NOT be ordering this product on-line, or via telephone. I may still check it out, at the Walgreens store, or somewhere else that sells ‘seen on TV’ products. At any rate, thank you to all you wonderful folks that responded with your experiences.

  39. ALL of these guys are crooks. “Paid for and not shipped”, “Paid for and never received”, “Ordered two and got four”, “No contact from customer service”, the list goes on and on and on. #1, call your credit card provider and dispute the charges. #2, Continue telling people to stay clear of these businesses and in some lifetime they will be impacted.

    Here is how it works. American company (Individual working from garage, broker, 2nd or 3rd tier middle man, or a company who is reputable) pays for an add on local television. The commercial is the same but the contact and/or phone number that is seen on Seattle local television is most likely different than the number shown in Chicago. The number is that of the highest bidding broker in the area. Once all of these orders are processed (in Lots of 10,000 “units”) AND PAID FOR BY YOU THE CONSUMER, the order is then cut loose from the broker to the manufacturer directly, or depending on their status, a different broker who cuts it loose for actual manufacturing. The manufacturer, or parent company then sits on the orders until such a time that they decide to re-tool the line so they can produce the product, this is typically in numbers ranging from 100,000 units or more at a given time. But if they have lower numbers of orders than anticipated then that place in line gets skipped and a different product will be manufactured instead. This can be anything from a Gyro Bowl, a plastic bucket, or a Yo Yo.

    It is purely supply and demand and JIT (just in time) manufacturing in its purest form. Almost ZERO outlay on the “seller”, the “broker” and even the manufacturer. Why? Because we as consumers pay for it, ALL of it up front. Now, about 50% percent +- 10% of the consumers actually have a pleasant shopping experience and are fairly happy with the product, the rest either throw their hands up in disgust or complain. In the end it makes absolutely no difference to the broker, middle men, or the manufacturer because the Gyro Bowl per unit cost to the broker from the manufacturer is actually 29.481 CENTS per copy in lots of 10,000, yes you see it correctly, just a little over a 25 cent piece!

    To add insult to injury, the plastic used in many of these products are “green”. Yep they are recycled plastic. The plastic is clean and safe for use (in most cases)because the plastic is cleaned and the high heat from the manufacturing process sterilizes the plastic. But old fertilizer bottles, mop buckets, condoms, or plastic garbage bags from the operating room really kinda turn my stomach no matter how “clean” they say it is.

  40. Don’t tell me about the complaints about GETTING the gyro bowl, I just want to know IF THE GYRO BOWL ACTUALLY WORKS?

      • I did try it and have a comment above. But to make it short and sweet NO, it is junk, just like the whole process of getting them. Good Luck.

    • No one can tell you if it actually works cause it looks like no one ever receives it! If I was you I would avoid ordering it online or over the phone. You’ll regret it.

      • IT DOES NOT WORK!!! I received mine and put some cheerios in it for my son and cheerios were all over the place!!! dont waste your money or time

  41. I wish I would have read the Gyro Bowl reviews before I ordered! I had the same thing happen to me…thought I was getting just 1 extra bowl …but got charged another $30 for 3 more…and there was NO CONFORMATION page…just instantly charged for about $55. These people need stopped! I am going straight to the BBB to complain right now.I hate this crap!

    • I agree I have been calling for a week, just to see what I will be charged for the Gyro ball, no one can give an answer. I have left messages on direct line to other people, no calls back. I will be going to BBB as soon as I get off this site, it is terrible how they do business. I will never order from TV again. I just want to cancel the order now, but I think I will get the gyro ball before I get an answer on the phone.

    • Did you get any resolution from the Gyro Ball people? I am having the same problem. Ordered before Christmas, they do not respond to e-mails or phone. No matter what time of day I call, I get a message that they are busy and to call back. BUNK!

  42. Thank you for saving me headaches & hassles! I don’t care how great a product may or may not be, any company that treats customers like this one does will not get my business. It also appears the product isn’t that great like 99% of that infomercial junk is. They really need to regulate companies that sell on infomercials as so many of them are scams. I just saw one where they sell you two “rare” enhanced $2 bills for $22- yes they are charging you $10 for them plus $5.95 EACH to mail 2 pieces of paper. Uh, can’t you get a $2 bill at any bank for the amazing low low price of just $2 and then color it in yourself with your kid’s markers?

      • The $2 bill are not just colored they have the national parks on them. No you can not just buy them at the bank.

        • OH, you mean I would have to use my computer or a copier to print pictures of parks on them? A $2 bill with a picture printed on it is still a $2 bill and worth just that much…. unless some company can fleece you for more and then it is worth more only to the guy that fleeced the buyer. Those enhanced & non monetary coins/bills are never worth what they originally sell for (check them on eBay) as they are a great example of a consumer dupe. Look at the profit they are making by defacing US currency! Yes, defacing US currency is indeed is illegal that’s why the products are made overseas, so be un-American & buy a product that shows your disrespect for US law and sends part of your money overseas to pay some exploited worker.

