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Looking for something new for your grill? Here it is – the amazing new GrillGrate. Interlocking panels simply lay on top of any grill to form a new grilling surface. Meats are juicier, perfectly seared, and you will never burn a steak again. Foods are protected from charring flare-ups, and juices steam and sizzle back into the food instead of feeding the flames.


How does GrillGrate work?
The grate tool comes with GrillGrate. Fish and vegetables are easy to handle and will not fall through or stick to the grill. Grilled pizza is amazing and you will grill restaurant quality burgers and steaks that are juicier and perfectly seared every time. Also, they are easy to clean.

GrillGrate is an amazing new product that simply grills food better. Here is all the food that is grilled better with GrillGrate. Steaks are perfectly seared not charred, barbecued chicken won’t feed the bonfire, vegetables won’t fall through the grill or get scorched, you will never grill fish in a basket again, and wait till you grill pizzas, ravioli, pasta, even dessert pastries.

GrillGrates are interlocking, range rail panels that form a new grilling surface on any grill. It comes with a great tool – half fork, half spatula – designed to fit between the rails and reach below the food to gently lift, not scrape. No more sticky hamburgers or fish coming apart.

Upgrade your grill now. You can get the two panel GrillGrates or add new panels. It is a must have for anyone who grills at all.

Grill Grate FAQs

How long does GrillGrate last?
GrillGrate provides years of grate grilling and can outlive your grill with even moderate care and proper use. Clean it up before grilling with a traditional wire brush for Hard Anodized GrillGrate. For best and non-stick searing keep the rails clean. Regularly clean GrillGrate in the sink especially when it is coated by a heavy marinade.

How is GrillGrate better than existing grates on my grill?
The Original Raised Rail Design assembles on any existing grill. Regular grills are exposed to excessive direct flame and fatty juices only stimulate flare-ups. But the valleys of catch the juices and sizzle them back into the food thus adding flavor and tenderness. GrillGrate protect foods from overexposure to flame and flare-ups and drive the heat up the raised rails for perfect sizzle and searing while eliminating burning.

The “Sizzle Effect” also differentiates GrillGrate from conventional grills. Open fire grills turns the dripped fatty juice into fuel resulting into flames and flare-ups that carbonizes the juice onto the outer layer of the food. But with GrillGrate, juices sizzle just below the food, which gives flavor instead of burnt taste. Gradually, juices seep out through the fat draining holes in the valleys and this drained juice chars the back of the Grill Grate and not the outside of the food.

The GrateTool has spikes that fit between and below the rails helping you lift and not scrape food on the grill thereby making handling and turning food on GrillGrate easy unlike in a traditional grill. The GrateTool can also be used to clear the valleys by running it down the valleys while warming up to clean the debris off GrillGrate. GrillGrate also do not rust.

Does the grill heat more with GrillGrate?
Yes. GrillGrate use conduction, convection and infrared and have an extra mass and surface area that radiates heat and enables more direct food contact and also give more convection heat between the rails. Its aluminium smoothes out hot spot and cold spots and directs the heat of the grill to the raised rails. While most grills heat up to 100-150F degrees at the cooking surface, GrillGrate run even hotter.

Do charcoal grills have special procedures?
If you use lighter fluid to make a bonfire then place GrillGrate only after the coals are ready to grill and preheat for 10-15 minutes. If not, all the seasoning will burn. Aluminium melts at 1125F while grills at 700-800F. GrillGrate functions the same as charcoal grills. Food doesn’t char and fatty juices sizzle just below the food making the meat juicer and more tender. For high-heat charcoal grilling GrillGrate sear food and protect it from drying out and burning.

Does GrillGrate have a warranty?
Yes. There is a no-questions-asked warranty and GrillGrate will be taken back and product price will be fully refunded if you don’t like the product and return it within 30-days. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear or modifications.

How is GrillGrate cleaned?
Clean GrillGrate when the grill is warming up. Place GrillGrate on the grill, close the lid, and set gas grills to medium. Use grill pads/wire brush when the grill is warming up, and steam clean with little water and a wire brush. Avoid high-heat burn-off as you burn off the seasoning. Keep the GrillGrate at their best with regular cleaning in the sink or outside bucket with a brush, and use a sponge or brillo to clean the rails of the Anodized GrillGrate. Avoid using harsh de-greasers/caustic cleaners like oven cleaners as they can pit the hard anodized surface. Placing hot GrillGrate in cold water warps the panels. Let the GrillGrate cool down before soaking in hot water and dish soap.

Is the GrillGrate dishwasher-friendly?
Avoid washing GrillGrate in the dishwasher. Not the dishwasher but the harsh caustic detergents are a problem. Washing it in the dishwasher can mess up the dishwasher

What sizes of GrillGrate are available?
For larger pits and grills18.5 and 20″ lengths (5.25″ wide for both). You can also order a custom-cut GrillGrate for 18″ and 22.5″ diameter grills, like The Big Green Egg, Kamado Joe and 22.5″ Weber Kettle.

