GRIPSTIC Bag Sealer Review

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Gone are the days when you wouldn’t think twice before leaving opened food bags, chip bags or frozen food bags on their own. But today many of us have realized that doing so is not safe and can spoil the food items in them. Eating them unknowingly can be detrimental to your health while you don’t want to throw them away either because that’s a ridiculous waste. That’s particularly true for coffee bags, which often get wasted because they come in contact with surrounding moisture. But now GRIPSTIC makes it possible to seal different kinds of opened bags with ease to ensure that the food items contained in them remain safe and fit for use.


How does GRIPSTIC Bag Sealer work?
GRIPSTIC can be used to seal practically any kind of bag from a chip bag to a coffee bag, snack and cereal bag to the one meant for veggies. You can seal a frozen foods bag as safely as sealing one meant for dry food products including those for baking. This revolutionary product can be reused and gives you amazing value for money. GRIPSTIC is easy to use because it essentially is a one piece device that will easily slide on to a bag to seal it air tight. Since every bag is locked and sealed to perfection you can be rest assured that food items stored in them last longer and stay fresher.

How to use GRIPSTIC?
Using GRIPSTIC is very easy and involves three simple steps. First, you need to fold and crease the bag after which you need to slide GRIPSTIC over it. Make sure GRIPSTIC is neatly centered to leave the food items in it sealed and air tight.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer)
You can buy GRIPSTIC at




Reviews and Complaints
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  1. Review GRIPSTIC

    Does GRIPSTIC work effectively in sealing opened food bags?

    Does GRIPSTIC work equally well for different kinds of bags?

    Is GRIPSTIC easy to use?

    Did you have any problems using GRIPSTIC?

    Does GRIPSTIC live up to its claims?

    • Today many of us have to deal with space constraints in the kitchen, which only makes things difficult when you want to go in and cook something for your loved ones. The clutter in your kitchen that you cannot do much about can get very annoying and put you off even the thought of going into your kitchen. But what if you were told that there’s a simple solution to help you with the clutter problem in your kitchen? Yes, Gripstic is that perfect way to store food items and many other products in the kitchen so that they can be neatly arranged in cabinets and you can save a lot of space.

      With the help of Gripstic, not only will you be able to get over the space issues in your kitchen you can also ensure that you will be able to store food for much longer. You go through all the effort to cook for your loved ones or buy veggies that you expect to last for long. But often leftovers have to be thrown away because they go bad. However when you use Gripstic, you will be able to store food for longer and enhance its longevity. It will end up saving you money in the long run.

      This versatile product can be used for different types of products; you can use it to store meats, which can be quite tricky on a good day. You can also use Gripstic to store liquids, which is a huge respite. You can also keep your munchies and crisps in it while coffee will also find a safe home in bags thanks to it. It’s a great way of mixing salads and storing veggies as well. Now the food items in your kitchen won’t create any mess and what’s more, since Gripstic is reusable you can make the most out of it for a long time to come.

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