          • You are right! No matter how good the product is, it is not worth the headache and hassle! With the poor experience I’ve had purchasing this product, to me, this product is a complete fail!

  43. I got my Gyro Bowl set last week. Super fun for the kids to play around with. Used them in the van to play group. I did call customer service and did finally get through and she was nice, but they are super busy because the crazy response to the product, just like any hot popular kids product. Last year I looking for those little hamsters toys and nobody had them and this year they are sitting on the shelves.

    • Is this another “made in china” thing? trying to find birthday gift for my niece in the spring – she will be 1. thanks,


  44. I ordered Gyro Bowl over 3 weeks ago and I just got through to the customer service people who, like you’ve read here, are NO help at all! Said they were on back order until January and asked if I still wanted them. They were suppose to be a Christmas present for my nephew, guess not! Reading these comments I will stay on top of the charges and order. I hope I do not get scammed. They do try to sell you more and other stuff and try to call and offer you a free $100 gas card, I declined and I’m glad I did. I can’t believe the poor customer service and the way this company runs their business. She said they were really busy…boo hoo!

  45. I just got my 2 Gyro bowls from TV. I ordered one set from TV in late November and I got them 12/12. Love them. I had no problems. My kids love them, they are quirky but fun for snacking.

  46. DON’T GET CONFUSED ABOUT THE “FAMILY PACK”. They make it seem like you’re just getting ONE more Gyro Bowl for a total $30 but you’re really ADDING THREE MORE BOWLS TO YOUR ORDER (which is adding $30 more on top of your bill). There was NO CONFIRMATION PAGE and the order went through immediately. I tried emailing several times and calling several times to no success.

    I called the Plymouth Direct number (who answers Harriet Carter for some reason). They transferred me back to the stupid Gyro Bowl phone number which is either the “high call volume” message or the constant Christmas song with no answer. They’re “closed” now but I will try again tomorrow and ask for a supervisor immediately like Jennifer said.

  47. It’s a total scam. I wanted to order 3 bowls and they charged me for 9, which was over $100. They ask for your credit card info right up front and there is no way to review or edit your order before it is finalized. If you call the Customer Service number, you will get a recording saying that due to high call volume, they can’t take calls.

    However, I looked up a direct number on the Better Business Bureau website for Plymouth Direct and was able to speak to a person. I asked for a supervisor and told her I wanted my order canceled. She said they would cancel it but days later, they had not given me my money back. I had to go to my bank to dispute the charge so I got my money back.

    If you want the bowls, you can order them at without being scammed. Otherwise, stay away from the Gyro Bowl company. They are SHADY!

    • Been there with customer service, I will wait for them to be sold in store, Walgreens as a bunch of As seen on tv stuff..

  48. I ordered my Gyro Bowl is Mid Nov 2010, it was deducted from my acct, 12/1/10 and they actually showed up in today’s mail. 12/15/2010. I almost canceled the charge but decided to wait. I will say that their customer service is the worst. I tried calling several times and got the proverbial “due to high call volume” BS every time. Also, sent emails to 2 different address for them and no response:‘ ‘’.

    Only other good thing, besides actually getting the product, was that I have not had to deal with the rude callers that others mentioned trying to sell other items (i.e. coupons). If I was to try this again, I wouldn’t. Hope this helps.

  49. Gyro Bowl is a complete scam! They tried to scam my grandmother…she ordered the buy one get one gyro bowl for 14.99 and they charged her account three times and one of the charges was for a mop that she never ordered, but I was relentless and luckily found the company’s information by using the address that they sent the mop from 425 Stump Road Montgomeryville, PA 18936-9631 and I called this number(215) 361-5100 and was able to get my grandmother’s money back. She’s on a fixed income and can not afford to be scammed. I hope this can help you guys out…Have a Merry Christmas!

  50. I totally agree. You cannot get through to customer service. High call volume – that’s because we are all calling to complain! I ordered on the 12th of November and the product still is not here. Got the calls to join clubs and yes they get angry when you don’t want it.

  51. I really wish I had seen these Gyro Bowl reviews before ordering. I ordered 2 Gyro Bowls 2 months ago and never received them. I also got several phone calls offering me the coupons and when I declined the man on the phone was very rude to me. I then got texts for 3 weeks with more offers. I have tried calling the customer service line several times… all day long it says do to high volume the call can not be answered at this time and to call back later…then promptly at 5 a new recording says business hours are from 8 am to 5pm or whatever. The one time I didn’t get the recording…it was Christmas “on hold” music and after waiting 15 minutes and nothing happening I finally hung up. I sent an e-mail to them over a week ago and have yet to hear anything. I’m so thankful I used a prepaid credit card to order this product! what a scam!

  52. Check your local Walgreen’s..they have an entire section dedicated to AS SEEN ON TV products…you can make much better decisions on this and other products when you actually get to handle them.

