Greenwave Cooker

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What is Greenwave Cooker:

It is meant to be a way to healthy gourmet food straight from the freezer to your table.
Greenwave Cooker has been designed to make things easier for people who want to eat right at home without spending a lot of time on it. You may have tried cooking the traditional way but you know that things can go horribly wrong at times and of course it can be a tedious exercise. However with Greenwave Cooker you can cook practically anything you want in the microwave and in hardly any time, according to its claims.


Greenwave Cooker makes the most of Cyclone technology

It is said to be right at the heart of the Greenwave Cooker and ensures that food is steamed evenly. As a result it doesn’t dry out at any point and stays moist just like you’d want it to be. Greenwave Cooker is also known for the Greenwave air design at the bottom that is responsible for circulating air inside the microwave perfectly. These two elements work together so that you get tender, healthy and delicious food every time you cook in it.

Greenwave Cooker is very simple to use and saves you time

Cooking with Greenwave Cooker is not tricky at all and you can start with adding water in the tray. If you want to cook larger portions then you can use the grill tray. The 1 meal tray has been designed in a way that you can cook different dishes at the same time. You can then add the spices and put the top on before placing it in the microwave. Within a matter of minutes Greenwave Cooker will ensure that you have hot, healthy, gourmet meals ready to be devoured by your loved ones.


Greenwave Cooker is meant for your overall convenience

There are lots of cooking options with Greenwave Cooker as you can make anything from salmon and veggies to teriyaki chicken. You can impress your family and guests alike with your cooking skills. Greenwave Cooker has also been created for your convenience and easily fits into any microwave. It’s also dishwasher safe so that you don’t have to look after the chore of cleaning it later, according to its claims.


    What do I get ?

  • You get Greenwave Cooker for $14.95+$9.95 S&H.
  • You also get Jug cooker great for pasta or soups.
  • Official Website :

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