Can GrillGrate be cut to fit a grill exactly to help remove old grids?
You can easily cut GrillGrate from the back with a table saw, band saw or a jig saw that has a carbide tip blade. You must place GrillGrate atop the old grid so that you can remove them to clean or place on another grill. Avoid cutting them too tight and let there be 1″ or 2″ in the back for heat convection so that you get a place to move debris off the GrillGrate to the back. If you don’t have GrillGrate going to the back you don’t put food there and the debris area burns up all the seasoning.

GrillGrate Review

A customer who used GrillGrate gave a mixed review of the appliance. On the plus side, GrillGrate does not create flare ups and doesn’t burn the food. It also keeps your gas BBQ cleaner and adds nice seering marks on the food. It helps you keep your kitchen mess-free and saves you from slogging cleaning it. It also doesn’t impact the taste of the food even after repeated use.

However, she feels that GrillGrate should’ve been bigger in size. Even though it doesn’t burn food, it tends to absorb too much heat, which slows down cooking. Using charcoal for cooking is no solution as the heat gets exhausted soon. She alerts you that you’ll also need to use cooking spray to prevent meat from sticking on the surface. Also, they are not very easy to clean nor fit round grills perfectly.

Another customer who reviewed GrillGrate says she found its performance pretty good. She seems particularly impressed with its spatula. She didn’t notice any flare ups and seems happy with the grills marks it left on her steaks. The additional fitted spatula also makes flipping delicate foods easy.

However, she’s disappointed with the small size of the grates. She thinks she’ll need another one to cook more food. She feels that overall, GrillGrate is easy to clean, though the size of the grates’ length, being smaller than the surface of mt BBQ grate, makes cleaning with a brush a bit fiddly due to slipperiness. She also said doesn’t really cook faster than open coals.



What do I get? (Official Website Offer –
Choose from:

  • 2 GrillGrates – Create enough grilling surface for 4-6 steaks and 6-8 hamburgers. Cover 2/3 of the 22″ Weber Kettle or 1/3 to 1/2 of Gas Grills – $39.99 + $9.95 p/h
  • 3 GrillGrates – Cover 90% of the 22″ Weber Kettle and over half large gas grills. Price – $54.99 + $14.95 p and h.
  • 4 GrillGrates cover 3/4 of large gas grills. For big grills and big grillers.
  • Single 13.75″ x 5.25″ GrillGrate Panel (interlocking) – $15.99
  • Single 18.5″ x 5.25″ GrillGrate Panel (interlocking) – $21.99
  • Single 20″ x 5.25″ GrillGrate Panel (Interlocking) – $23.99
  • Two 18.5″ x 5.25″ GrillGrate panels form a 18.5″ x 10.5″ grill surface. Includes the GrateTool and user guide. – $54.99
  • Two 20″ x 5.25″ GrillGrate panels form a 20″ x 10.5″ grill surface. Includes the GrateTool and user guide – $59.99
  • Three 13.75″ x 5.25″ GrillGrates cut to Fit the Large Big Green Egg. Includes the GrateTool and user guide – $64.99
  • Two 13.75″ x 5.25″ GrillGrates cut to Fit the MEDIUM Big Green Egg. Includes the GrateTool and user guide – $45.99
  • THREE 20″ GrillGrates cut to fit the Big Green Egg XL. Includes the GrateTool and user guide – $99.99
  • THREE 20″ GrillGrates Cut to Fit the Classic Weber Kettle. Includes the GrateTool and user guide. – $99.99
  • GrillGrate GIFT BAG Includes : THREE 13.75″ x 5.25″ GrillGrates, One GrateTool, One Grate Chef Steaming Grill Brush, 2 Pocket Carry and Storage Bag, User Guide – $84.99
  • The GrateTool – Lift, Don’t Scrape – Part Fork – Part Spatula, Reaches Below Food, Also use to cleans valleys of debris – $19.99
  • Grate Chef Steaming Brush . Steam clean GrillGrates, water in the handle is released with the push of a button and steams hot GrillGrates clean. – $19.99
  • Grate Chef Grill Wipes – Restaurant grade high temp oil is impregnated in a cleaning pad. Use a grill brush to wipe the GrillGrates to clean and lubricate – $3.99


GrillGrate Video


3 thoughts on “GrillGrate Review | Grill Grate Advantages & Disadvantages

  1. I purchased the 4 piece Grill Grate package directly from back in Feb 2013 and I have to tell you, I LOVE LOVE LOVE them. I highly recommend them. They work exactly as claimed, just follow the directions for seasoning the grates and you are good to go. Food really is more flavorful and juicy. I was researching infrared grills and an ad about these came up so I researched them and chose them over the infra red grill. These grates work on pretty much the same concept and are a whole lot cheaper. I just put them over my existing grates and they work like a charm. If you love to grill please do yourself a favor and try them out.

    • I hope you have ordered these by now if not, go to and order them tit is free shipping. These things are wonderful and I highly recommend them. I didn’t know about them until Feb 2013 did some research and decided to buy them. I am so glad I did.

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