  53. I live on an extremely limited income and ordered Gyro Bowl for my two youngest grandchildren. I am usually so careful and didn’t check this complaints site before ordering and now I’m just kicking myself. I ordered the product, which of course, has not been delivered and even when I call at 9:00 am (when their recording says they are open for business) I get the recording saying they cannot accept calls due to high call volume. I can’t get a refund because I can’t through to anyone; I have sent multiple emails back to the address that sent the “confirmation of order” and they don’t reply to that either. I am now out my money and have nothing to show for it. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT OR ANY PRODUCT OFFERED BY PLYMOUTH DIRECT. Add to that the scam of multiple calls selling the “coupon offer”. I would have said that I haven’t gotten the product because I didn’t fall for the offer; but I see someone got the coupons and still didn’t receive the product. Filing a complaint with the Better Business Bureau isn’t going to get my money back and companies like this just change their name and start business all over again. This company is just another in a long string of businesses that are designed to steal money from people and laugh all the way to the bank.

  54. Can someone tell me how to contact Gyro Bowl Customer Service? I have been trying to contact these people for three days now. Gyro bowls has over charged me on the web site and I have not yet been able to get in contact with them. The recorded message says (because of our high volume calls we cannot take your call at this time) sounds like a bunch of unhappy customers or like me have been over-charged. All in all you get hit for about $60.00.

    • I am considering getting the Gyro Bowl, the concept is awesome, but not worth all the trouble either. I know you all said you cant get through due to high call volume but what if you called acting as if you want to order the product as Im sure you will have no problem being connected to customer service then! I think I will just wait for the product to come out in stores like the gentlemen mentioned earlier in the thread like at wal-greens has the “as seen on TV” section and some Wal-Marts have that section too. Also there are some malls that have an actual store called “As seen on TV” which ONLY sells products that are advertised on infomercials. I agree its better then hoping your getting what you seen on a commercial plus most stores have a no hassle return policy and you wont have to send the product back through the mail (paying for the S&H) and then waiting weeks just for a simple return. Funny how they can instantly take the money out your account or charge your card but its so hard and there are so many steps (according to them) to refund the money! Hope my tib bit of ideas works for all you who had an unpleasant experience. Also thanks for sharing your misfortune with the company, it will help many others from making the same mistake and keep these crappy businesses from scamming the innocent general public!!!

      • I tried that. Calling and choosing the place an order option just to speak to a LIVE human! It didn’t work. If you try and place the order by phone it’s also a recording!

  55. Stay away From GYRO BOWL! absolutely ANNOYING company, received several calls for days later, my girlfriend ordered and have not arrived(2 months!!) and as stated in complaint above, they hit your card monthly, if you don’t opt out of their “COUPON SCAM”…This place is worse than…which , believe me, is THE Most Criminal organization I’ve ever had to deal with…and also, after seeing one of the Gyro Bowls in person, they just crap, they still spill, and they are TINY !! and the lids don’t work well either…and for me to take the time to research this site and complain should be proof enough to all who read this…DON’T BOTHER with This Product, and DON’T DEAL WITH THIS COMPANY!!! I’m now going to Better Business, then Consumer Affairs to Complain there Too…

  56. I do not recommend this Gyro Bowl. The website is complicated and forces you to click through ads to buy other products. The company called me at least 15 times in two days to tell me they were charging me another dollar for some coupons that they were gonna send me and that I have 14 days to cancel or my credit card will get charged monthly. I was very upset because I wanted the Gyro Bowl not some coupons and the responsibility of canceling or else I will be out $25.00 dollars a month. Then I finally get the product and they only sent me one bowl when I was suppose to get two because they were buy one get one free. Also I am not that impressed with the Gyro Bowl. It is small and the lid does not stay on the bowl. The lid is advertised to keep food fresh well how can it do that if it won’t even snap on. Bad product and annoying company.

  57. safe tv shop. scam. I too ordered in April never received product. when I called the number they never answered or even mentioned the Loopa Bowl product in the options directory. Then I got an email about 2months later asking me to call them and give them my cc info again.

  58. I saw a TV commercial went to its website and a cool commercial. It’s not run by TV SAFE Shop any longer. I ordered mine a week ago, received it promptly, and it was super fun for my kids.

  59. I would suggest NOT buying Gyro Bowl directly from the company. I’m not sure if Safe TV Shop is incompetent or a scam. I ordered Gyro Bowl in the 1st week of April & have yet to see my order to date. When trying to find out the status of my order I found the website was changed with a different contact number.

    The contact number given was wrong & they gave me some guys number who knew without my order number or name that my order was shipping that week. I then looked up my phone logs & found the original phone number. It was just a call center & they got back with an email from CS in about a week. Here were the contact info I was given:[Found on the website]
    1-615-859-9931 George [The psychic that “knew” my order was shipping]
    1 800 677 3909 [Original number on the site]
    Try bugging this guy:
    Safe TV Shop
    Customer Service

  60. I think Gyro Bowls are a scam, I placed an order in January I never got them, then when I wanted to talk to customer service they gave me a 1(800)340-3418 and It never even talked about Gyro Bowl product.

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